The Mighty Middle Abs Workout Challenge!

Hey guys Cassey here so I'm a little bit scared about what we're gonna do today because I've never actually done this before and this is What tends to happen before I film the video I just decide we're gonna do this and let's see how it turns out so today the experiment is gonna be an entire song challenge to "The Middle" by Zedd and the move of choice is going to be Eagle abs Yeah – the entire time I don't even know how I'm going to do – hopefully, fingers crossed We're all going to be okay, but if not take a break, but otherwise just keep pushing yourself like I want to feel so sore in my abs that it just stays with me for days like you guys like that feeling I know you do Iif you do give this video a thumbs up because we're crazy Anyway before we start on the challenge I want to let you guys know that right now on Blogilates com, I have a free Fitness printable planner pack for you So if you head to the blog right now, you'll print out your own set of printables that can fill out You're gonna get a grocery list, a workout calendar, a 30 day water challenge a habit tracker, and also a weekly meal planner We designed these for you guys because I thought it would be really nice for all of us to get organized together because when you stay organized it makes Getting fit a lot Easier when everything is just in front of you and pretty and you know fill things in! I like writing things down! Anyways head to the link down below to grab that and again It is totally free and be sure to share that with a friend if you find it helpful

Anyway on to the song challenge ALRIGHT So let me show you what the proper Eagle crunch looks like because you don't want to be hurting yourself with this mono Move, you guys it's only one move the entire time So you better get this, right? So knees crossed like you're sitting cross-legged at a table Ankles cross Now, if the ankle part is a little bit too intense – no big deal just Don't cross them Just give me the knees Okay Now, hands you're going to place the elbows across each other then twist your hands then hold on Just like that Now again, if this is wildness for you right now All I want you to do is to place your hands together

Keep your elbows together Okay? All right So this is how you do it you guys What you want to do is lift with your abs Not your neck, and squeeze the elbows to the knees and the knees to the elbows look I'm already shaking right now because it engages Your entire core and it does not let you use any other part of your body to get up except for your abs Okay so again The goal is to touch and make sure that you're bringing the knees to the elbows and the elbows to the knee Hooo! You guys I'm kind of scared – but we're gonna do this However long the song is, we're gonna finish it together ready Let's hit that music!!! Bring the elbows together, hands together, lift! Good luck!! Up! Up! Good stuff

Lift and lift Exhale up inhale down Not so bad right? And lift and lower Now with your breathing wanna exhale up inhale down Good stuff Keep going up and down Really lifting your shoulder blades off the mat You've got it and up and down feelin, okay Up and down good up switching paces up for two and down For two getting slower up We hold and down You got it up squeeze hold Yeah, keep going Lift and it's really opening up my back upper back right here singles up and down Oh, My gosh, I am feeling my abs right now, this is crazy It's kind of like this burning sensation I'm not sure if I love it Hate it, but it feels weird and good all at the same time

Let's go three Two one more hold it right here hold it Now switching guys Here we go Oh, and lift and lower so just switching your hands you switching your legs and This side for me a little bit offers, but our flexibility is very different Keep going Just gotta fight that pain Keep breathing as up don't give up guys Fight fight fight you're getting strong worth every one of these now slow up for two and down for two Good stuff same pace slow Slow back to singles here we go Let's go up and down Come on Reading we're almost there I can feel it Exhale lift inhale down Come on you guys You can fight through this others you want in life Okay fight through the pain fight through the challenge That is it make you stronger And limp on the fair up Let you go now hold it five four three two release and oh My gosh my abs they feel Crazy, oh my goodness

Let's stretch out those ABS real quick roll over onto your belly hands underneath your shoulders and I want you to Lift up Oh Oh Into that full cobra Oh And then kind of twist like this really getting all of your abs that nice stretch It deserves and come back on to Child's Pose inhale through the nose exhale through the mouth slowly lift up and High-five, that was incredible you guys Oh, gosh, it was good It wasn't as bad as I thought it was But it was a little bit terrible

Okay, you guys thank you so much for doing this song challenge with me be sure to send it to one friend to Challenge them to do it and again Don't forget to download your free fitness planner printables on blog life's calm so you can get fit and stay organized And yeah, it's all for free So why not? All right I love you so much, and I'll see you next time Bye

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