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Ultimate Workout Challenge ♥ Abs, Legs, & Butt

hey guys I'm puerto viejo standing on playa chiquita right now and I'm welcoming you to your ALB14 day program alb stands for abs legs and butt full description of the program is down below of this video so i want you to go ahead and read it through so ur fully aware of whats to come but however this ...

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Pilates For Beginners ♥ Tone Your Body & Core | Peru

Welcome to the magical city of Cusco Peru We are here amidst the beautiful mountaintop ruins and today is going to be a Pilates class that focuses on Toning your entire core and lower body This class is perfect for beginners or for anyone that is looking to ease their way into this kind of practice So if you're ready ...

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Fitness Professionals Try Pilates

– I think I came in here thinking it was like puppies and Trader Joe's and cottage cheese and stuff, and it was way harder than that (energetic music) – In Pilates we like to do every movement initiating at the core Even to move your arms or your legs, we start everything from the core and work to make ...

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Full Body Workout ♥ Quick Morning Wake Up Call

hey guys welcome to beautiful exuma bahamas and i have an awesome morning full body workout for you today This class is a great workout on its own or its even better as the first video in this set of 3 I've paired these classes together to target specific areas in your body that is done multiple times per week ...

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30 Day Pilates Body Challenge: Day 1 – Legs

Hi, beauties! Welcome to the 30 Day Pilates Body Challenge I'm Robin from The Balanced Life and I'm going to be leading you through this series for about 10 minutes every day, so we're going to get to know each other pretty well by the end of the challenge and I'm excited to get started I'm excited for you to ...

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The Perfect Workout ♥ Full Body Blast & Tone

hey guys welcome to your mermaid workout were in beautiful Koh wai and i got an amazing workout for you that goings to target upper body legs abs your shoulders and your back its a full body workout thats amazing to keep your upper body stong and your fins nice and strong as well so if your ready grab a ...

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