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Athletic Resistance Band Mat Pilates with Fiona Hermanutz

Good morning and welcome to mobile fitness and Pilates My name is Fiona I'm a master trainer for Pilates Academy international out of New York City pilates on fith and today We're going to play a little bit with an intermediate flow Pilates always a bit of athletic touch to it and we're going to use the resistance tubing or ...

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30 Minute Resistance Band Pilates Workout | Good Moves | Well+Good

(upbeat music) – Hello, everyone This is Floss from East River Pilates, and I'm here with Well+Good Today, we've created a 30 minute resistance band workout for you to do anywhere, anytime Let's get started We're going to start off with some squats and we're going to step our feet into the band Bring your feet into the band and ...

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