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Welcome to the beautiful Sacred Valley of Peru We are here in the town of Ollatamtambo surrounded by beautiful mountains and animals and today is going to be a power Yogalates class that will challenge you and leave you feeling amazing Through combining sculpting Pilates exercises with a yoga flow You will not only boost your metabolism and promote weight loss But you will also finish feeling rejuvenated and ready to take on the day So if you're ready to get started grab your mat grab your water and let's begin All right, guys, we're gonna sit at the top of you mat with your feet in front of you Go ahead now reaching the arms forward Reaches if you're trying to grab something round out the spine and then start to lower yourself all the way down to the mat Inhale reach the arms over your head and then exhale use the momentum of the arms come enough to seat it so starting with our roll up exercise nice and slow with control as you come down and Then exhale push and follow your arms with your body reach forward and around yourself down Reach over your head Exhale bring yourself up Awesome Now from here, you're gonna come down about halfway hold the navel into the spine drop the shoulders extending your right leg out Let's just hold your for a moment before we get to the next exercise So breathe Make sure those shoulders are dropped away from the ears Now that same right arm is gonna reach all the way back and then bring it back to Center so inhale as you reach and gently twist exhale Center for two inhale reach back and three and Reach it back all the way to the back of your mat Flexing the foot for narrow grab that foot with the opposite hand That's same right arm reaches to the back of your mat

But this time you're just gonna hold Keeping a flexion in the foot You're feeling that nice stretch through the calf muscle through the hamstring Beautiful come back to Center and I simply pull that leg as you release with control all the way down to your mat Now as you have your front leg in front of you just pull it towards your body as the bottom leg extends and hovers the floor Just stay there for a moment feeling that nice deep stretch through the hamstring Wonderful now from here, let's let go and just reach the arms forward holding that position arms reach above your head and around into the center for one big circle with the arm for two and Three wonderful inhale as you reach it around on four reach and five keep going reach and six reach and seven big circle last one and Eight hold it there just pulse it two three reach forward four five six seven and eight wonderful legs together and then slowly bring yourself into a ball position rolling like a ball up and down so round through the spine and up for two Now your goal here is to try and keep your feet away from the ground as you come up Brown through the spine as you release and Bring it up Now Let's hold it in both posture shoulders down arms extend it Now we're going to roll back one more time And then this time use the momentum to come up to your feet in a forward fold Now if you can't do that right away, just make your way up to standing Once you're in your forward fold, let's just walk it out bending one knee at a time extending the opposite leg warming up those hamstrings Keeping your hands close to the mat if you but on the mat Wonderful nillas interlace the fingers behind your back extending through the elbows and allow the hands to fall forward Forcing a nice gentle stretch through those shoulders as well Okay, one more deep breath in on your exhale slowly come on up keep those hands interlaced and Simply allow yourself to come back into a standing Cobra opening the chest opening the heart center here see how far you can release with your body and Then come to Center inhale Let's reach the arms up exhale Bring the hands to heart Inhale reach the arms up again Exhale dive yourself down forward fold Inhale halfway, exhale hop back or step back into plank chaturanga Inhale upward facing dog Hold and breathe here and then exhale release into your downward facing dog a Wonderful job just take a second here allow that sternum to fall towards the mat really feel that nice release here through the upper body Where I'm here let's hop forward back to the top of the mat inhale halfway line and exhale full Slowly come up to standing inhale reach the arms up to the sky exhale dive yourself back down inhale halfway exhale Step or hop back into plank

And then from here taking your chaturanga push-ups or one One more time and two I now fold chaturanga Dandasana inhale upward facing dog and Exhale push it back into you downward facing dog beautiful Inhale through your nose bending the knees exhale Hut back to the front of your mat and let's come down to our seated position and release with the spine to the floor starting with a roll up exercise come forward and Slowly release your way down for one inhale, exhale push come forward exhale slowly release Wonderful use the strength of your core here to bring yourself up Come on down about halfway Now Let's pull the navel into the spine extending now the left leg Try to keep your knees connected here Just hold for a moment

So once you ready that seam arm is gonna reach back Bring it forward and then reach back for two Bring it forward and open for three and Twisting from the bellybutton Bring it in last one let's go ahead and reach the back of your mat and then Grabbing that front foot with your other hand and just staying in that twist if you can Think about a long gating through the spine Here's if someone's pulling you up from the crown of your head Nice and tall as you twist from the belly button Keeping that flexion in the front foot so you're feeling a nice stretch and then come forward grabbing that front leg with both hands and Start to release your body to the mat Extending and lifting that bottom leg off the floor as well Let's just hold this posture first and really think about pulling that leg towards your body Forehead reaching for that knee here Beautiful just feel that stretch Breathe wherever, you are just breathe through it and then release the arms forward Let's do abdominal exercise this time arms over your head and around for one big circle with the arms for two over and around for three reach and four reach and five Reach and around lift up Good and last one? Let's hold it here and just pulse it forward one two three four reaching five six seven and eight nine and Let's hold bring the hands behind the head straight single X, which is one two three four five open those legs seven eight Nine, ten Keep going ten nine breathe eight seven six five four three two one awesome job legs together Take a deep breath in And exhale release awesome job Let's go ahead and reach forward Let's take our rolling like a ball exercise again So just start to roll back and up to your seated position for one rounding through each vertebra of your spine and coming up to your seated for to bring it back and three and bring it back and Four hold extend Hold up Oh posture if you're more advanced see if you can extend the legs now into a full reef If not, keep your knees Bend, you just hold engage through the core here Let's roll back in this time transition up to your standing forward fold again make your way up whatever is most comfortable if you have to and Then come on up inhale reach up exhale forward fold Inhale halfway, and then exhale, let's step back into our plank position here shoulders above your wrists Pulling the navel into the spine inhale Exhale chaturanga

Dandasana inhale opening into your upward facing dog and Exhale push it back into your downward facing dog beautiful job Let's go ahead now from this position We're gonna reach our right leg up Towards the sky just take that single legged dog Take a moment here to breathe feeling that wonderful stretch Bending the knee now once you're ready go ahead and take a big step with your right leg to the top of the mat inhale Once you're ready exhale Extending that leg into that pyramid posture just release inhale coming forward knee on top of your ankle exhale extend forehead to knee for to Inhale as you come forward and Exhale release for three working with the breath here try to keep those hips square inhale Come forward Exhale extend and release Wonderful job just hold pulling that front hip back pushing the opposite hip forward to allow both hips to stay square Wonderful, let's just take one more deep breath in Slowing things down on your exhale come forward into that high lunge and then Reaching both arms up to the sky find your center connecting with your core here pull the belly button to your spine and then Transitioning forward towards the front leg into our warrior three posture Square out the hips and then see if you can bring the hands in prayer in front of your chest Just focus and breathe find that balance Slowly from here now coming up you're gonna bring that back leg up Towards your chest arms extended and then exhale bring the light down beautiful job Let's take a flow here Inhale Reach up exhales divert yourself down inhale halfway lengthen exhale Up step or hop back into plank Taking one chaturanga push up and then chaturanga

Dandasana inhale upward facing dog and Exhale take it back into your downward facing dog wonderful job Let's go ahead and take it to the other side other leg reaches up to the sky and half Hold her moment Exhale bending the knees stepping forward towards the front of your mat Finding that Center position You're just free And then as you exhale extend and release your body over top of that leg Inhale coming forward and Exhale take it back for two Inhale come forward Exhale four three Inhale come forward And exhale release let's just hold that posture now square out those hips So that opposite hip is pushing forward pulling that same hip back See how far you can release your body over top of that front leg just breathing deeply here Great job Let's slowly come forward back into your high lunge Front me on top of the ankle and then reaching both arms up to the sky finding that Center breathing deeply as you exhale shift your weight to that front leg and releasing into that warrior three posture square out those hips Breathing deeply if you're ready Bring the hands in prayer in front of your chest Hold breathe Wonderful slowly come on up Bring that back and you have towards your belly extend your arms and then release the feet Great job

Inhale let's reach those arms up to the sky exhale forward fold Inhale halfway line and Exhale step or hop back into plank chaturanga upward facing dog inhale And exhale take it back into your downward-facing dog Wonderful just take a moment you to breathe connecting with your breath And then hopping forward I'm coming into a seated position under mat Releasing the feet in front of you Let's just go ahead and release the spine to the floor hug your knees into the chest And take a gentle rock side to side massaging that lumbar spine Great job slowly from here extending the legs arms release and let's start to take the legs down for eight seven use the core five or Three two and one beautiful Releasing the legs and taking our final posture or shavasana here Slowly allow the entire body to let go and surrender to the mat Welcoming complete relaxation to every muscle in your body Close your eyes and just take a moment here to connect to you breath Inhaling through your nose then as you exhale Completely letting go into your mat Letting go into the floor underneath your mat Allow the shoulders to release and relax Relax your glutes your thighs your legs your arms just Like oh here Now slowly start to move your fingers and your toes reach the arms over your head And then bending your knees and rolling on to one side and then making your way up to your seated position on your mat So you're gonna come up to a seated position with your feet crossed? Sit up nice and tall Just finding a good Center here When you're ready, let's take an inhale reaching both arms up to the sky And exhale bring the hands to your heart One more time really fill those lungs with oxygen inhale reach it up and Exhale bring the hands to heart Thank you so much for joining us today in the beautiful sacred valley of Peru I send you love and light and I hope you have a wonderful rest of your day Namaste, thank you I'll see you soon Thanks so much for watching if you enjoyed this video give it a thumbs up and Don't forget to subscribe to our channel and follow us on social media like Instagram and Facebook Thanks again, and we'll see you soon

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