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20 Minute Full Body Stretch Routine | Good Moves | Well+Good

(upbeat music) – Hey, everyone, this is Floss, I'm a physical therapist here in the city and a trainer with East River Pilates Today, I'm here with Well+Good taking you through a stretching routine to try and combat all that working from home and sitting in a chair We're gonna start up on your feet, let's ground those feet in ...

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[Playing Pilates]? ???? ????Hip Stretch Workout [????? ????]

Now, let's try "Hip Stretch" This is an exercise that stretches the front of your pelvis There is also a "Hip Up" effect Lie on your back You know a lot about the "Bridge" action Position your arms next to your torso and keep your pelvis level with the floor As I inhale and exhale, I'll go up from the ...

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Pilates and Stretch | Espresso Workouts Foundation (4K)

hello welcome back espresso workouters for this workout you will need a mat because we will do some down dogs and that's what we're just gonna be starting with right now right here is a nice down dog position to be opening your chest this is a really good workout this whole run now for counter movement if you've been ...

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Pilates Exercises : Pilates: Leg Stretch With 100 Arms

I'm going to show you a pretty difficult move right now I'm going to show you first with a modification It's a leg stretch with one hundred arms Remember, we always set up before there's any movement, so I'm going to set up Inhale big, ribs out; exhale, ribs are down, spine is long I'm going to pull my shoulders ...

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