Ultimate Workout Challenge ? Abs, Legs, & Butt

hey guys I'm puerto viejo standing on playa chiquita right now and I'm welcoming you to your ALB14 day program alb stands for abs legs and butt full description of the program is down below of this video so i want you to go ahead and read it through so ur fully aware of whats to come but however this particulr video is also great to do on its won if you are looking for that 15 min quick lower body fix so if you're ready and you're ready to see amazing results in your lower body in your abs i want you to join me for the next 14 days of this wonderful program lets do this alright guys lets get started at the top of our mats today were going to start with our side lunges big step out with one foot and then bring it in for 1 and two bending that knee take your time here get nice and low and 7 you got 3 more awesome stay there extend your arms interlace your fingers behind your back from here were doing single legged squats again try to get as low as you can bend 4 get low 5 side squat stretch for the inner thighs flexing your foot just staying here get low take a deep breath in were going to go into single legged deadlights this is a great exercise to engage you core, your glutes and butt bring it up keep going for a full set of 8 7 and 8 hold add a pulse with back slowly from here step back into lunhg find your centre find your balance then she ge ready for the plank butt kicks bring knee to chest then kick it back in kick 3 kick from the gluetmuscle amazing job keep going 6 7 get that knee in and breathe now ready to do elbow touches touch one elbow and then two six and 7 and 8 last one awesome xtend hold your plank and then exhale take a second for youself taking a wider step with our feet simple squats weew doing 10 so u got COUPLE Pschage arms up hands being awesome were going to take our 3 part squats come up little higher down one two three little two three take it in 3 phases here getting low each time down to that squate keep going up to3 get ready to hold two get even lower with your hips and releasing the hands forward fold awesome slowly come on up arms up to the sky lets start from the other side get low with those hips here and 9 awesome last one hold it here when you're ready bring the hands behind the back single legged squats getting as long as you cna 3 4 keep going u guys 5 6 get low with the chest you got 2 more wonderful job go ahead and bend that other knee come down as low as you can find your balance its ok if you fall out just come back in last one wonderful hold that there point your toe when you're ready step back over to the back of the mat high lunge take a second find your center ground the palms of your hands step back into plank plank butt kicks last one bring that knee to chest hold that position first get it up as high as you can hold it there breath and lets get ready for your elbow touches one elbow and then the other keep going don't give up breath find your center downward dog couple of core exercises here come to plank first come on down to your elbows dolphin hip dips get that hip as low as you can keep that core engaged contract your core last one centre hold your plank here and then come on up to high plank right knee right elbow other side get that knee nice and high hold that plank quick childs pose reaching the arms forward relax nd slowly come on up head back awesome thank you guys so much for joinign me i hope you enjoyed this workout and if you are doing the challenge feel free to continue with the next video and don't forget to follow us on social media and let us know how you're enjoying these workouts

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