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Hii guys Very Warm Welcome to BODYPROCOACH Mat Pilates Volume No 9 so today's workout is going to be all about Whole body weight training also we're going to be doing moderate to high intensity core Pilates so let's get started with me so we are starting with static stretches let's move on to our knees first from our knees we going to move our hands from here I'm going to first start with my right hand I hope you can see so from here I'm gonna stretch my right hand try and touch my shoulder lay on the floor my left hand stays soft my left elbow we're gonna hold that for next fifteen last ten three two and one let's move on to our left hand so i am going to stretch my left I'm gonna soften my right hand let's move on to the next one that's going to be a chest stretch so i am gonna walk my hands forward I'm going to try and touch my chest onto the floor and stay there inhale deeply exhale relax with every exhale try and stretch your hands forward five four three two one let's move on to the wrist stretch so we're going on for the wrist mobility now so first I'm gonna point my fingers towards me okay you see this so that's about mobility some people won't be able to do completely that's only your mobility of your wrist so if you see me nicely now I'm turning my hands towards me the fingers and i am gonna walk my knees slightly back from here I'm gonna try and sit on my hip so I'm going to get a really good stretch here okay you can try hold that stretch so inhale exhale and sit lasttwo every exhale try and sit more back last one easy let's move on to the next one now I'm going to turn my palms facing towards the ceiling that's here from here l am gonna try and sit again back one two we gonna hold for 10 seconds nice now last one I'm gonna turn my hand clockwise inside towards me so you see I'm rotating my hand clockwise towards me inside from here i am gonna lift my chest that means i am going to a scoop and from there i am gonna start going to circle with 10 cicles that's your shoulder mobility let's go on ten anti-clockwise this small movement that is excellent way to mobilise your shoulder okay now let's move on to the next one that's the hip flexor stretch rotate my left feet forward so from here that's going to be more than a 90 degree set up both my palms right next to my hand i am gonna try an d hold this so the main idea is I'm going to belly at the front hand and by my side and hold this you gonna hold this for 30 seconds trying to keep your spine neutral spine flat hope you all had a great week last ten seconds now to make i t slightly more challenging I am gonna draw my heel to my hip and staying up for the last 10 seconds and switch let's switch to the other side so my right feet in the front more than a 90 degree set up I'm going to push my belly to the front so you have to see that your hip is square that means you're not tilting to your left you're going to keep it square in the front think that these are two headlights they have to keep facing in the front okay so push your belly to the front your knee and your toe is in one line your palms down and your elbows soft spine practically flat and stay here so you get you feel a really good stretch yeah that's your flexa muscles try and relax in the position and try and get a beautiful stretch last ten seconds lasts five four three two and one nice now I'm going to take my heel to my hip stay there now i am just going to get there a slightly more active stretch so if you flexes are tight you gonna be somewhere here which is fine you just have to give time and consistency that's when your flexibility will improve last five four three two one let's move on to up Calf stretch so you gonna start with the right leg first the leg which is in the front we're going to stretch that leg okay we're gonna try and go on our heel from there you can bend your leg first that means soften your leg first then straighten your leg and reach your hands down so you get a really nice stretch on your calf as well as on your hamstrings if you can't do this that means if you're tight you can keep your leg soft like this but if you get really stretched and reach your hands down fine if you can't reach your hands down that means if your Hamstrings are extremely tight because when you do a lot of symmetry work that means sitting on your laptop sitting on through one place for a long time and don't have much activity you have hamstrings can be tight that's the time when your hands won't reach the floor which is not a problem at all try and keep your knees soft and just pretend that the hands are touching the floor even then you will feel the stretch i am gonna hold that for 10 seconds and switch legs so first straighten your leg stretch your leg and hands down let's move on to our last stretch so from here I'm going to bend my right knee I'm going to straighten my left leg and reach down again on the stretch for your hamstring majorly that's ten nine eight seven six and switch side so your right feet in the front left feet close to your right and try and balance and stretch down five four three two and one good job let's move on to our last static stretch that's gonna be an IT band stretch so you gonna stand hip width distance apart from there you'll take your right feet overlapping your left feet take your left hand towards the ceiling right hand palm facing down and laterally stretch so you're gonna stretch your lateral flex system and stay there and switch so standing here left feet in the front right hand towards the ceiling left palm facing down and stretch five four three two one let's start with our active warm up so for today's program we're going to be having five PODS the first is active Warm Up that means every POD every set of exercise we will be doing two rounds of the same okay let's start with our active warm-up first the first exercise today is we're going to be doing the LATERAL FLEXION so inhaling hands go up from there right hand goes down and laterally flips down and switch so keep switching your hands Inhaling towards your hand ceiling exhale and take your hands to your side we going to do 10 rounds of the same 10 times of the same so I reaching to the ceiling first and then bend so next hand to the ceiling first and than bend and last one let's move on to he next one that's going to be but roll down a roll down is must in pilates because that really helps you to articulate your spine that means get a complete Trunk integration so starting your roll down is your chin to your chest you start curling from your cervical then your upper thorac then your middle then your tail and try and lower down from there on an exhale start pushing your tailbone first so lift from your tail your middle your upper thorac and survival let's go again so inhale deeply through your nose exhale it's a wonderful exercise to get more awareness about your spine and beautiful exercise when you literally feel bone by bone go for last five times last four from your hip take your upper thorac cervical and crown last one let's move on to the next one that's gonna be static hamstring stretch so from here inhale same way roll down now this time bend your knees okay keeping your knees soft palms on the floor from here I'm gonna stretch my left hand on top my left knee is tight i am gonna stay up for 30 seconds my right knee is soft my left knee is tight hands switching down my right hand goes on top and my right knees is tight and look towards towards your palm that means you get a really good stretch even at your back let's go once again for an active warm up stretch we're gonna start with lateral flexion so from here hands to the ceiling stretch bring towards the other side stretcher has to hit the ceiling and then bend last two and let's move on to roll down so let's our tribal spine for one last time so starting with chin to your chest curling in to your shoulder blades try and relax your muscles we're going to go four more times inhale into your chest relaxing muscles go down on an exhale lift from your tail then your middle then you are upper thorac and then you cervical and the crown okay last two last one articulating your spine feeling your trunk and let's move on to our static stretch that's your hamstring stretch bend down bend your knees spine flat look up to your hand and most of us the ceiling so right hand towards the ceiling right knee tight you gonna feel the stretch on your right hamstring stay there left knee is gonna be bent and soft last ten seconds and switch side right one goes down left hand towards the ceiling left knee tight good job we've done with POD one let' move on to station two so from here we're going to take our feet slightly wide we would go into a plie squat that means I want your toast to be laterally rotated outside heals inside okay so we staying here inhale down slow and controlled exhale up nice and easy inhaling lower down exhale up try and sit as lower as possible and it's fine you gonna go for twelve reps so your toes pointing out heals inside knees tracking out let's move on to last four last three two last one easy good job let's move on to the second one that's going to be your side lunge tap we're going to take our feet we would go into a lateral lunge set up we're going to touch or tap our hands towards the floor so your feet in a struggle position that's slightly wider palms are going to touch down and you gonna Bend that means we're going to a lateral lunge so if you can see me nicely from here tap and inhale exhale breath in good job slow in control the idea is to get a really nice stretch on your adductor muscles try and keep your spine neutral when you go down so from here back flat last two last one face in front of you and easy let's move on to the third exercise that's what as X squats so again feet point wide like a sumo squat stance heal inside toes pointing out from there palms Down touch and up in exhale last one let's move on to the next exercise that's called as reverse lunge Genie arms so starting with your right leg so you gonna step back hands are gonna be here that's your Genie arms okay they're gonna be your shoulder stance so step back tap down up and back inhale exhale trying to assign straight last two one more let's go to the other side so standing here hands forward in front of you step back and last one ten seconds so we have a ten seconds breath up you can sip some water we're going to go into round two let's get ready for round two the first exercise it's going to be our Plie squats so feet wide yeah toes point down heals inside three more let's move to our side lunge tap feet goes wide in a strong position knees are locked from there to side let's move on to the third exercise that's for last as x squats so again feet going wide like a sumo squat stance heal inside toes pointing out from there palms down touch and up in exhale last one let's move on to the next exercise that's called as reverse lunge Genie arms last one good job let's move on to our second station now we're going to go onto to the floor lying down in a supine position that means on our back we're going to the slightly intensive and core series so lying down the first exercise is going to be a core hole or a additional setup what I want you to do is bend your knees stay in this position and hold that's around one we're going to try hold this for 45 seconds so try and lift your cervical and shoulder blades of the mat trying influence your spine on the floor keep your gaze at your navel you can assist your hands underneath your neck if your neck feels tight relax and hand back down tap your feet down and relax them I'm sure you could feel the burn okay let's move on to a prone position that means on to your stomach now from here we are going for a Superman pull we're going in for level one that means I'm going to keep my palms on the floor head on the floor and just lifting my feet and stay there try and extend your feet up get that posture chain engagement squeeze your glutes three two and relax easy good job let's move on to a kneeling squat so from here bend your knees going on to your knees hands on your pelvis from here inhale lift and exhale it down try to engage your abs ya based on abdomen here squeeze your glutes here last four last's two let's move on to kneeling alternate swimming so from here we're going to take or make going on to a quarterback position your palms in line with your knees elbow stays soft so from here we're going to alternate hands and leg think you have a hot cup of coffee just above your hip or your back you just see that the cup is not spilled okay that means you have to try and engage your core and try and raise your abs from here we gonna do 10 each side good job let's move on to round two so round two we gonna make it slightly little challenging okay so from here round one we did only a tabletop setup that means our knees were Bend that's here and the tucked up this time you're gonna try and straighten the legs if somebody cannot do that please stick to the previous regression version so from here we're going to keep our feet straight hands by our side you're going to press your abdominal on the map that needs you to imprint that means there should be no space then your hand still passed by okay lifting your tip of you should be at least eye and stay laughs 15 seconds five four three two that's easy good job let's move on to a prone position from Ellen's going to Superman so this time we're going to do a full Superman so first inhaling deeply lifting your drastic hands forward 50 feet in the air and stop you good job let's want to meaning squat going into a need down position handles your pelvis inhale and sing in here the top exhale hinge little elastics this having to train a better floor muscles three more to last one let's move on to our next exercise that are kneeling swimming alternate hands so take your bombs in line with your knees elbows soft shoulder right above your ass in line you're about to get from there we will start with alternate time and ultimately that means right leg and left hand first we're going to do ten repetitions of the same which I am doing slightly advanced motion this time the earlier one was tap and lift if you find that you teach on yourself please move on to the second one don't forget about the hot cup of coffee on your hip and switch last you and easy good job let's take a hydration break for 30 seconds okay let's move on to our last four that means our last station for today that's gonna be slightly more challenging we are going on two hours to find position once again so anybody if you have back problems you can keep your hand on to your hips if not then you're gonna stay over slightly and once working with me we're gonna start the first one that is the lower and lift so hands where your side I would want you to jump up that means lift you tip off your shoulder blades look to your Navel okay that's your start point that means you going to curling your thoracic think there's an apple between your chin and your chest and come up okay from here we're gonna keep your hands by our side pointer feet to the ceiling from there if you find this difficult you gonna stay with this version what we did earlier that's this we gonna just stay here if not you can do this please stay here bend your knees and relax let's move on to our half bridge that means your heels in line with our hips staying there inhaling to the ceiling exhale down try and squeeze your hips when they come up last six let's move on to the next one that's called at our half roll back so your feet slightly forward knees are going to be bent and soft from here hands where side starts curling irrigation the spine roll and up one in exhale curl flack back up we are going to do 10 reps of the same three more last two last one and easy let's go on to the second round of our last station so hands by your sides remember your option that's here if you can go with me you can keep your hands by your side lift your feet up and easy let's move on to the next one that's going to be half bridge twelve reps of the same thing and easy turn on to your side up bend your knees from there half roll up from here Roll back sorry let's move on to our last variation that's icing on the cake today so that's a surprise for you all so today we're going to be doing something which is strong to intermidiate to advanced level that's called as the hundreds it's a hundred breath pattern what we take so we're going to be using sniff breathing I will be sniffed breathing that means we're gonna inhale five times actively through our nose exhale five times so that means that's five exhale so you can actually blow out think as if you're blowing a balloon so that when you blow out you can draw your abs in gently okay and itwe gonna pump our hands on to our side so from here going on to a tabletop tapped up look to your navel hands by your side and begin inhale exhale exhale


exhale in

exhale in exhale if your head pains keep your hands inhaleexhalein exhale last one in exhale and rest down time palms down feet down and relax easy thankyou so much it was wonderful let's move on to our active cool do n we're going to start with the first exercise that are cat to cow so palms in line with your knees inhale chin to your chest exhale and up inhale the left knee exhale up we will going to do five times last one let's move on to the child pose and the bow pose so inhale sit and reach back exhale drop your hip extend your spine last one let's go on for the one last time five times cat to cow in last one child pose and bow pose exhale extend last one good job thank you so much for being with me here and doing a live pilates workout request you to please subscribe the channel hit that red button so that you get intimation of all our videos we do videos on training and nutrition thank you so much for being here today

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