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hi guys a very warm welcome to maahek core pilates thank you so much for being here today we're going to be doing a loop band series so what you need is just one matte and a little band with you okay it's going to be an intermediate to beginner workout that means anybody who's been doing my regular videos of pilates can yes you it also if you are very new if you have any kind of injury we can regress the movement also that means anybody can do this let it start with me the first exercise hand slightly wide up your hands back and reach forward so you inhale exhale reach forward this is a great exercise well I've seen here into your left ear up exil in center oh yeah for push here and stand right an extension inhale exil into your nose exil through your mouth so here join your hips and focus in your breathing engage your core and try to your look at your level if your head hurts or your neck hurts if you can't keep it more stable you can use a ball or a towel underneath your neck speaking you exiling press and reach out in exhale reach you were exceeding pressing reach out in exhale reach who hates me align with your hip and extain he is actually one he pressing your abdominal or the man keep your look in exil reach you're almost done me and find push the extra last five from their inch worm each quarterback position and extend your feet down the walk great exercise for your glutes so inhale these in exhale extend try and extend your leg so that you have perfect extension activate your glutes you're almost there in extent trying to keep your shoulders forward keep your weight balanced between both your legs try not to tilt on your right extend your feet and stretch squeeze your glutes when your extend your feet Wow row lunge that stay into a lunge position take your hands closer to your ribcage time keep your spine neutral no marching on your spine gaze at your foot retract your scapula inhale exhale in exhale reach inhale pull into your ribcage exhale reach stay in to the lunge put it to your ribcage from the base to make a little more challenging you can narrow it and take your hands closer to your feet yeah the more assistance the little path the more challenging good job we are almost there you're halfway done guys we're doing great job your great work so from here gonna just inch forward and Straight up inhale down exhale reach inhale push your butt back exhale squeeze your butt soft in your knees And up but not who I need to be squat set up but we're just keeping our knee slidely stops this works on your hamstrings in exhale draw abdomen in when you breathe out in here three your nose exhale lift retract your scapula work shoulders stay back as squeeze your butt slightly challenging squat press press press inhale here exhale in in in anybody with injuries in shoulder try and avoid the tracing so in exhales quiz your hip when you reach our hands just about your head so we draw everything in one line so feed why to flex towards you in exhale trying keep your feet straight extend your hands completely inhale retract release this is a great exercise to activate your back muscles your upper thoracic and your scapula so from here bent down look to your knees and you hands to your chest keep pushing your bar back knee stay soft standing with hip-width distance apart so taking your hands closer to your ribcage now breathing in exhale in here it's not exhale release keep again in the floor spine flat retract release you're almost done I'm gonna be with me last five seconds to go let's push higher freez in and try scoop up look up to your neighbor that's gonna help you engage your smile and your core toes flexed so focus on extending your feet reaching your hands back there's no in exhale in exhale in exhale reach yeah all most done of our stuff this is the most challenging but keep going do give up lets go guys let's move on to the cool down we had a wonderful session now let's stretch press your hands to what's the silling to locking them yeah with a beautiful smile on your face now reach your right hand down and extend your left and stretch relax your breath it's your time now you've done a great workout switch last one to thank you so much for watching and be with me on the loop band series today's series was all about eccentric movement and static contraction to your muscles requested please subscribe the channel hit that button so that you get an intimation of all our videos the videos on maahek core pilates high intensity workout that is train to look good series ethese amazing awesome recipes thank you so much I'm going to see you soon next time next video

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