The Perfect Upperbody Workout ? Arm Flab Toning 101

hey guy welcome to your power girl tone and burn video today we are in beautiful Costa Rica and I have an awesome workout for you that going to target your arms your shoulders and your back its only 8 min and all your going to need is a mat and some water alright lets do this ok guys so were going to start with your arms your going to extend your arms right out to the side made strong fists with your hands small circles forward 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 hold and now were going to make bigger circle reach it down and around one two three four working the shoulders here 10 more 7 6 5 3 2 1 reverse it back 7 6 5 4 3 2 extend through the fingers, open the palms inhale reach up turn and push up and two strong arms you want to bring energy in those arms up and push up push 4 3 2 hold it here you got 8 seconds do not drop the arms let those arms and shoulders get tired, let them fatigue take a deep breath in exhale out 2 and 1 very nice slowly lower your arms were going to work through the triceps on your butt first so come into seated, hands down fingers pointed forward your going to lift into a bridge position let yourself come all the way back drop your head t the back lifting your hips up to the sky now look forward your going to point those elbows towards the back of your mat come down for 1 tricep dips hold it here lift your hips even higher squeeze the glutes drop your head back very nice come center drop your hips to the floor cross your feet switching right over towards the front now were going to start in a high plank position tuck your toes under holding your plank 8 seconds draw the naval to your spine and then were going to work the abs and shoulders at the same time I'm going to show you what were going to do take your right elbow down, left elbow down bring your right hand up left hand up thats one elbow elbow hand hand 2more very nice hold it here 8 seconds were going to go right into our tricep pushups today now if you want to go down to ur knees go ahead or stay up if you're advanced so you want those elbows pointing to the back of your mat take it down 10 pushups 3 2 1 come all the way down to the belly lets work those back muscles now come all the way down were going to extend your arms forward you're releasing the forehead to the floor starting by lighten opposite arm opposite leg deep breath in and lift switch so were holding about 4 seconds and the switching last two now from here your going to lift both arms and both legs into the air and hold it full locust posture lift as high as you can now stay up guys lifting those arms out to the side like an airplane taking off hold and arms down to the side lift even higher and reverse come to side hold lift even higher use your glutes use your back muscles here come forward with the arms lift even higher were going to pretend like were in the ocean your going to swim through the water 10 more 3 2 1 stay here bend your elbows make a little pillow with your hands i want to heel beat twenty times lets go 10 more stay up guys lift even higher were going to do the same heal beats but now cross our ankles two three four three two and one open and release very nice guys bring those hands down to the mat push yourself up to your knees and lets stretch out back in a childspose rounding the spine the opposite way good and then slowly bring yourself back up tuck your toes up to down dog stretch those legs look forward and then slowly go headband bring those knees down and sit on your mat good job guys that was it that was our quick little back and arm workout thank you so much for joining me I hope you enjoyed this class and go ahead feel free to check out my other yoga classes to give yourself a nice srtetch alright I'll see you soon again! bye

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