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It's our last day together! But I I hope not our last I've given you information in your email about The Core Club Workouts like these are available at your fingertips all you have to do is press play I give you a calendar to follow if you don't want the calendar you have a workout library where you can ...

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Want flat abs? Tone your abs in 5 minutes the Pilates way!

Agatha: Do you want to tone, define and strengthen your abs without hurting your lower back? Well, I got you Agatha: Welcome back This is Agatha and I'm excited to announce my blast series which is really targeting specific body areas, all Pilates-inspired, all safe for the spine that you can do in under five minutes Now, I don't know ...

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Pilates Leg Workout at Home (Just 5 Mins!)

In this video, we are targeting your legs from your ankles all the way up to your glutes, working a lot with your hip stabilizers All, you need is a mat And in under five minutes I'm going to get you toned, strengthened, and defined See you in a minute Okay, we're going to start in standing Your feet are ...

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