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hi there today we’re gonna do an ABS and arm workout You’ll need a set of weights so I would suggest anything from one pound to five pounds and if you don’t have any weights that’s okay you can do the whole series without weights as well my name is Gretchen founder of balance to the core and I’m here ...

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Pilates Workout With Weights

(low techno music) – Hi guys, welcome to GymRa, this is Melina Fitness, and we're gonna be working on Pilates with some sculpting So I wanna make sure that you grab two light weights, kay, they don't need to look like this They can look like basic dumb bells, we have these really cool new weights that are actually going ...

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Pilates Workout with Optional Weights – Warm Up & Cool Down

If you want more information on the workout go down into the details There'll be a little information link and that'll give you all you need to know So let's get started Hey guys Lindsey here with Jim Robb I've got a Pilates with weights workout for you and some added cardio at the end My girl Minerva here will ...

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