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so of a very warm welcome to Bodyprocoach fitness thank you so much for joining today we're doing volume number eight the focus of the class today would be upper body strength and Pilates core let's get started with me so we're going to deep feet hip-width distance apart we're gonna start first with a roll down to a lateral flexion so standing from here inhaling chin to your chest curl into your ribcage roll down on an exhale through your mouth roll up also your side and twist in switch hands let's go once again hands up inhale curl in and roll down exhale and curl up twist to your side and to your other side that sidewise we gonna go for three more inhaling chin to your chest keep curling in lets do two more exhale role up last one let's move on to a quadruped position so we run more down onto knees from your going on to your palms so your palms in line with your shoulders so your chest just underneath your palms we're gonna stay here we will go in for scapula retraction and for traction so this is the moment retract and protract okay so we're here so retract to protract inhale exhale in exhale it's like a stun job in exhale it's a very small movement give me eight of this last three two more last one and easy let's move on to the next one that's your child pose to bow pose so we're gonna sit here and inhale exhale in through your nose stretch exhale in haling sit back exhaling and up two more last one let's move on to another set of the same thing now let's make it slightly dynamic so feet goes little wider in here hands up inhaling roll on exhale and curl and twist lateral flexion hands back inhale up so hands up and went completely pilates is an excellent way to start early it was a lot of breathing one more it helps you in you in concentration balance of the movement okay let's move on to the second one scapula protraction and retraction or the sternum drop I'm stay in inhale to your nose exhale good job small movement but extremely beneficial movement you takes care of your scapula mobility as we're going to be doing upper body strength today last one let's move on to the child pose and bow so inhale him sit sit sit sit sit exhale and sit back and extent inhaling try to touch your chest last one excellent let's move on to our main zone so grab two bottles or two dumbbells let's start with the first one we're gonna go in for a dumbbell bend over row so standing hip width distance apart you're going to bend your knees keeping your knees soft hands wear your side you're going to pull into your chest and straight so inhale exhale one go for 12 times sideways this the same moment retract to mouth last one and easy let's move on to the pilates core now so sitting on your sit bones you're gonna bend your knees have your ankles together have your palms on your ankle or on your shit i can see now keeping your spine so from here I'm going to roll on my back be careful I'm not going to go on to and what it will only up to my shoulder blades that means I'm not gonna roll on my neck or on my head I'm gonna roll it up to my shoulder blades come up and sit upright on my sit bones once again so in haling roll up you can also somebody's a big na can take support and come back and keep your feet back on the ground okay again so otherwise it wouldn't lift that's your starting position let's move on once again to the Dumbbell bend over row so standing distance with hip lets move on once again down in lets go for ten more so squeeze and release the top squeeze these two more last one one inhale exhale let's go back next for once again for rolling like a ball so from here hands onto your ankles lift them sit on your sit bones try and keep your spine neutral and straight roll okay let's move on to the next one that's called as the dumbbell renegade row go so I wanted to go into a plank position so from here you can also use dumbbells otherwise just body weight so we will go into a plank position that means palms on the floor knees in line with the palms shoulders and chest forward chest right about your palms I repeat chest write about your palms keeping your elbows slightly soft go onto your toes stay here from here pull in its difficult for you want to be up to your knees that's big enough okay but you can't want you toes and holding the hands to your chest shift your weight slightly from one toe to other last one let's move on to the next one that's a single leg stretch so lying down again on your back in a supine position from here I want you to take both the feet to a tabletop position that's here from here inhaling crunch up stay up look to your kneeling now we're going to take the right hand to the right heel left hand to the right knee stretch the left leg and switch breathe out in here between and easy let's move on to the go renegade row once again so pump your shoulders in line and elbow soft on to your toes stay there from there we'll each exit and easy let's move on to a single leg stretch once again so from here I lying down on your back bend your knees tabletop from there lift your chest up that means go into a top position keep looking to your nebal right side right heel to left hand right knee stretch the left leg now inhale we exhale and switch legs good job let's move on to the next one I want to grab your dumbbells once again lying down so now we going on supine chest press so your hands touching the floor hands you up inhale lift up exhale down in exhale down try and imprint your spine design that means try and see that there is no gap between your spine and mat lets move on to the next one that's your spine twist variations so I want you to sit either the knees bent or you can also straighten your legs you be a soft if you want hands on or you keep your hands on to your temple like this from here your inhale here exhale to your side exhale exhale to your sites inhale okay let's go once again lying down that's hands where our side inhale and exhale lower down going for 12 reps and one more easy a nice turn to your side and get up bending your knees once again you any soft hands up to your temple from there inhale exhale in to try and twist from your torso let's god job two more and lets move on to your next one now we're going you for a plank way to shoulder tap the time so we're going to go back onto quarterback position from here so if you're a big na and you have any kind of pain like if you have a low back pain or something I wouldn't want to stay on the quarterback position but if you are good to go and you feel that you're feeling really good today I'm created for you please founder toe and make slightly challenging so stay on to your palms tap down tap and down for regulars inhale exhale in exhale your weight keeps shifting from one toe to the other but trying see in less movement onto your hip good job let's move on to the next one that's our swimming so lying down in a prone position we're gonna take your hands forward from there we're gonna lift alternate leg and also your feet so that's this they would see in the air easy good job let's move on to the plank once again and shoulder taps so stink you're going onto your toe let's move on to your swimming lying down hands forward every to your hands of your feet and begin opposite an and opposite leg keep breathing and easy let's move on to the next variation we're going in for knelling lateral raise so stay on to your knee down position dumbbells in your hand our bottle in your hand from there inhale lifting to your side so inhale lift exhale lowering down sideways to raise and release animate here in front of you spine straight last two last one let's move on to our teaser prep 1 so lying down into your spine position hands by your side which is going to come up and sit up right that's it because that's just teaser prep one so in here hold hold once again up up and up in tuck and up good job let's move on to that release once again onto your knees hands were side in hale we stay there and lift and exhale lower down in front of you spine neutral lets move on to your teaser prep 1 so lying down in supine position so we're gonna go for first think of my head not to hands were side and not and to the bright with spinal nutral and spine straight good job so you feeling here in in and up good job which of his front you last one let's move on to our active stretch let's go we're moving on to a child pose to bow pose we started in the people warm up okay from here take your feet wide sit back and reach and stretch inhale sit back reach good job let's move on to our side bend so we're gonna sit sideways so I'm gonna have my lower leg bend my top leg in front of my wallet my hand by my side from your step and reach I'm sitting that's m y starting position I'm sitting with my lower leg that's the right leg which is going to slightly bend the left leg on top of it in front of you you can have it right palm here if you want you can also use your left palm to assist you when you want to go up this once you meet you take your hand extend that stretch and feel that wonderful stretch sit exhale reach two more in down exhale last one and in exhale feel the breath passing your lateral side good job let's switch the other side so this time the left leg bend slightly down right leg in front of you left hand down so from here I'm going to raise my hip so inhale reach exhale down inhaling move it flow and reach exhale lower down inhaling give length exhale last two with positive a big smile inhale reach exhale one more inhaling reach exhale and easy thank you so much thank you so much to join me today on volume number eight request to you please subscribe my channel hit that bell button so that you get information of all our videos we do videos on training nutrition maaheks core pilates and amazing awesome recipes please do share the channel with as many friends people as possible also if you want to see the recap episode please go on to our YouTube channel thank you

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