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10 minute Full Body Pilates HIIT Workout in Maldives!

??? ???????? Hello, everyone Welcome to my channel ????? My name is sonia ???????????? ???? and today I'm bringing you to the beautiful paradise Maldives ??????????10??????? we're going to do a 10 minute full body workout right here next to the indian ocean ??????????? I want you to really focus at the present moment, ????????? listen to the relaxing sounds ...

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Want flat abs? Tone your abs in 5 minutes the Pilates way!

Agatha: Do you want to tone, define and strengthen your abs without hurting your lower back? Well, I got you Agatha: Welcome back This is Agatha and I'm excited to announce my blast series which is really targeting specific body areas, all Pilates-inspired, all safe for the spine that you can do in under five minutes Now, I don't know ...

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Best Ab Workout In 10 Min ? Tummy & Muffin Top | Virginia Beach

hi friends welcome to virginia beach today I've got a quick intense workout for you thats going to be all about your core its going to be 10 minutes of intense core exercises that primarily will focus on the muffin top as well as your lower abs so if you're ready, if you got 10 minutes grab your water and ...

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How to Scoop Abs in Pilates | Get Flat Abs with Tamara Newell

Tamara Newell: Hey guys, Tamara here Today, I'm going to answer one of the most common questions I get in Pilates class: What does scoop your abs mean? Stay tuned, and you'll find out [Music] Tamara: Hi guys, let's get scoopin' So go ahead and sit up tall, hold onto your hands underneath your thighs, and roll down all the ...

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