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hi guys very warm welcome to bodyprocoach Fitness this is maahek here thank you for joining me for the core pilates volume number seven and today's workout is going to focus on athletic legs and Pilates core if you're a big na please try and stick to body weight if you want to really challenge yourself please grab a pair of dumbbells that would be a 2 or 3 kg if you don't have dumbbells grab to watch with you let's get started let's start to the pre pilates is that warm up with you so we're gonna warm a body up we gonna start with some spinal movement that's our chunk integration so going onto our knees into a quarter pack position that means on your palms and on your knees that's how we're going to start with ten repetitions of the same so inhaling in curling in exhale and good job inhaling through your nose exhaling through your mouth really great exercise to be pure we're about your spinal movement and truck integration last one let's move on to the second one you're going on to the knelling squats so they're gonna to on your knees keep our hand on our pelvis again so in exhale there you go get more aware about your body feeling your pelvis last three raise your apps last one let's move on to third one that alternating hands and leg our hands and legs that again of the quarterback position has palms in line with your shoulder blades okay and your chest right about your palms in line so from there we are going to start alternating our hands and leg we're going to start with the right leg and left hand first so and then pilates is all about slow and controlled movements it's all about making your body of aware as slow and isometric movements there you go so give the leg to your shoulder blades your legs and try and see they keep your spine neutral last one then let's go ever repeat the same circuit once again so we're gonna go in for 10 drips once again starting with a cat cow pilates is is all about breathing and control in the movement inhaling exceeding last 2 the second one hands on our pubic bone exhale a small moment to be effective movement – you really feel your Paris three we got three more guys last one that's move on to alternating hands and leg so imagine that you have a hot cup of coffee right here yeah so you can't spill it so try and control and imagine let's start with our main zone start with the first exercise that's going to be slow and controlled squats okay so I'm gonna grab a pair of dumbbells with me if you don't have dumbbells that works you wanna do bodyweight if not I can grab two bottles of water with you so standing kepp distance above I'm gonna stand sideways so that I can see the movement I'm holding the dumbbells on my side so I'm gonna go in for 15 reps so inhale down exhale up so what we're looking at can you hip all the way down below your knee level when you come up keep that hip extension so in and up inhale exhaling up inhale through your nose exhaling through mouth good job try and keep your spine neutral that means your back flat did you try not to curl in but keep your back really flat and nice so keep looking forward in the front last two and one lets move on the the second one so in today's program I have made a combination of active legs and pilates core so we're gonna train the legs one and second we will go on to the flow for the Pilates core so let's move on to our second movement I want to lie down from there you have to try and curl it up from the thoracic keep looking to your Qubic bone you keep looking to your abdominal from there you can keep your hands by your side you keep your hands underneath your neck if your neck is really not strong and you feel heavy on your neck or you can keep your hands under your butt if you have pain in your back okay so from there stay in there feet pointed if you have any back please when your knees if not yeah in exhale so the aggression would be and so regression last 2 easy relax so we're doing 12 reps of the same thing let's get back again to our squats so half our side inhaling we lower down exhale to come up so inhale hip lower exhale hip extension that means you're going to squeeze your glutes you can go for 15 reps nice slow and controlled five more spine straight and ONE let's go in for the lower and lift that's fair side stay there if you feel it difficult please keep your head down so try and press your abdominal on the floor the bee to try and imprint your spine their we go let's move on to the next variation that stiff leg deadlift we're going to keep the feet distance slightly narrower than the squat stance hands forward now this time we're going to draw our self front by just softening a knees we will try and keep our back as flat as possible so in exhale so pushing your butt back and coming into a perfect hip extension there's a great exercise to strengthen your back muscles and your hamstrings to more great job let's move on to the next exercise on the floor we're gonna go in for a crisscross that means has again underneath your neck you wanna make your feet into the tabletop position scoop up slightly from the so imprint your spine last one and relax let's turn onto your side and let's go once again for stiff leg deadlift you need to tell me the next exercise of the month so spine neutral back flat knee soft key pushing your butt out and come up and squeeze last four last one and let's move on to the criss cross so feet back to a tabletop position curling crunch I think you have an apple betwe en your chin and your chest and then up to your dealer hands side breath out really get your knee to your elbow that's easy let's move on to reverse lunges so standing with hip-width distance apart we're going to start with the right leg first we're going to do 10 on each leg so step back onto your toe lifted and here in down up and back so a 90-degree setup spine straight gears in front of you and switch legs the really goes inhale exhale pull back so you need your diamond on an exhale lets move on to rollback hands side inhaling articulate your spine and stop curling exceed up we're not going all the way down okay we're just curling the spine what we did initially the trunk integration this is what is gonna help you in th at so thick use your feet press down move on your heels so that you can come up could go for last four three more last two inhale exhale last one in articulate and up there you go let's one to the lunges one more set so somebody whoes big na can do body weight without dumbbells and if you don't want to do dynamic you can stay here that's down up one in two in three in four but if you are regular now step forward switch legs in Pilates always listen to your body it's not about repetition of movement but it's all about growing in flow with the movement so listen to your body lets go for long last 2 let's move on to the glute bridge now why it's still being in the same position from there we're gonna line up we'll take the dumbbell and keep it on our low part of abdomen so from here heels closer to your hips stay in that position you can keep your hand on the dumbbell so that it can support it so inhaling here exhale reach it towards the ceiling in down to be a ring of flat back bridge slow and controlled so inhale hip ups squeeze your butt exhale and lower so this works great on your posterior chain pilates is all about precision area wounded and alast one from there feet straight our hands big feet wider and wider and lift let's move on to to bridge glutes once again if you hip up squeeze and lower last 2 one more let's move on to warn lifting your arms and feet from our hand Straight t and wide it's lighting wire so inhale and lift from your thorasic and feet together let's see it's a great exercise to activate your posterior chain let's move on to the next variation we are going in for the goblet squat so the dumbbell in front of you feet distance slightly wider this time we're gonna go all the way lower that means you hit below parallel thats here chest upright and so inhale lower exhale up trying to push knees out so in exhale squeeze your hips get in front of you and spine flat and straight last 2 and last one let's move on to the next variation that's our double leg stretch that's one of my favorite exercises so lying down survive from here we gonna take our feet into a tabletop position curling crunching and know that our start so inhale exhale circle your arms inhale circle around hands and knee together keep looking to enable let's go wonderful one last set of our goblet squats and then double leg stretch from athletes might be why track your knees out slow one control squeeze your hips back straight your abdomen last one let's move on to our last exercise for today that's our double leg stretch so starting with our first position tabletop hands were side curled crunching and keep looking up so in circle your arms inhale left exhale circle last one hand curl were side feet back and down turn to your side and it's going for an last cooldown face that's going to be our sumo stretched flow so to your feet wide into solutions that's here wider than your hip width distance so we go this wire came from here inhale here or palms down get anymore sideways so feet wide thats your namastay and down hands down let's go three more inhale palms down lets go with breathing Inhale exhale two more in last one thank you so much for being with me today on volume number seven requesting please subscribe our YouTube channel hit that bell button intimation of all our videos we do videos on training nutrition maaheks core pilates and amazing awesome recipes thank you so much and lots of love

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