Trying Ultimate Pilates 21 Day Challenge (Boho Beautiful Workout Review)

I'm back I'm back no this ain't a tick-tock but it should because I'm good and I'm back I'm back well I mean like back as in I am starting back into a workout routine but this is just day one so I don't know if I'm like officially back but by the end of this video when you guys are like subscribed and clicking that like button I'll be back a while back I tried the I wrote it down I tried to do Pilates 21-day challenge full body workout for results by youtuber boho beautiful I felt better I looked hotter between you and me that was my first and the last Pilates challenge and I don't know why because I liked it and like I said I Lata derp but this time around I am going to be doing another Pilates challenge oh and of course it is by the youtuber boho beautiful again the ultimate Pilates 21-day challenge define your abs and booty and I'm in luck because this video is eight minutes shorter than the last and I'm out of breath Wow oh my gosh Wow so if you like the misery of the I try workouts this is perfect for you because I haven't worked out in several months I've been eating lots and lots of marshmallows and honestly I haven't really been sticking to any healthy schedule like a good diet while I'm stuck in the house because you just eat what the grocery store has left for you well we need to be looking at our my abs and my booty so I'm about to expose myself ok oh it's not that bad on camera ok but I definitely feel an overhang here and the spandex their spandex they're gonna make my booty look good they're going to give it a lift and some curvature and oh my gosh don't look at the tummy I know that when I give you the final results I'll be wearing the same spandex let me flex Oh still there of course I have my ridiculously old and ugly measuring tape so let's get some circumference measurements 28 and a quarter inches 32 inches five and a half inches time to suck this tight tank top on it's black it's slimming BAM I go back to being hot I have been so obsessed with instant ramen lately and that stuff is so salty oh my gosh so I'm going to at least try to cancel that out welcome to the day 1 of struggle bus amazing Pilates challenge for you today down hold and come back up inhale exhale press those arms draw the navel to your spine come back up two more times push okay I am out of breath I know my form is terrible I don't regularly go to a Pilates class like I told you I've been way behind on going to yoga classes I have not been doing my daily stretch like I said in the beginning I've done a Pilates challenged by boho beautiful and it was longer it was definitely more intense and I felt it this one I'm not saying that I'm not gonna be sore tomorrow anything like that I did feel it but it was so much easier this one is perfect for beginners people who are starting out being out of shape but I do feel very confident in the workout because I like you guys can hear I'm still out of breath and can feel it so I was able to have protein shakes delivered to me nothing for promotion this is not sponsored it was actually for my doctor's because I had a virus several weeks back and I started losing weight because I wasn't hungry and they kind of just want me to regain the weight just in case I get sick that I my body is able to fight off anything whether it's the virus or a virus they're just keeping me prepared so they actually sent me Kay farm which I've tried before and I didn't like but I'm here to do a retake taste test with you guys I'm gonna start unboxing this while I talk to you guys so I don't know too much about the company itself but all I know is that the protein in the drinks is actually from Peas like it's that P protein trend and I figure do you know what people who do Pilates and yoga they also care a lot about animals in the environment so I figured also when you do a workout whether it's Pilates or something else it's really good to have protein right after to build those muscles this is not sponsored I'm being full-on honest with you guys that I want to do a taste test on camera in case you guys are interested here it is oh my one wrist has been sore today and I don't know why and I know it's not from the Pilates workout but this as you can see it's not the cutest box it looks like you can recycle this kind of cardboard but I don't see a recycles like sign logo stamp thing on there so I'm hoping it's per se you can recycle this it comes in two flavors vanilla or chocolate so I chose chocolate but let me get these in the fridge because they taste good when they're really cold and well shaken it's actually a lot later because my mom and I started season 3 of Ozark so good but then we looked at the time and it's like 11:00 at night so you know what I'm in the mood for this standard formula get the reveal going smells pretty good it tastes kind of good I'm so happy about this yay I just got done shooting some Instagram pics but you guys are vertical let me flip you guys around okay don't worry I'm still doing the workout I still like it it's a little mundane and doing it again and again however then it lets me focus on mastering the routine and with the scissor kicks I'm really feeling like my flexibility has improved I'm still on the struggle bus with a few things and I realized like this is the time to sit down and help you guys I have in case you're on those so I'm hoping you all the way up here I need you guys to see what is going on that's still in the shot yep that's annoying I know it's annoying I'm fixing it do you know what still really really hard for me the karate chops and I don't know why I don't have any tips to work around that but she can dip SuperDuper low and mine is not so low like let me see let's see how far I can get she goes like down here and then you hold it and then all of a sudden you're supposed to just it's bad and they're like you just gotta do it but it's okay if you're bad cuz me too and you know what else is hard I don't know what the move is called I'll find it in editing saw like I'll put it right but you're balancing yourself Wow like doing this with your arms and it doesn't feel like an arm workout I think it's supposed to like help you count and then also distract you from the pain of balancing really like why do we have to do that why can't she just count for us in the video and it kind of hurts your neck so this is how she does it which looks really good she's like smiling and whatnot like like this is so easy it's just not realistic because she's looked like she's having too much fun with it and in reality it strains your neck I feel like she should get rid of that I don't know why she has that in there so instead of like this go up here more and that looked terrible but I have an alternative so the same positioning but you're just doing some twists so hopefully that helps you guys and if you end up trying my alternative way let me know in the comments and like tell me what you think this is a big deal I have spent 21 days taking my little Pilates challenge of classes and now I'm graduating this is this is a big day because nothing else is going on in quarantine but I will say that this was a life-changing experience in a sense like my life right now within these 21 days because I had a terrible routine and I posted a workout update on my Instagram you should be following me on instagram because you would already know but sticking to a routine has really helped me with my sleep cycle it's been making me crave less sugar I've actually been drinking water and I don't know I just felt like starting this routine got my life together and I feel like any of you guys who need to really pick back up on a type of routine like this whether it's working out or going for a walk or just even meditating and self-reflect and calming yourself down Pilates videos yoga videos all of those are really great to do because not only are you working on you know your muscles and your flexibility but it's such a calming effect I noticed that overall I'm less anxious I am able to fall asleep easier I don't have these worries spells that come over me and it's just it's so nice I know you guys care about the results and trust me I do too because 21 grueling days it's actually not that bad it's again I still recommend this to anyone before the reveal I want to say you guys would be so proud of me that I have been refraining and I only had like one instant ramen noodle dish so I have been like I said avoiding sweets drinking some water not really loading up on high salt you know me I can go a little crazy with my peanuts and sunflower seeds until like my tongue is raw because I've had so much salt at a time like I have been good but I have been messing up my birth control pills and it's kind of made me start having a premature period and I'm afraid I'm a little bit bloated so you guys are just gonna have to take that put that in the back of your mind when we get to the results what we're getting to now okay I said what did you say so let's take a look Dunnan ah Wow wait look I'm sculpted maybe maybe this is all in my head but man I think I look good ok so look there is definitely some curvature here a little hourglass action going on and I know that you were able to see my ABS before but I think you can see my ABS even more like I think I look a lot more cut even from the side maybe it's like my booty curvature like oh look at the muscle oh my god yes yeah girls I wasn't blessed with the naturally flat tummy but like it's really not that bad like I think it's cute a cute pooch I know we want to see the measurements too so I triple-checked the measurements off camera and I wrote them down as like a comparison thing and it looks like that I had some improvement in my waist and even in my booty which is so great I kept the same spandex as promised and it looks like just like my tummy like the lower tummy where you bloat a lot that was kind of however that fluctuates and a woman like depending on why you eat this and that like again that's like your bloating section so honestly it for me to see results in 21 days it's like oh I've been full 30 days 21 days I was able to slim my waist and get my booty a little bigger to me win-win sorry I'm out of breath because I got excited and then I started praying around my house and like dance and like feeling so high but thank you guys for watching I really appreciate it please remember to give this video a like it lets me know that you love workout challenges and I'll do more and which one should I do next you know like leave a comment let me know the details to see what's up what I need to be finding on the internet and be sure to subscribe to join the fam so time to go parade some more maybe I need to take a walk around the neighborhood really extend my parade but you know taking all precautions okay love you mean it Oh

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