Hey guys, it's Bailey and today We have a standing abs workout A lot of people come to me and say they really want to do pilates But that it hurts their neck, so this is a great way to really strengthen and tone our core without having to Lie down Let's go For this workout you just need one weight however

It's just for added resistance It'll be effective without it Let's extend our left leg out to the side reaching the arm up overhead Coming into a standing oblique crunch We're going to reach and then squeeze bringing our elbow to our knee Now I want you to think of really squeezing the bottom rib to hip and then reaching getting that nice side bend Bending and stretching through the side waist is what really helps us get those nice Sideline Muscles down our abdominal Walls otherwise called our oblique Go ahead now If for some reason your balance is off just really focusing on the reach and bed But if you can let's lift squeeze our knee really using that nice abdominal strength and then reach Good If the weight gets too, you can put it down But we are getting that little bit of added resistance in our arms and abs – two more Good let's add on from here cross behind into your curtsy Then we step wide into our plie, and then we push off the leg taking that side crunch This is one of those ones, so that's a workout for the brain as well Good really intensifies it here Little Balance challenge – anytime we balance We're working those deep core muscles Good last one and then from here holding it coming into a Bicycle crunch with a sumo squat, so we just did side bending now We're gonna twist across the body pressing our weight off the right foot just like doing a bicycle crunch about added balance Good you really want to hold Suiza and eat your elbow then lower down feel a nice bicep burn to this is one of my favorite Ab moves Any Sort of twisting? Will really help to cinch Through the waist working those obliques two more last one, beautiful Landing in our sumo squat

We're gonna reverse out of that let's do a set of little pulses just some inner thigh But to really work the core hold that weight out in front Tense your abs Good ten more seconds bring our arms up overhead and we heat even harder for our core good five four three Two and one bring it down and in let's switch to the opposite side If you want a nice hourglass shape this is how we do it Holding that side arm strong remember you can always put down the weight It's just to give us that bonus resistance Good really twisting cinching our waist two more Good last one beautiful We are ready for those oblique crunches Extending the right leg out to the side we reach the arm up overhead we squeeze our knee to our elbow and release and and stretch good really thinking of lengthening and then shortening the muscle, so we're Strengthening it both ways here stretch and Bend This one is one of those ones that sneaks up on you, you'll notice you're very sore tomorrow Good really hold squeeze those abs and then relieved And one let's add alive step behind into your curtsy really feeling like that side booties working Stepping out to our squat, and then we push our weight off the foot to come to that side crunch Good curtsy squat squeeze Really press your weight through the front foot working through those thighs and glutes and then squeezing through the ab Actually love this move because it really gets the heart rate up, so we're burning some fat improving our cardio while we tone Sexy, abs and crop top before you know it Good two more you can do it Challenging our balance really really working our core last one Beautiful work you guys From here, we're going to come into some balance work that focuses more on the front and back of the core So let's keep our weight into our right hand, and we're going to do a little bit of balance work here So that really helps to strengthen through the core from here we're going to take the left leg and extend it behind as we come into a single Leg deadlift here Good, so let's do the first couple just pressing down through that foot bracing our core Good now you'll feel this in the back of the legs and your postural muscles Just really squeeze those abs now Let's add on squeeze the knee up towards your belly button using your lower Abs and then lengthening it behind the weight makes a big counterbalance here Good now let's start to press the weight up overhead and then lower all the way down Really working that balance so this one squeeze your abs use those lower abdominals Lowering down So this one's great for working the entire six-Pack Our back really squeeze working those balance Muscles lift And remember it's fine to wobble because you're really really strengthening those muscles and the next time you do this You'll be amazed at how much easier it feels squeeze Now you don't have to do this as big as I'm doing it either you can lower down like this tiny lift and then bringing it and even just this much is really going to work that balance and squeeze those low, abs If you can though do it slow and controlled really focusing on all the little muscles That you're working We just sought our heart rate up with those Plie 's and curtsies And now we're working on toning See even I wobble all good getting stronger Beautiful now, let's take that left leg back squeezing the knee to the elbow and reach So really working our obliques now thinking of taking The knee To the elbow really squeeze those low, abs it's like you're rounding the spine in an app curl and then reaching long Good four more Three , this one really helps to work the back two and one Beautiful, let's just take the weight into the set into the center do a little roll down here stretching out through the spine And softly bending up Fixing our hair go ahead taking our weight into our left hand we send the right leg back Let's do the first view nice and slow together So just focusing on tilting forward really bracing your core and then coming back up good soft bend through that leg as you come forward and Back you're Gonna feel all the abdominal wall firing up Let's try to take it a little bit lower this time squeezing and lifting Keep a nice flat back here good Let's start to bring that knee squeeze and remember you can keep it here Or if your low, abs are quite strong squeezing it all the way in Let's add on with that press lower squeeze and Lift pressing up overhead Good now this is so tricky because we have the weight of our leg and then the actual weight Creating a lot of a counterbalance here Just look at something not moving in front of you is my best advice And no problem like if you find one five you have to stay down here It's totally fine We're all a little bit un balanced, and this is something that we can do to strengthen that You're gonna feel your hamstrings working pretty hard here, too, not Gonna Lie I Always like to give you guys a little bit of bonus work the more Muscles we move The more we burn the more we tone and the more results we get Good now keeping that arm up let's send the right leg just slightly back and then squeeze the elbow to the knee reach and squeeze Do not great twisting rounding the spine and reaching long Good work, you guys the ream or just breathe through it two and one Beautiful work, bring that weight in through Center Give yourself a nice big shoulder Roll here and just take a second rocking your head from side to side Great job, you guys make sure to check out one of my other fat-burning pilates workouts and subscribe for Fresh workouts every week From here, we're going to cross behind into our curtsy Opposite knee to elbow just like you're doing boom-boom-boom

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