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Lateral Breathing for Pilates and Core Workouts

Hi everyone, this is Luci from Pilates with Luci! I have a small studio in Niceville, Florida, but due to the current situation we're all in this together changing adapting, so I've decided to take my business online, which in a sense is positive I've been wanting to expand online and reach more people around the world I have an ...

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Pilates and Stretch | Espresso Workouts Foundation (4K)

hello welcome back espresso workouters for this workout you will need a mat because we will do some down dogs and that's what we're just gonna be starting with right now right here is a nice down dog position to be opening your chest this is a really good workout this whole run now for counter movement if you've been ...

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How to Scoop Abs in Pilates | Get Flat Abs with Tamara Newell

Tamara Newell: Hey guys, Tamara here Today, I'm going to answer one of the most common questions I get in Pilates class: What does scoop your abs mean? Stay tuned, and you'll find out [Music] Tamara: Hi guys, let's get scoopin' So go ahead and sit up tall, hold onto your hands underneath your thighs, and roll down all the ...

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Pilates 21 Day Challenge ? Full Body Workout For Results

hey guys we are just north of santa teresa in costa rica the sun i shining it is so hot and I've got a pilates challenge for you for those of you to that loved the pilates challenge we filmed in Thailand you're going to love this one number 2 this pilates challenge will be working through a lot of ...

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Hi! I am SVATI PATANGAY I am Yoga and Pilates instructor Today I am going to show you few exercises which are not only going to shape up your butt but also they are going to strengthen your glute muscles and the Leg Muscles In pilates the breathing technique is very important It's slightly different and it plays a very ...

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30 Day Pilates Body Challenge: Day 3 – Booty

Hey guys! It's Robin Welcome back to the 30 Day Pilates Body Challenge Today's workout is all about the booty So we're going to feel the burn but you're going to be so glad you did this and it'll be a great one to repeat whenever you just feel like you need a quick strengthener for that lower body, okay? ...

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