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Imagine if someone told you to lift dumbbells, but just do it really slowly While breathing

My name is Arundhati and my relationship with the gym is a joke Hi! I'm Sonia and it's only in the past year that I have just started enjoying working out a little more than usual Katrina Kaif is really good-looking By looking at her I can only sense that she works out a lot, because she used to get fit-shamed a lot when she entered the industry, she was more muscular than other actresses or, like, she looked way fitter I think she does everything, like, I think out of twenty-four hours, for ten hours she works out

I am expecting my body to hurt every single day for the next thirty days Katrina works out a lot I don't know if I'll be able to do it Hey guys, I am Yasmin Karachiwala I've been in the fitness space for the last 26 years

Yea that is how old I am Good one You are going to be training with me for the next thirty days Your profile includes Alia Bhatt, Katrina Kaif, Deepika Padukone What kind of workout does each one do and especially Katrina Kaif who has been known for being so fit

So we make short-term goals, which is what I do with all of my celebs Katrina does everything She'll do crazy functional training, she'll do crazy cardio, and then she'll do crazy amounts of Pilates It just depends where she is in her body Pilates looks very intimidating because there are so many machines that look very simple but suddenly someone is upside down on it

In layman's terms, Pilates is a combination of strength training and yoga You are working on flexibility and strength at the same time So guys, after all your questions, are you ready? I guess Yea Kind of

Come on, let's start then This is one of my favourite machines It really makes you aware of your alignment Don't move the elbows and five, and bend, last one, and bend Ok

So that was your warm-up Elbows open, five, you've to use your obliques Six, come on, come on, seven Take your hands in front Those are your legs

Ohsorry Sonia, are you ok? We are still alive

And you're going to take something and then throw it Go, go, go Arundhati, without smiling And pull, and bring it with you, extending Four more and let's go That's taking your butt with you

And exhale Come back to the center Thank you Nice meeting you, Yasmin It's day one

It's 7 am and guess where we are? This is our workout for day one Just got done with day one and it wasn't bad at all It was really fun

Can have some water I do need water Thank you to my competitor, Sonia Did you like the class? We are not competing We are

I'm winning Wow, looks like we are the only ones who are excited about working out Open, stabilise your pelvis, close Together, go down Sonia, you can raise your leg a bit

When it was on the mat for two-three days, initial days, my energy levels were like ok I'm doing it because I committed to it The exercises were super basic It felt like a regular yoga session, but lighter For the past two days I've been finding this really easy and was able to do everything

Today, though, was intense We've not moved like this Inhale Inhale up, circle We started doing exercises on the reformer, which is my favourite machine of all time

The reformer is like, this L-shaped thing We lie down over here and we just go up-down, up-down, horizontally, like this Which is what looks cool in all these Pilates videos So today we have an instrument called the chair and it looks nothing like a chair What do you think, Aru? We'll have fun

There were some parts of our muscles which were getting suddenly activated but we wouldn't sweat at the end of the workout It didn't feel like we had worked out at all After any exercise I'm like, extremely high, I'm running around I'm high on energy, but after this, I would go home, take a nap, get ready, and come to work We are halfway there

Six classes done, six to go It's getting more intense and more fun I'm starting to like it even more now The second half of the month was when things started getting more intense Everything we did on the mat, even though it was on the mat, it wasn't similar to yoga

I wasn't used to it There were sudden muscles in my thighs that I didn't know existed It is called a "wonder chair" and we did exercises on that and everything on the chair was difficult We were back on the reformer today and I really enjoy it so much I was just, like, relaxed It is the best form of exercise

It is the best machine We are so used to like, hearing your instructor say that "Sit straight" or "Don't move your pelvis", "Tuck down your tail bone" That you kinda start using it in your real life also, like, while at work also, as soon as I realise oh I'm slouching, I would be like ok At some points I was like, holy shit, I didn't know my inner thighs could hurt that much Suddenly I realised I was exercising muscles that I usually don't

Just when you start enjoying something, life takes it away from you So now I'm like, what will I do after Pilates? What is the purpose of my life? This was an analogy I used to describe Pilates to a friend the other day Where I said, imagine if someone told you to lift dumbbells but just do it really slowly While breathing Today is our last class and I feel like crying

The physical transformation was my strength My core strength improved We were told that Katrina has been doing Pilates for years When we see her Instagram workouts and we see her being like, super chill and, like, graceful on the reformer Whereas when you're there you're just shaking

Hoping you don't lose your balance It's not achievable unless you have the kind of time, the kind of resources, and the kind of dedicated trainers that she has at her disposal You know, if you want to work out like Katrina Kaif, you have to probably be Katrina Kaif First of all, today we did the most difficult exercise It looked so easy, so effortless, but I just couldn't do it

There's a reason Katrina is Katrina Let's be real, there is no way I could've afforded Pilates on my own I would definitely do Pilates again if I have the resources, if I have the chance, if I'm able to afford it It's completely different from a gym Way more fun, way more intense

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