TAG 1-3 Minuten Warm Up/Workout f?r Vielbesch?ftigte/Anf?nger Mobility Routine- Pilates,Yoga,Workout

hello, thanks for having you here today i have a serie of 3 minute workouts for you each day there is a a 3 minute workout where we train another part of your body on one side you don't have an excuse of not having enough time for excersing on the other side you gonna feel that 3 minutes can be pretty long the first day we start with the warm up we mobilise all joints in our body please leave a like or and a comment and hit the subscribe button and the bell for getting informed of any new video on my channel i wish you a lot of fun with the following excersises start with circles in your ankle go further up and make circles with your knee your food is relaxed go to your hip joint and make big circles try to stabilise your back and stay focussed on moving your hip change leg start with your ankle grab your upper leg and make circles with your knee and again big circles with your hip just in case that it is too wobbly place your food on the floor between each circle try to mobilise your whole spine from your crown to your coccyx roll slowly up move your shoulders focuss on your T -spine rotate from right to left let your arms fly feel the rotation in your T spine come to the middle bend your head to the right change side go to the left take a deep inhale and ex i hope you enjoyed the excersise see you tomorrow

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