Tag 5-3 Minuten Bauch?bungen/Pilates Bauchmuskeltraining/Workout f?r Vielbesch?ftigte ohne Ger?te

hello and welcome to day 5 of the 3 minute serie today is all about core each excersise last 30 seconds again but especially today you are going to realise that 3 minutes can be pretty long just make a break if you need one please leave a like and a comment and dont forget to hit the subscribe button if you like my channel wish you a lot of fun with the following workout lay down on your back table top position and tip down right and left activate your powerhouse your pelvis is neutral if you like just go imprint if you have some issues in your back pull your belly button in bring your hands behind your head close your legs and bring your legs forward and back with yourinhalation straighten your legs with the exhalation bring them back again next up ist 100: straighten your legs lift your arms and push them down small and fast movements breath calm and fluently or you can punp with your arms 5 times inhale and 5 times during one exhale the next excersise is called criss cross bring your right shoulder to the left knee with your exhalation you rotate inhale middle single leg stretch: pull your knees alternate to the chest as hard as possible just take care that your outer hand is close to your ankle your inner hand is on your knee just to stabilise your knee and zhe last excercise: scissors you pull your straightend legs alternate to your body two times right and then left activate your powerhouse again suck your belly button in if you want take your hands to the side dont give up ist over soon i hope you enjoyed the workout again see you tomorrow!

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