Want flat abs? Tone your abs in 5 minutes the Pilates way!

Agatha: Do you want to tone, define and strengthen your abs without hurting your lower back? Well, I got you Agatha: Welcome back

This is Agatha and I'm excited to announce my blast series which is really targeting specific body areas, all Pilates-inspired, all safe for the spine that you can do in under five minutes Now, I don't know about you, but I got three kids, I got a dog, I got a husband and a business to run, so I want to squeeze in my exercise as quickly and efficiently as possible This series are for those of you out there who need the same We're going to be focusing on abs first, then we're moving on to your legs, buttocks, and the back muscles as well as your arms If you liked this video, give it a like below

Don't forget to subscribe Anything else you'd like to see from me, be sure to comment below and let me know Agatha: Let's get started with our abs exercise You just need a mat We're going to lie down in a minute, but before we do, I just want to let you know we will be doing a little bit of warm up, and then every exercise that we do just builds the level of difficulty and starts challenging your abdominal muscles a little bit more each time

If you notice it that you are losing your ability to connect and to keep your spine in neutral position, meaning that you are unable to control it, arching, or anything like that, then that means you've gone too far Take a break, reset and start again Agatha: Finally, the way you also decide on your level of difficulty is by whether or not the upper body is going to come up, and also how low your legs go The lower they go, the more challenging it is Keep them a little bit higher if it's feeling like too much

Excellent Let's get down and get started Agatha: To warm up, we're going to keep the knees bent, arms down by your side Take a nice inhale, on your exhale connect your pelvic floor abdominals and lift one leg and then the other up Inhale here

Exhale, go down and down Every time you're alternating legs, leg comes up, inhale, exhale Connect without losing the stability, without letting your abdominals pop out, you lift the legs and then you go down and down Exhale Up, up

Inhale down, down Exhale up, up Inhale down, down Agatha: Again Exhale up, up

Inhale down, down, and exhale up, up Inhale down, down Exhale up, up, stay Now it's both legs Exhale, touch the floor with the toes and come right up

If that feels like too much, lower back is arching, then don't go all the way down to the floor, and exhale up, and down, and up Always welcome to change the breath if it helps you The exhale is an easier way to keep the abdominals contracted, so use it where you need it most If it's on the upper, the down motion Let's do three more

Good, and two more, and one more, and stay up Good Agatha: Now we're just warming up, bring that upper body I always like for spine safety that you float the upper body up as much like a plank as possible, so we're not curving like this, that's forcing the lower back into the mat We are coming up like this and trying to maintain our neutral spine, so maintain the natural curves of the spine, and then back down again

Exhale, connect everything and float the shoulders, the head up, and release down Two more Up, and release down Agatha: On this one we're going to stay up If it's too much for you, get a little support behind your head and stay there

Bring one leg into the chest, this is our single leg series One to push into the leg that is bent for resistance, exhale and change You should really feel those abdominals firing up, and press, and press, and press We'll go a little quicker and, two, three, four Slow for four, and press, and press, and press and press

One more time, quick Four, three, two, one, and slow, and slow, and slow and slow Agatha: Bend both knees, get your hands behind your head, you're still only just floating the head in the shoulders up You're going to have your heels together This is a modified double leg stretch

We inhale to prepare, exhale, extend the legs, glue those inner thighs together and then bend everything in As the legs press out, you're not losing your rib connection, you're not arching in the lower back In, exhale, press out, and bend it in Exhale, press out, and bend it in Press, and back, two more, and press, and back, and press

To make it challenging we stay out, we do three circles out for three, and two and one Keep those connections in reverse, four three, four two, four one and bend it in Agatha: Head can go down for this one, stretch both legs up We're doing scissors, so stabilize the pelvis, hold the back of one leg with both hands and pull, pull and switch Pull, pull and switch

Exhale, exhale, center Center Imagine you are pressing down on resistance for that leg that goes down, down, down, up, down, down, up Keep both of them up, hands behind your head and single scissors Eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one

Both legs up, lower both legs, and press up Lower both legs, and up, and down Press up, down Press up, two more Last one

Beautiful Bend the legs here, keep the hands behind the head Agatha: Now, to work the obliques, we are going to be focusing on rotating the body ever so slightly, you can barely see the movement to stay spine safe Always imagine that you're rotating around the axis of your spine Here we go

Inhale Feel free to watch me the first few times, so I'm keeping the ribs connecting to my hips as I rotate ever so slightly to my left Rotate around the axis of my spine to come back to center, and a slight rotation over to the right, and center At no point do you let the lower upper body go down, and center You're not leading with your elbow, and center

I don't know about you, but I'm sweating over here Agatha: These ab muscles are burning, you've worked them from every angle, deep transverse to the rectus, to your obliques Everything is getting worked One more time on each side, and exhale, and lower down Stretch the legs

Well done That is it for your under five minutes power abs Hope you enjoyed that Feel free to add that as part of another exercise your [inaudible 00:07:43] might be doing, or whenever you just want targeted work for your abs Agatha: Take care and I'll catch you on the next one

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