Testimonial by Pilates Vicky – 10yrs of lower back pain

Hi guys, Ellie from muscle dynamics I'm here with Vicky from Shake 'N' Shuffle and she's just gonna give you a little lowdown on her experience of working with me

She was horrible I am so so happy I've just finished my fourth session with Ellie I'm so confident in, leaving, feeling good, also confident that if I do feel a little bit niggly still that I can actually correct that myself which is awesome because I've had a back problem for years and years I've been to physios and osteopathy and all sorts massages and what not I'm actually a Pilates instructor so you think I would be able to cure myself too It's just been incredible for the knowledge I'm also feeling really good – thank you so much

So do you feel confident you've got tools that you can go away I can go and sort this out if it comes back with a little niggle I'm there, I know exactly what my body goes and cheats and does the naughty defaults I know how to get back to where it should be

Source: Youtube

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