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Hi guys, very warm welcome to maaheks core pilates Today we're going to be doing in educational series on one of the most integral part of Pilates That's breathing So breathing place the most important and efficient role in Pilates I'm going to be teaching you today three types of breathing the first one which is called as the diaphargmatic breathing or belly breathing Second one which is called as lateral breathing or a rib cage breathing the third one Which is one lung really that? Facilitates lateral flexion

So let's get started We can start with the first one that is traumatic breathing I want you to take your two fingers or probably your four fingers and keep it on your very button We're going to get started from there because inhale deeply through our nose Exhale through a mouth So breathe into the abdominal Filling the torso up from the bottom of the pelvis with air On an exhale draw the doorman in towards the spine pressing out the air to create a natural contraction of your abdominal with flow muscles and your multi-fit I So try and engage the core on an Exhale So it's a relaxed breathing method which is used to calm and focus the mind Second one latch will rip breathing Let's call it ribcage wheeling So place the hands around the lower ribs Send red in back and sides of the rib without expanding the abdominal Feel the hands moving as the ribs expand on inhale and relax on and exhale Lateral breathing helps to loosen up the ribs release the mid-back and improves the lung capacity This breath is basically used for sustained abdominal contractions Lastly it is a stimulating read that can increase energy and stimulate the mind Last one one lung breathing So we laterally flex the torso place bottom hand on the mat and the top hand over the lower ribs inhale aiming to breathe into the top lung One long breathing can help facilitate lateral flexion It increases the expansion of the lungs in lateral spinal flexion Especially clients with scoliosis can use one lung reading It helps to increase mobility of the spine and ribcage It is also a great exercise for people with chronic lung problems like asthma Thank you so much for watching our videos I Request you to please subscribe our Channel hit that red button so that you get information of all our videos we do videos on Training we do videos on nutrition That is delicious healthy recipes We do videos on maaheks core pilates and we do a lot of information videos, which can Really help you to get your fitness streamline and get you started with the right kind of advice you require for your fitness Thank you so much for watching my video See you next time

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