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5 minutes Pilates mobility workout for the morning

this is a short 5-minute Pilates workout to get you moving hi I'm Louise from Studio 44 Pilates if you're new here welcome but please do subscribe to my channel so that you don't miss another video when it gets published every 7 Sunday at 7 pm today's video you will need a band if you have one if you ...

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Pilates 4X4 For A Stronger Back And Core Fast

[Music] now your next session is called paratus 4×4 now this session is a short short session for exercises that target four parts of your body everything that we need to target in Pilates outer thighs inner thighs tummy and back that's your four key areas now if you aren't wound up go to the warm-up section that Pilates warm ...

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Top Tennis Pilates Training For Agility And Power

welcome to tabatha yoga and welcome to the beautiful Duffield Tennis Club here in Derbyshire now I've designed this class today for you tennis players to improve your agility on the course and really increase the strength behind yourself so if you like what you see then please go over to Tabitha yoga and subscribe to get more amazing classes ...

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