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welcome to Happy Trails hiking on this station you'll find content about park travel as well as living a healthy lifestyle if you're interested in those sorts of things I would invite you to subscribe my name is Kay and this is the healthy lifestyle show on this show I want to offer you encouragement to live the life you love this is workout Wednesday and today I have a guest with me as we get started today will you please type into the chat or the comments how familiar you are with Pilates christina is our guest today she is a certified naturopath and leisure educator from Montreal Canada she has spent more than 20 years specializing in therapeutic yoga Pilates adapted physical therapy and massage therapy her YouTube channel Justin and Christina our RV Van life there we go uh is run with her husband of 20 years Justin was also a naturopath and movement therapist their channel seeks to educate people about simple inexpensive portable and adaptive exercise protocols for everyone along with their newbie RV life vlog and as a side note christina was born with high level scoliosis survived meningitis that caused nervous system damage this event was brought brought about a diagnosis of fibromyalgia juvenile arthritis spinal inflammation at the age of 12 these life events and health conditions are what motivated her to obtain various degrees and certifications to not only help herself but to help others welcome Christina I'm happy that you're here with us today it's good to see you thanks for being here awesome um I am I hear that we're gonna go through Pilates today I'm not seeing a lot of people typing into the chat yet so we're just gonna go on and get started um what do you have for me you didn't send me the work out this time so whoever surprise you but it's supposed to be a simple no squats okay a lot of people are okay so all you need all right and I've got a wall so I'll be good we do have a few people coming into the room um hello to Desmond standards life on the trail and Artem orbit it's good to see you thanks for being here all right Kristina I'm gonna go to your screen so we can see you better doing what you do so I'm standing out ready we're going to warm up and go either hold your chair okay I'm gonna just turn to the side so you can see what I'm doing okay Kate he's my quads and you're gonna lift up your tippy toes tippy toe I feel you can touch the wall and then you're gonna come down very simple we're going to do that in the tempo up one two squeeze but squeeze your legs squeeze your abs one two you're onto your tippy toes okay then there are only one two ok you some more like that okay got it one two and one two six one squeeze but one two and one two please buy a house one two and one two squeeze the button your abs your quads one two one two we're going to be four more okay one two one two three four one two and one two two more squeeze one two and one two one more squeeze one two and one two two felcher what yes okay yes welcome birdies for our family adventures it's good to see you um wait everybody out there you can squeeze your butt while you're sitting down so if you have to be working get to work all right I'm ready very simple the next one is you're going to work the front of your legs to help stabilize point your toe okay you wanna lift point your toe you're out you're doing okay doing okay that make early sense okay down slow right and really doing tech five that's it usually we do 20 oh okay yes it's good for hiking slowly your back no point eight and down two more okay okay nine now I'm going to be a little bit cruel I'm gonna ask you to keep your leg up for number ten for five seconds pointed okay here we go five four three two one I like you Cristina you should be happy that I like you and are Norbit saying sons thumbs up for this street thank you so much I appreciate that so so much Kristina's working hard today just working me hard it hurts right here so like right here yeah yes okay well I have really shortly I mean they're my my thighs are only about that yes especially on the screen here all right here we go this leg doesn't go as high as the other one is not a problem that's normal I'm okay I can do it yes okay I will never say Pilates is easy ever ever ever all right so um Artem orbit says he feels bad because he's sitting and making breakfast Desmond's Donders is sitting and drinking tea so um yeah but are you are Tamara doesn't show later today um he says my legs are weak panic tea is here it's good to see you good morning it's it's some not painful we're supposed to tell them it's not painful right Kristina it's not painful it it's what effective that's it this is actually helping you panic D because when I come to visit you I won't be able to walk as best all right here we go sides for our legs I call those hips side of legs to the wall then bent so armies are lying okay okay now our leg heals Auggie point got it we're gonna stay here okay with control okay okay yep only you can keep the knee up okay got this is this is really good for people who like to do kickboxing as well instead I come back slowly that's to extend and extend come back and when you come back squeeze your butt for and swing your leg come back fun extend your leg extend your leg monkeys are always back so people problems extend and okay if I did lock I I feel okay next time I do this when I watch the video again I will do 15 but today is like she doesn't do that she sits so they stand and come back what just pretend extend two legs and you're at the same time slowly okay guys that was really hard by the way it's it's yeah it's just really it's movements that I'm not used to doing you know I'm used to doing squats I can do those you know so this is just moving in a different way and that's really I think that's really important um yeah anyway thank you all for being here today and if you all don't know Christine I'm from Justin and Christina our V and van life please make sure that you I check out her uh her link down below she doesn't work out Wednesday on her Channel every week – alright next week I'm ready okay I'm ready we're gonna place ourselves in like a position dunk on this leg over here that looks like a horse eat pasta kick huh I'm gonna push my leg out okay yes oh oh that was a good one um Desmond Saunders is saying that that's how he's walking at the moment yeah I heard that Dave had thrown out his back so Dave I hope your back gets better don't do any of these exercises right now just for me yeah that's the last one that's true okay so we're gonna do the other side now so it's like a horsey that's kicking back so it's open up the hips that's how we avoid injury and about we do those slow and controlled three there's no momentum or according to your flexibility and back and five and okay gently gently you're definitely a cardio person thank you for coming out of morbid I appreciate it Frank yeah oh man whoo okay I'm sweating already are those of you sitting around at home if you're sweating – um no all right I'm ready let's do this okay so you want your wall okay Carrie you wanna be I'm gonna show you in a weird position like this you see you want to be on a diagonal okay so I'm not straight so this is usually better on the wall than a chair gotcha I've got a wall right over here okay what you want so this is my wall it's not going anywhere it's down yeah and this leg this leg what we want to do is you want to work the abdominals and the ABS on the inner thighs so you want to lift it up to where you can to work up the leg but also the inner thighs and bring about almost like you're giving a soccer ball thing but you're stabilizing yourself okay that make sense yes I'm not gonna be as well this isn't gonna go up as high as I asked the other ones but that's okay don't have to go up high okay just to feel the muscles okay and ready just want to work okay okay okay no straining yeah so you wanna lift up to where you can't see I'll stop here and inside my head yeah not you okay this so that people can see that work up like a soccer kick and back this is really good this movement we read and back where those people do play soccer when you think about it it helps stabilize the need for oh that makes sense and five same time you're working a bit of your shoulder and six the more inclined you are and trying to keep your leg up four three two one okay that was something else Wow I'll do the other side my problem is I only have one wall so I won't be facing the computer or maybe can I lean against my table here it's a little lower okay no problem you're setting up sure I'm ready to be done with very little space yeah how we from food forest permaculture is here good you today thank you for coming Howie yeah three warning a good no I'm okay trying to blend more and stand there for five four three two one yeah awesome cool Wow yeah I'm gonna be sore in the morning tomorrow it's great to see everybody today if you all don't know christina from Justin and Christina RV van life please say hello to Christina and she's been working me through some Pilates this morning you know Christina when I thought of Pilates in the past I've thought of mostly doing everything from the floor so this is really a surprise to me new type of franchises yeah well this has really been a new new thing for me so that's awesome I'm I'm glad to blended ones really poke strengthen the insertions like around key nice you have squats you're not necessarily going to be origin and insertion of the muscle gotcha you want those or Jenny insertions to be strong to help stabilize as you get older yes important I think I've gotten to the place where you know hiking it's it's not a well I'm in more pain when I like my knees and my hips hurt a lot more now no anyway there we are so we're going to just do some stretching out okay we have eight minutes left perfect so we're just going to do some gentle stretching that you don't need to be on the floor okay okay so the first thing is the basic front leg stretch most people do this right and they they pull lift their leg up that's not really great for your knee so hold on to the wall okay do a grab your knee but don't pull it back all you have to do is squeeze your abs in your butt and by doing that there's no pressure on your back and you should feel the stretch in your leg oh holy cow bit that's totally there you don't need to do that it's actually dangerous just grab your foot or use a towel some people kept their trainers so they're Lucky's there but you'll still do a stretch and you squeeze your abs and your butt that's it nice so that's interesting that's a new stretch for me or a new field for me of the stretch because normally yeah I would be pulling up ya know it's not very fair shoulder and it's not great for your lower back right so we're gonna do the other side so it's the same thing okay Specter flexibility sure grab your foot if you can don't try and lift it up keep it down now just squeeze your abs in your butt and you do you feel that your quad a lot yes isolate your quad because a lot of people are pulling pulling pulling but they're not activating the supporting muscles all right also if a muscle doesn't feel supported it's not going to fully stretch it's just it doesn't watch interesting matt has knee problems and that's why he hikes with the trekking poles but I made suggest this one to him because he it may help him a lot yeah people pull on that joint and it's just not ideal got it whoo thank you not for the hamstring which is the back of the leg remember wetsuit the traditional one is just putting it on something or putting right chair I don't recommend that what we're going to do is we're going to put one leg on top of the other leg okay so crop your feet okay you have to hold the wall now this is how you lift up my toes oh that's weird yeah and roll up yeah especially if you have blood pressure problems so yeah so yeah even though this is a stretch there's always like a muscular activation there's always core everybody everywhere okay well the floor but the objective is this this back leg that's just that's an amazing stretch and I I've never had anybody teach me that one before i I've never really bothered with Pilates but I should have now see I feel stupid and we're going to unroll one for the grant time what's fun about those two sketches is if you're somewhere dirty and you don't want to get on the floor you can do it where there's like some kind of stabilization or something like that so that you feel the back of your legs ah yes yes well wrestler mania is here it's good to see you today thanks for coming Jamie I appreciate you being here um and uh and yes Desmond Saunders and you are welcome to chase each other around to my stream I'm happy that you're here ah food forest permaculture says that he likes his trekking poles he's chubby and will fall over I love this time of year picking chanterelles yes that's awesome ah that's cool chanterelle mushrooms do you eat mushrooms Cristina sorry random question yes yeah Portobello good idea good idea yes see you can workout Wednesdays we talk about food all right what's next what do you read next for me okay see me a bit more okay there we go my leg so we're like this okay hold on the wall okay squeeze your abs okay now feel the stretch do you feel it yes now gently don't overdo it that some people get cramps in this position for another ten nine eight it always your eyes sure here to one bring that one down the other leg okay now I'm not holding anything so while I'm stretching this is working like okay while I'm stretching looks like an active stretch okay nervous still like that so we're going to either four three two one down and again bend your knees always yes thank you so much Christina this has been really fun and educational and I loved it it's it's been a new and learning process for me I love learning new things on workout Wednesday and on the healthy lifestyle show in general thank you for being here again with me um and I hope that you'll want to come back at some point in time we'll have to get you back on again um and oh Wrestlemania says due to my oh I don't know what that word is poached my Gillian wear shoes nerve issues about since that time my wife and I go to ballet class which is yeah that's a combo class of yoga and Pilates so you've probably seen some of these movements sure it's a combo class yeah it's great for athletes but awesome awesome maybe I should get my folks in on this one look my parents are are getting up in years and they they're always trying to work on balance and I really want them to work on core exercises but they they're eluding me right now sorry if you get in a good wall or a bar people will be confident and then slowly but surely they'll kind of let go sure and it will be an upper body workout it'll be like the leg put in writing like holding on yeah totally makes sense Cristina I'm gonna finish out the show thank you for being here with me today all right everybody thank you all for being here with us today if you enjoyed this content I need you to do a couple of things one go over and subscribe to Justin and Christina RVs and like to share this with someone that you think would appreciate a workout Wednesday and three go out and live the life you love today remember you are not replaceable thank you so much for being here with me today have a great one

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