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Pilates Yoga Fusion Full Body Workout Wk 4

welcome to Telugu and welcome to week four of your Pilates and yoga full body fusion class now this week is your power finish it's stronger it's deeper it's harder but it's just as much fun as the other three classes so if you're ready for the challenge and you practice the other three classes just a few times then ...

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Bonus Pilates Workout with Betsy

Hey there and welcome to your bonus workout for today it's about a 10 minute workout it's a midweek Wednesday workout so let's get started We're gonna start sitting tall, hold underneath your knees right there so you can help lift yourself as tall as you can, good Now from here as you exhale you're gonna rock back off your ...

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Pilates Yoga Fusion Full Body Workout Wk 3

welcome to the area and welcome to week three of your Pilates and yoga fusion full body workout now today's class is all about developing your strengths even further and pushing you to your limits you've practiced week one and week two a few times now so you should be ready for today's challenge okay let's get going I would ...

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5-Minute Arm Toning Workout

Hi beauties! I'm going to lead you through a super quick arm toning workout that you can do from home I'm going to use light weights but you can do this with weights or without, you'll still get a great workout for your upper body So let's go ahead and get started You can start in a seated position or ...

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June 21 Pilates Workout

– Hello there, this is Neela Forzisi with Principled Pilates, and thank you for joining me in our little 30 minute Pilates workout So, let's go ahead and get started I'm just gonna turn to the side of my mat, because I would like us to start with a roll-down So my feet are about hips-width apart I'm gonna soften ...

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