hi guys its Bailey and I've been getting a lot of requests for some arm workouts so today we're going to be focusing on sexy sculpted shoulders and toned triceps let's get started so before we start with any weighted exercises let's just start moving and warming up through the shoulder girdle so little tiny arm circles here and if you've ever done these before you know you don't need weights for it to feel like your arms weigh a hundred pounds so just tiny tiny circles I'm really starting to think of your core – because it is Pilates based so we always want to think of keeping our abdominals engaged so really thinking of reaching those fingertips getting nice and long through the arms and then reversing those circles the other way just tiny tiny circles these are honestly one of the best things you can do to start toning through those shoulders giving that nice sexy shoulder cap little tiny circles my arms are already feeling so heavy good now flip the palms for little pulses up and down nice wide palm so really think of creating the energy here it's squeezing the abs and then flip the palms back really getting that nice rotation good should be starting to feel warm let's just do ten and then ten back and then reach and hold squeeze your abs for five four three two and one good just give yourself a shake and then from here slightly pitched the body forward so your waist in the heels your core is engaged reach the arms towards the sky so just in front of your eye line and then pull them down really reach and pull so what this does is it really warms up the shoulders starts to get us thinking of moving our shoulder blades moving through a bit of protraction and retraction getting those postural muscles working and it still feels like quite a lot of work so you're really reaching forward energizing through the fingertips and then pulling I imagine you're moving through really thick water here reach reach you start to feel your biceps working – really pulling the arms back remember to breathe good three more like this – good last one really pull those arms in little pulses here for ten for nine keep those fingers wide you'll feel the top of those shoulders start to burn I promise doesn't look like a lot but if you look like a lot we have five four three two last one now reach and hold for five four three two and one good shake out those arms we're ready for our weight all right so that we can keep sort of burning out those shoulders we're gonna take the elbows together and then we're gonna open nice and wide so we're getting that nice inward rotation and then we open close and open really squeeze those ABS we can start to make it a little bit faster here close open but your core is on tight so you're not rocking your body forward and back which is more like I don't know a dance move you can say for the club we're just keeping that work in our arms and in our app remember to breathe close and it will my shoulders are burning so that means 5 more 4 3 2 good last one hold it to the side little pulses 10 9 8 breathe 6 7 I don't even know how to count anymore I think that's 5 4 3 2 & 1 shake those arms out and let's get into our triceps putting your weight back in the heels hug the elbows by the side we're gonna start reaching back you really want to reach hold and then bend forward so it reach hold and then reach hold and good keeping those collarbones nice and wide pulling your belly button back to your spine so really keeping active abdominals h-hold beautifully you have one more we're gonna hold it little pulses or sorry little circles and now make sure you're keeping your hands higher than your hips you should really feel the back of the arms starting to switch on reverse those circles good five more four three two one now just hold try to lift those hands higher five four three two and one good they're just taking one arm back a little lift and lower but keeping the arms straight this time good lift you're really gonna be burning into that tricep that means you'll be toning up the back of the arms getting rid of those bingo wings lift good two more last one switch to the other side lift lift it's a really good ab workout without even working our odds just keeping ourselves in that little slight fold-over position make sure you're really lifting high really think of reaching back back reach hold good reach hold two more last one good now give your shoulders a nice shoulder roll so they're not too fatigued now from your little pulses just out to the side both arms lift and then make sure you're not arching your back or rounding forward we really want to keep them nice and strong little pulses back and back hello triceps ooh good we have 10 breathe through it six five four three two and one oh nice big shoulder roll we'll do one last exercise for our shoulders and biceps before we go to the mat so arms like little beads to the side just thinking reaching out and in really flex and push this is one of my favs it's like the margarita tre one you're offering those trays of margaritas to your friends then you're pulling them and having them all yourself four more three two and one oh nice big shoulder roll quick and effective burn we're gonna put our weights down and we'll finish off with some tricep toning push-ups all right coming down to our mat to finish off burning out our triceps with some push up we'll come to a nice neutral spine so I just like to find it by coming through a cat cow inhaling taking a nice abdominal stretch exhale rounding inhale arch and exhale round should feel like a beautiful stretch good so finding our neutral spine somewhere between those two where our abs are engaged nice wide palms we're going to tap our forearms down to the mat and then really press into those palms to lift back up we tap all the way down and we lift top and lay really pressing your hands down into that mat and keeping your abs engaged so you should already feel your triceps starting to switch on but let's start to add on here so tuck your toes under press into your palms lift your elbows lift your knees then you top your knees top your elbow lift lift tap and really getting those triceps to work I think we could add on why not out a little bonus at work squeeze one knee and one knee and lower and lower lift lift me me lower and lower lift lift knee knee lower and lower cut those triceps are really burning for me me me lower and lower lift lift me me lower lower go two more lift lift me me lower lower let's hold this one up lift lift ten knees in three four five seven eight nine ten lower the knees pulse into those triceps oh yes I feel the burn keep your weight forward over your hands little pulses here really even lift the toes put weight into those triceps we're almost there let's do ten more you can do it nine eight seven good really bending hugging the elbows by the way six five four three two one hold get a little lower get into that challenge zone five four three two and one oh sit back Child's Pose pressing your fingertips into the mat feeling that beautiful stretch really breathing stretching through the shoulders great job you guys I hope you enjoyed that arm workout I know that I've felt the burn I'm remember to subscribe for new workouts every single week I'll see you guys soon the workout ah

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