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– Welcome back friends I'm Juliette

I'm so excited and welcome to my 30 minutes Yogalates class Mix of pilates and yoga It's gonna be super challenging, it's gonna be super fun and it'd gonna be super effective We're gonna be focusing tomorrow on the sexy abs and lean beautiful arms As always I will guide you through, but you too, have to do your best, so let's begin

(upbeat pop music) So let's find ourselves, in the tabletop position, the wrist, elbow and shoulder, everything all underneath each other and then slowly start to open up the back, so before we can start to dive to the more, let's say, strong and intense movements, to build the lean, beautiful arms, as our focus and strong and sexy abs, let's wake up first So we're gonna go for the few, spine inflection and extension, cat and cow, in our yoga practice So all the way through the nose and out through the nose or through the mouth today So make sure though guys, when you, exhaling, start to use your belly breathing, draw the belly strongly, don't hurt your spine, that's gonna help you to build your lean abs much faster So let's do a couple more, in, step right here, in the center, coming up with me, all the way we're going to reach up and do few, lateral touches, so we wake up to the center of the body length of breath flow

So we burn more calories and workout is gonna be more effective, easier on our body, I mean not easier to perform, but more healthier for the internal and external organs And let's go ahead and do a few more, touch side to side and then let's move towards touching on our heels Make sure that you, touch your toes guys, just do a few more It doesn't have to be a big band Just give it a good wake up for him up for those arms

Nice and just go for more, side and side and then stop right in the middle Give it a few, big shoulder rolls all the way Front or backwards doesn't matter, because I'm going to switch the direction, all the way in all the way to the opposite Few more guys, just few more, excellent And done, we will begin our first exercise, which is gonna be table or, table for the beginners in hover for the intermediate

And then once, we're gonna be walking out, just about one palm out to do perform our tricep pushup So we hold in recovery in about six to eight seconds we hover three, seven, six, five, four, three, two now, guys knees on the floor, walk about palm forward and we're gonna go for, the eight push ups, triceps push ups Eight, seven, come on, six, five, all goes in guys, Four, keep the navel lean, keep the back neutral, three, and two, you can do it and one Now guys, walk back about that one palm, so your shoulders are stuck

And then we come up and we hold that hover If you can't hold hover send your knees on the floor, or at least cover halfway with us and then release them We're ready for the next set of the pushup One palm over, neutral spine, no table tops, no hanging hips Go, eight Seven, guys elbow in

Six Five, lean tricep, come on Four Three, I'm doing it with you Two

And one, Roll back guys, one and two, just where you started Raise up the shoulders one on top of other knees underneath the hips Keep the navel in really, really strong Neutral spine, shoulder blades apart in wide collarbone So don't round the spine

Three left Two left, hold it with me One left, take it back, my friends Just one palm over, neutral hips, neutral spine We're going for four

Four Three, don't quit Two And one Go back guys for the hover

Let's go, let's go We do it together and hold it about six to eight seconds, hold with me, hold with me Shoulder blades apart, don't forget collarbones are wide, knees underneath the hips, navel in and breath actively guys, breath actively with me We're doing it together We're going back for four

Knees will be down One, two, neutral spine and go One, two, three, you can do it, just right in between the hands Four, roll back guys I know, I know, come on, up and hold it for about eight seconds

Well do it together, come on Hold it, hold it, hold it, collarbones are wide Elbows, guys, raised elbows, shoulders, that one on top on another, do not quit, do not quit Knees back on the floor One, two, switch we gonna go for two push ups together

Tricep push up, one and two, I know Take it back We're gonna go for hover, stay with me my friends Abs in, stay with me, hold it, hold it tight Don't quit, collarbones are wide, knees underneath the hip joints, right underneath and back

We're gonna go back for two, come on, all the way, neutral spine Let's go, one, my arms are already on fire Two, take it back guys, all the way Hover guys, hover, stay with me We have about six seconds left on the hover

You can do it, you can do it, come on, Three, two, one, we're going for one push up, walk, walk, make sure spine is neutral, right crown, crown to the tailbone And down, and down, I did two for whatever reason, coming back, in hover with me We're gonna go one more time for one rep Good job I gotta carry out with my push ups

Hold it, hold it, hold it guys, a couple more seconds I know you can always put your knees on the floor Take it back All right, one last push up Let's do it, in, down

Take it back Get ready for the last hover I know you can do it I am doing it with you, hold with me, six, five, four, three, two, one, gorgeous Take your heels back, seat on your heels guys

Let's give those arms a good quality, leandening and straightening, leandening and straightening plays, amazing role in the lean arms, in beautiful lean arms, just like you want to reach, something in front of you and you can't reach it, it keep running away, but you reach in Do the same on the side, my friend, the same So make sure that you reaching really, really hard, just like you want to reach something, but that something is really running away from you Good job, let's take the arms all the way behind Connect if you can connect just pull them back, reach and open

Don't open up through the chest We're not opening the chest right now Keep the chest guys steady and leanden in through the arms, upper arms, all the way, feels do good, my tricep is on fire All right, enough of the breaks, come back We ready for the next exercise

So the next one guys, is gonna be, number x, so we're gonna do the abscess, so one arm, opposite leg, just don't forget which one you did Abdominal wall, in, hold the way, wrists, elbows, shoulder are supported, arm they stopped it's really important, in just the 45 degrees our guys, no hanging left, no hanging on, 45 degrees to the side, 90 degrees above the floor Now we increase as well and then we return it back, we gonna do eight from each side I want to say its a commitment, long extended arms, long extended legs, abdominals holding let's go do it One, two, three, four guys, five point your toes, six wonky elbows, seven my friends, eight, excellent, now stay with me up here, we're going to top, top, long arms and legs, reach, top and reach, three and reach, four and reach, I know you can, five and reach, don't stop, six and reach, points the toes, long arms and long legs I know that the whole point of it, round the spine

Relax, oh yeah, oh my gosh Reach your arm other one, other leg make sure you do the different one Abdominal wall in, no arching for the back abs in, collarbones are wide, pointed to all sides, we go, eight, seven, Team arms and legs 90 degrees above the floor 45 degree open to the corners of your room

Four if you are in the room, if you got side, five, six, use the center to draw the arm, seven, eight, in leandening guys, we work in arms and legs Just because of the extent You work in core, because of initiating the movement in the center, go one, reach, two, reach, three, reach, four, do it right, five, reach, six, almost there, seven, eight, I am proud of you guys Round the spine, relax your neck, drop the crown reach all the way up

Great job, we're gonna stretch our shoulders and move to the next exercise Thread the needle from our yoga practice, you return move all the way up, be great don't over rotate through the arm, rotates with the center of the body, hips, hip flexor and the lower back Sweep that are guys hold that way underneath, remain the good integrity of the hips, hips directly underneath your knees and support yourself with both arms when we're reach up and open there we go, we focusing on the shoulder, in arm, which is on the floor Good job, let's slowly take it back We do the same from the table top positions, reach the other arm up

Of course with a big smile, good intention to keep that body strong and healthy Place that handle all the way on the floor and support yourself hip is directly above the knees or you can open it up if it's easy for you Keep on breathing don't wait please keep on breathing guys in through the nose, out through the nose, take it back all the way I know its tough, I know you rested we're gonna move to the next exercise Which is our down dog facing dog, ankle or knee touch, whichever you can do

You take it back, it's an eighth out move you retain the boat or your side plank, you reach up nice and high, where you can design some for, you take and rotate from the center of your body, not from the shoulder Take it back, hop and back for the touch I know you can do it, we're gonna do it together Let's go, we go touch, back, heels

Reach, under, up, back, downward dog guys Other side, touch, heels to the same side where you touch your ankle, right back, all the way touch, so you feel rotations for the obliques Reach, back, downward facing dog So you touch your left So you touch her left ankle, you go back, you rock, you reach

You take it back, you reach up, back again, touch guys Back hand, heels, reach up, under, reach, back, try to follow me, come on, touch, back, heels, side plank, touch under, take it back, back to the downward facing dog, touch your ankle, back, rock your heel see up show good oblique work, back to the downward facing dog, touch the ankle, back, now side plating, all the way, rotate, obliques transversal to keep those abs tight, we're gonna touch, back, heels, side plank, rotate, rotate, back to the downward facing dog, let's touch up, there's a form again, I know y'all know it On the side plank wrist, elbow, shoulder, stack one on top In other you can do that cycling on your knees if you have to, reach the ankle through the side of the body All the way

Reach, rotate, up, back Don't stop guys Let's go, four left Touch, side plank, reach, all the way, I feel it Back to the down, toe touch thing back right the heels side plank, rotate, back up

Back to the down to come on guys Touch, back, side plunk, reach, show me obliques, cool, transfer yourself all the way, all right guys touch, back, side plunk, All the way, rotate, back, back, meet me in the plank I know we're gonna meet in the plank We're gonna hold this plank for about 30 seconds together guys 30 seconds together, keep on breathing

Now after 30 seconds, you would have a choice Don't worry, I'm counting the time You just have to be right now, in your plunk so don't miss a time We have about 20 seconds left for me to tell you what's coming up So guys, in 15 seconds from now, you have a choice to push down with me, it is a low Chaturanga Dandasana, with hovering, its a hovering plunk, or you can send your knees on the floor and do absolutely the same

We are at it, two, one and let's do it together You're welcome to put your knees on the floor team Please don't cheat, put your knees on the floor just like that if you have to put them on the floor, put them on the floor We have about eight seconds to hold Stay with me, breathe actively, elbows in, palms are in, you wanna count three, two, one and you stop

Let's go ahead and take our palms wider to our Cobra position, reach up and open, shoulders up, back and down, we just stop, keep on breathing, hold for for four, four, three, four, two and one Are we ready for the next exercise my friends? Let's go ahead and return back to the tabletop position First of one, so we're gonna start with the bare plunk crunch And then after that, we're gonna do the rotation in the bare plunk coll and do the crunches for the center Here come to your rescue to come through for you sexy, super sexy abs

Take a look, we're gonna hold it first for each arm and you can start right now We're gonna hold it right now keep on breathing guys, we holding, we holding, we holding, we holding about for more seconds, 10 more seconds, 10 more seconds Let's switch And we're gonna do is a bare plank hold in between our rotations in the bare plunk or tabletop so you have a choice as always, to downgrade it to your tabletop with no hover or upgraded to the hover with me

Take a look, we do it together, let's go It's gonna be rotate the hills, hovered the hips above the floor Unless you can't and you sit your hips on the floor You're gonna go come up and you do squeeze Squeeze, give me two more, squeeze, I feel it, squeeze, take it back to the bare plunk

We're going to switch the direction Let's go, heels, up and open receiver shoulders stuck and squeeze, extend, squeeze havor the hips guys, if you can squeeze, extend one more my friends, squeeze, use the abs to draw the needle we're gonna go the bare plank, let's go Hold for four, for three, for two, for one, let's do it one more time Other side, remember, you can downgrade, this bare plunk to the tabletop

That's totally acceptable All right, heels on the left Let's go wrist elbow, shoulder, arm in the position Let's go on, two, three, hold the integrity of the core, two All the way back, we're gonna switch the direction

Heels, wrist elbow, shoulder, lets go do it One, remember guys, you can put the hip on the floor Three And two, back We have to like this, downgrade when you have to, bare plunk, stay with me, bare plunk cool

Don't quit, do not quit Other side, let's go do it together, I know life is tough, right? It's tough to be fit We gotta eat well, make the right choice Work out, somehow find the time for this Take it back here

So on the left guys, we do it together arm up, let's go one, two, three, are you feeling it? Say yes, I feel in it Come on back All right, shape the heels Lets go, one, two, three, believer it or not guys, we have only one left like that

But now, we're playing cold, breath actively three, two, one, in opposite direction All the way, grab it Hold it for four, for three, for two, for one, heels on the left, on the position Wrist, arm, shoulder, go, find the balance, find the strings, draw the elbow in the, initiating from the center of the uterus following your body The arms supporting the heels

Lets go, come on, air lift, touch, I feel it now in the fourth round, lift, touch, lift, touch, Back to the bare plunk guys you deserve it, three, two, one Lets stretch our wrist, Stay hydrated, keep your water close For whatever reason I forgot to mine today, downstairs That's okay I can survive for another few minutes

So guys, if you can't take, your fingertips all the way back, do the halfway through Just do something, do it 45 degrees Okay, what we're gonna do, we're gonna stay up here and we're gonna shift if you can, twist slightly back to get the front part, of your wrist, a good quality straightening I encourage you not to overdo it This one with the wrist, knees and elbows, many times, much better to wonder then, over to me even though I always pushing you to do a little bit more and push the boundaries of your comfort zone, with the wrist, you just killed it

All right, lets stretch in the opposite direction guys You do one at a time just like this, bear some weight on it and then do another one Let's do it together You can also take the two one if you're very confident that your wrist can support your weight That's totally fine with me

Just make sure, it doesn't hurt your wrist I want you back tomorrow on your math, on your fitness, on your health journey I don't want you to injure yourself and not be able to work out All right, we're gonna go back, we're still gonna spend few time in this position, I have for you is three different variations of the push ups and we're gonna move in set an hour But we're gonna work our hip circles in tricep push ups

So for right now, I want you to take your hands super wide, wider than your mat, attention please, no hips can get hanging down there, no table tops, so doesn't affect your upper body much So your chest must land guys right in between your hands, right in between your hands Let's go do it, we go We go Eight down on your knees, seven unless you super strong pull the label in, please keep the ab strong, three, four, elbow straight guys pointed over your fingers if you can Make sure that you use some cheese strings as well, not just abs and down, isolation are they coming back isolation when coming back guy's still left, down, all the way down

Beautiful guys, we're gonna hold it, for four, three two and one coming back Let's stretch our arms, good job, all the way, we have another type of push ups we're gonna do today, we're gonna take the fingertips, inside, take a look at the difference, table top you can't really push up, but I want you to create a walk line from the top of your head to over to your tailbone If I put a playing ruler on your back is gonna lay flat, okay? And it doesn't have to be low if you prefer today just maybe to hold it come back that is totally fine We're getting stronger, each and every day Let's go do it eight, up, seven, guys ups in no back arching, six together, five, elbows outside four, oh my goodness, I feel it, three, two functional are in similar and one, you did awesome

Let's stretch those arms Take them upside down and just bury the shoulders right above the elbow, shoulders right above the elbows, shoulders right above the elbows You doing awesome elbows Good job, all right, one more push up We're gonna take the wrist, upside down just like we straighten it, you might choose to do it a little bit more shallow

You might choose to go with me, when the fingertips pointed straight towards your knees But what I want you to do, I want you to be, in your plank not your table top Take your time and it's gonna be very tiny, tiny, tinny teeny binny push ups Okay, ready, set, go, in bend, extend, bend, extend, bend, extend bend your elbows guys, bend I know, bend, bend, good job, bend, three left, bend obscene guys, bend, one more, hold with me if you can Now in our yoga practice, we would go and just go deeper and deeper and deeper and send those elbows all the way, underneath and practice, different crazy awesomeness but, today we're not gonna do it

I just want you to hold for a couple more seconds, hit one more second and back Let's go over our puppy pause, because puppy pose so it's a wide knee Set in arms and chest all the way wonder floor, it is tracy tears the abs in the arms, guys, make sure, you push yourself over the ground You lye the shoulders in tears do expand and relax, and that will allow your body your tears to go over a little bit deeper for the quote, quality straighten and relaxation, have seen, was enabling its time to make a transition towards the front

Okay, today we're gonna do tricep pushup in the hip circles In between we're gonna hold the boat because it's all about the abs I know it sounds like challenging, but that's exactly what we need So we will begin in our tabletop, your fingertips are gonna be pointed, towards your heels And let's hold it together for four, for three, for two, Once you're very the fourth, I want you to release your hips down, not because you're releasing the hips, because you bend in your elbows in and up, let's speed it up, seven, elbows back, six, five, bend the elbows not the shoulders guys, four, three, two, and one, beautiful

We gonna go for the hip circles if you need to relocate your hands, you can relocate your hands, with further closer, you can also go, on your elbows if you have to and point your toes please we gonna go, one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, hold your both for eight, seven, six, five, guys, I want you to make sure you leandening those arms I get a lot of comments on the when they say, it's about arms or core or arms and back And then the next thing I hear from people, well it was all about the core Well, you have to leandening those arms You have to keep them strong and engaged, is by the leandening building the lean arms so, three, two, one, table top my friend's, feet on the floor, raised hands, hips up, get ready and bend your elbows, not your shoulders

Seven, six, five, keep the shoulders away from the ears Four, abdominal walls strong, three, and two, bring them back to the normal position Last one right now Back on the floor, hips are those guys for into your toes Pull it from the center one, two, three, four, complete, five, six, seven, eight, you're ready for the boat

I'm ready, come on, I'm ready ready, you are ready, lets go eight, seven, arms guys, six, five, arms please, four, three, two and one, tabletop, let's go Hips up, this is your neutral position in one tricep D, two, tricep D Three, very good Four, guys I'm watching you from here, hips up all the way squeeze the gluceptate in, come on, Down and up, and down, and up, and down, and up, and down, and up, but my friend keep circles

I want you to drive the hip circle from the center, down two, three, up, down, two, three, hold the boat We have one more round of those, seven, six, obscene, no arching in the back, five, four three, two, one, great job, back to the table top, Almost a plunk, your hips up, wrist, elbow, shoulder tucked in, let's go one, up, two, up, three, let's do it Four, come on Five, bend your elbows dries up deep Three left guys, two left

One left, great circles Hip circles, legs up, your toes active kneecaps, no weak legs, no records, come on Draw it, draw it, draw it, in, out, back down, Draw it, draw it You're ready for the boat We're ready for the boat, Keep on breathing, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one, we are not done so, keep holding it, let it low, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one and hold it guys

Pull it back Pull, back, pull, let's finish off strong We have 10 seconds Pull, back, four only left, three only left, finish strong, two on the left One only left, open, feet together

Are you with me? Let's hold the final table top I know let's fire it up Make sure we finish up strong hips up, wrist, elbow, shoulder, one underneath each other, as we keep pulling it up seen guys I know, I know Breathe actively, don't forget to contract the belly that's gonna give you those lean, beautiful, sexy healthy abs, even if you had kids before That's all fixable

Trust me, three, two, one, and done Lets give it a good quality stretch, all your glutes out Pull them out, pull them out, pull them out, First of all, I want you to, see universal bones reach the arm up and open all the way, lock extended arms, and go through the side hop, through the other side all the way, side by side, good, and try to reach with the bind behind Now if it's not happening or it's happening with this way and when you did that, I want you just to put your hands on top, on your ingleside until, It's gonna be done right for your body, to keep your body strong, to the heart

Good, quality, flexibilities stretching exercises, will make a war of difference for your body guys, A world difference Don't skip this stretches Do not skip the stretches especially after the intense work You see, three, two, one, coming back, Fold your left leg, reach the harder, cheers down, all the way across, Good, quality stretch for the core center, helps oblique and for your irons, there you go, let's return to the other side Right leg fold it in, all the way across, No shoulder slouching, reach up and open

Very nice Back to the center Come back with me You're gonna come up on the knees, and hands let's reach up one more time Draw that hands all the way behind so it's not gonna only stretch your hand, but it's gonna help your entire body to relax

Can you do it from the other side? Lets do it from the other side, I'm gonna reach all the way up, towards you and take that hard hold away behind Shift if you can't reach the inner side that's totally fine You just need to put in the behind your back Feels so good I already did the jack today at 7 am in the morning, with my kids

So guys, as always, fantastic job You over there I'm watching you I want to stay strong and healthy, don't quit your workouts, keep your good nutritional diet And I will see you next time

Don't forget to comment, send me the likes, send me some love Let me know how you feel I will see you soon (bright upbeat music)

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