Top Tennis Pilates Training For Agility And Power

welcome to tabatha yoga and welcome to the beautiful Duffield Tennis Club here in Derbyshire now I've designed this class today for you tennis players to improve your agility on the course and really increase the strength behind yourself so if you like what you see then please go over to Tabitha yoga and subscribe to get more amazing classes ok so let's get going first of all I'd like you to come to your mats and come to nice posture so really think about how you're standing and feel quite grounded softer knees but rooted down through the big toe little toe and heel so you've got a nice tripod and firm foundation underneath you working up from that I'd like you to stack your ankles knees hips and shoulders and you're just standing nice and straight using your core to give you good posture so pull your belly into your backbone lift your pelvic floor a little and notice how it gives you another inch in your height so I'm sure lots of you wake up the next morning after a good game and you're stiff in your shoulders it's probably the first thing to really bother you so I'd like you to just take a few rolls of your shoulders and this must be really part of your daily routine release any tension here because this just leads to bad posture so give them next a shrug and a drop and a shrug and a drop take a look over your shoulder come back to the center take a look over your other shoulder and come back to the center and then drop your ear to your shoulder to the center do the same on the other side lovely come back up back back to good posture and I'd like you just to come up onto your tiptoes waking up your calves drop down tiptoes again lock on so you're nice and strong sit close and this works your balance too and balance is important in every sport dose is important in life but especially in sport come up and then you're gonna paddle so you bring it into the hips a little using those heels down waking up the backs of your legs your knees your ankles and your hip snap do it and then bring your heels down walk your feet out slightly and you're gonna just move your hips around and round get a little bit of movement get a little bit sassy move them around again and then you could figure eight your hips if you can coordinate them figure eight those hips just keeping them mobile and loose and injury free and that's the beauty of Pilates is that will improve your practice but also it reproved improves your recovery time and you know what you're less likely to injure with a strong body come back to the center become slightly in and you're going to take your arms out to the side reach and open your chest and then you're going to bring the back to the hands together and concave your chest and then open reaching open lifting or get bit that Sun we need to get as much as we can here in dog shit get it out well it's there good and then you're flexing and extending the spine here keeping your mobile flexing you extending and open them a little back bend and flat bones are great for giving you energy and another and open lovely relax down give them a little shrug you can take your legs a little wider working on a bit of strength in the thighs here so hands come to hips and you're going to just tap and squat and tap and squat and tap in keep going keeping your body moving working on your mobility and your balance and your strength you're gonna keep going and I'm just lifting off my toe so if you feel quite balanced you can lift your toe off the mat increase your squat and the strengthen your leg maybe point and point and then I'm just gonna bring it down again come back to a tap and a tap and a tap and then bring my feet slightly closer together and then bringing them together completely back to hip distance though have your hands to your hips and this is what's going to make you move really agile on the tennis court so I'd like you to come to hip distance and you're going to lunge forward drop your knee really far down come back and then take it to the side and come back and then you're gonna come back drop your knee right now come back to the center so it's steady we're not rushing creasing your mobility and take it back drop the knee and come back to the center one more time each side giving a nice bit of flexibility here and forward together to the side together and back notice where your coordination comes into play so bringing your arms up together to the side and taking yourself across see what's happening is nice in my spine here together and up other side and a cross good twisting race nice rotation in the back good for your back hands come up just doing one more it all did it all that I'm back obviously not concentrating hard enough to the side together and back lovely bring yourself back to the center bringing your feet nice and wide turning your toes out bring your arms up reach up and taking a little squat down and come exhale and reach up good nice big move reach and again increasing the mobility of my hips getting down nice and deep getting loads of movement to my arms still releasing any tension here last one get your arms up and then you're just gonna turn and I mean a high lunge notice my back postcard under and I'm gonna drop drop my V laughs hold it my chest a little take my hands behind interlace come back up reach up and then take my homes slowly down drop the knee and bring my hand to the floor use your hips down to the mat really let the muscles release the grip let the hips really soften and then keeping your head down take your arm up reach up move down through this hand reach up to the sky and then going to do the same on the other side for your hand tap to the inside and to reach up you'll see this is getting a lovely movement across my chest opening up here in the arms give me increased mobility in my arms and shoulders lift the knee bring yourself back up to the high lunge it's slowly swap while you lift your chest little back bend that bends increase your energy take your hands behind you in this little back bend again bring your arms up and slowly drop your knee hands down to the floor once again you're letting your hips sink still keep upright you notice I look like I'm ready to move ready to pounce and then have to go reach your arms up swap sides get my hand nice and stable reach up bring it your hand down a little under lift your knee feels nice and secure through the feet leading with the core come up come back to the center bring your hands back down by your side and then you're gonna heel toe your feet in til they're hip distance brilliant feeling good let's get on okay so grooving on to some balance now so in order to balance you really need to focus about rooting down the standing leg so draw it down to the mat and you're going to bring in the other knee and you know what imbalance is totally fine to fall falling makes you stronger and fallings are absolutely fine he'll only get better with balancing it's like everything hold yourself and then you're going to come forward extending out behind you and then come back in and just watch this from the side just so that you can see how far I'm going then you pulled in extend that point the toe come back and stand back laughing and then I'd like you to bring in your hands so the knee comes up come again fine two wobbles don't worry about the wobble only make you better we're going to do one more three all together okay now from here same legs you standing on the same legs when your arms up and you're going to take a curtsy bring your knee up you can do it for at least drop that knee down low all this movement is strengthening your legs it's going to make you fast and explosive on the court it will do one more it hurts and come back up brilliant so let's do the same on the other side standing rooting down through the standing leg drawing your knee up toppling back feeling the wobble just like that bring the knee back up and and again sounding nice at all all the movements coming from my core pull the belly into the backbone stabilizes you makes you feel strong and then you're going to bring in your arms and do three of these reaching and standing near soft point the toe should final one reach back good friend mr buzzy be back to standing nice and tall and into your curtsy knee up into your curtsy just for ya obviously not good at balancing on this side and curtsy and final one ah brilliant those legs are gonna need a good arm little slap it there keep them rubbed keep them massage cuz you certainly feel like you've worked them come to the back of your mat you're gonna roll down steady thinking about your bass opera coming down one link at a time so drop your chin and roll down giving you back a lovely stretch reaching your hands to the floor holding and stretching the glutes and the hamstrings because you've worked them really hard and walk your hands out there's always time through down dog stretch out in your down dog and then drop down onto your hands and knees now important to get a good firm foundation with your hands as well and your knees so hands under your shoulders knees under your hips and round your back pull your tummy in and Brewery then left war drowned out laughs and in black and you can do this exercise to your heart's content because it's fabulous for your spine and your shoulders and your hips and it will keep you mobile will keep your spine healthy and you are as old as your spine feels so the younger in the spine the better so from here I'd like to grab hold of your taps ball and you're going to roll underneath stretching your shoulders rolling back rolling and again rolling underneath love you're gonna swap sides on this swap site roll underneath the plan an order shoulder stretching happen roll back in a nice controlled way and roll back and let's do this one final time roll em D oh that's so satisfying and roll back okay you're back on all fours and you're going to use your tennis ball for this this is working legs and hips so tuck your tennis ball in the crease of your knee it's likely to pop out as soon as the hey Samantha have too far so if I run up these old camera you know where I've God gone to get my ball you're going to bring your knee up so the knee is in line with your hip flex your foot and push push push and five four three two one bring your knees in and then you're going to open the knee and squeeze closed open and squeeze open squeeze tummy pulled in five four three two one brilliant it's not over yet this time you bring your knee to your elbow and pause pause and then drop your knee behind you and squeeze the inner thighs together squeeze squeeze squeeze and then again pause and squeeze and keep going for six more and you're working your hamstrings really hard working your core muscles I think there's four more but I kind of stopped counting let's do three at paws that's where you get a nice scrunch in the waist through your waist is nice and stop okay let's swap sides where the ball goes right in the crease squeeze it it hands rooted index finger facing forwards power out of your face and then you're going to bring the foot up and pulse Oh flexed foot like you're standing on the ceiling lovely and four three two one brilliant bring the knee in and then Jamelia and squeeze down imagine you've got a big sponge between your knees and just squeeze in it squeeze squeeze down by it's always four four it's always three two I'm one just going to adjust my ball this and then tricky one elbow to knee to elbow pause drop down squeeze in a thighs elbow and drop don't get that spine go and drop and four three two just one more one pause it for an extra millisecond take it down squeeze for an extra two second and then bring your knee down now you'll need to go to down dog after that and really all stretch yourself out ah that's fabulous reward after hard work lovely and rock forward onto your knees find a little bit of shoulder work come onto your forearms please and just still on your knees you need to under your hips and you're going to rock forward dropping your chin down and rock back dropping your nose down dropping your chin and dropping your nose so I'm getting a fabulous movement in my shoulders but the call is initiating the movement it's working my stomach muscles really hard but really moving my shoulder blades I'm just gonna do three more through two and one and then stretch back completely in child pose walking my fingers away and then walking my hands to the side reaching to the side and coming all the way to the other side as well ah lovely coming back to the center and then coming up to kneeling final bit of work on these thigh muscles and there's no better strength the littleness I love it so kneeling with your bosom on your heels looking forward and if you can just see what I'm doing here I'm tilting my pelvis tucking under and from here stroking my bum and float up it's not so much of a float it's actually really hard work tight look easy up nice and tall tuck under float up so I'm working my hamstrings my glutes and my thighs and my tummy and you only gonna do three more of these because these are a cracker at the end of this practice tuck under float up with it working the whole front panel my muscles stabilizers my hips as well which is especially good if your dominant on one side that's the beauty of class face is it stabilizes all of your body balance is about a full stretch stretch away bring your arms up push your arms up to the sky reach up to a tip middle side sway come up take a little slice one lovely reach up again and take your hands behind you interlace lift your chest lovely and then you're gonna come down to sitting and take your legs out in front of me sit in fleshy part of your bottom out the way we reach up and fold forward nobody reach up and take your hands down by your sides and come back to the center you've completed your Pilates to improve your tennis I hope you've really enjoyed yourself today enjoy your summer and I'll see you next time

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