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Daniel?s Favorite Back Rehab and Core Conditioning Workout

Hello everyone this is Daniel with FitnessBlendercom and today I'm taking you through some of my favorite lower back and core conditioning exercises It is a great routine to do either just the warmup just to cool down or the whole thing all the way through If you want to learn a bit more about how to do that you ...

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Level 2 and 3 Pilates workout

Hi, hello everyone, this is Sam and This week we had the zoom class, which I was meant to record, but I forgot to record it So So I have to do it again So this is a level 2 stroke 3 Pilates class for this week Here we go So back-to-back for me I've just finished aZoom class and ...

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10 Min Pilates Daily Flow and Tone | Strong, Toned Body

hi friend it's Kristia here today I have on you a 10 minute daily Pilates follow and tone that you can do daily for only 10 minutes that will help strengthen and tone and stretch the entire body so all you need is a mat for this one and go grab it and let's get started hi friend welcome and ...

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Lateral Breathing for Pilates and Core Workouts

Hi everyone, this is Luci from Pilates with Luci! I have a small studio in Niceville, Florida, but due to the current situation we're all in this together changing adapting, so I've decided to take my business online, which in a sense is positive I've been wanting to expand online and reach more people around the world I have an ...

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Sexy Thighs and Side Booty | Pilates

Hey guys, this is your sexy thighs and side booty workout We are going to be using a resistance band, but you can do the workout without it So it is up to you Let's get started OK, guys, we're gonna get started on this sexy thigh and side booty workout It's four exercises 60 seconds each Two sets But ...

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