Yoga Workout Challenge 2017 ? Better Than The Gym

hey guys welcome to your yoga workout challenge we are in beautiful kawartha lakes and I've got a ten day challenge for you thats going to focus on your core your glutes your stability and your felxibility if you want to read the description to the full challenge please read below everything you need it know is right there other wise grab a mat water and lets do this alright guys were going to begin today seated on your mat going to start with a couple of head rolls release any tension in your neck big head roll to the right and then one more to the left taking a deep breath in and then exhale go ahead and bring your feet on the mat start with our roll up rounding through the spine taking it all the way down inhale reaching over your head exhale roll yourself yp bring one vertebra down at a time come on up and coming down about half way stopping here and then slowly rolling the shoulders both feet coming off the mat holding that boat posture here just breathing finding your center gentle little taps just a tap of the toe two more awesome hold that boat then from here slowly making your way down hands behind your head were going to start with our double leg stretch inhale extend exhale bring the knees in just be very careful that your lower back stays grounded do not arch your back keep going push away lets take our happy baby pose flex your feet reach for the anckles or the toes simply pull those knees to the florr hip opening stretch you can rock it if that feels good point toes this time making a diamond shape curl and crunch it up extend and bring arms right to the side of your body 6 10 more awesome come back to centre hands behind your head starting with baby pulses and hold extend the legs take a second for a breather slowly do not roll yourself lift that bottom foot if the floor hold positing feeling that state of peace slowly let of of your hands straight single leg switches let go of that leg were going to repeat the same exerf last ione hold that posiiton single leg switches take a second and breathe going to get ready and roll over to our belliws the next move we're gone to do hold it keep breathibf one more deep breath in releasing the leg lets witch on the there left leg right arm you can keep your forehead down whatever feels better for your lets go back to first move over to your pulases pilates push ups when your ready that kwftaem 8 more keep pulsing it 'awesome hp;d tuck back toes lifting it not one legged dog feeing that nice stretch through the this tim coming int plank simply touch your chest and pulse beautiful hold that position for me coming BACK TO LUNGE find your centre and balance stepping down to plank shoulders overage weirts inhale and exhale seated lotus posturee 8 more beautiful point your toes extend your leg keep leg up you got 8 more

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