Stability Ball Pilates Core Challenge

Speaker 1: Hey everybody, welcome back Today by popular demand, I'm going to be doing a Swiss ball workout

So Swiss balls, if you haven't already worked out with them, are just a fantastic way to challenge your muscles because it's an unstable surface that you're going to be working on And so your stabilizers have to be firing like crazy to keep you on the ball, right? To prevent you from falling So it's a great workout just to strengthen those muscles even more You will see your strength build up really, really fast And as far as Pilates is concerned, a lot of my students have a hard time when they first start with this, but once they practice and they've had a few sessions on it, they can see themselves improve and become more and more stable

So it's a great way just to work balance and all sorts of things Speaker 1: These workouts are going to be relatively short, so anywhere from 10, 15, 20 minutes And that is so you can fit it into your day any time And there is never a question of, "Oh, I don't have an hour to spare to workout" 10, 15, 20 minutes is plenty

It's effective I always tell my students it's better to do a little bit consistently than to block out two hours once a week to workouts So grab yourselves a Swiss Ball Speaker 1: How do you know which Swiss ball is right for you? Well, when you sit on it, your legs should be approximately at a 90 degree angle If you find yourself sitting below it, then it's too small

If you're way above it and your knees are going this way and your hips are up here, then you know the ball is too big So I'll just sit on it and give you that view Okay, 90 degree angle, perfect size for me Speaker 1: First exercise we're going to be doing is a seated exercise and we're just working to lift our spine and to connect our muscles and challenge our balance as well So start with three breaths

Inhale into the chest, into the ribs, into your back And as you exhale connect your pelvic floor muscles You will feel that you're lifting up on your sit bones and just feel that everything is pulling up towards the ceiling And again, inhale, exhale to connect all the way up One more time

Inhale and exhale, connecting Speaker 1: Good Now, anytime we're dealing with balance, you have to think about shifting your upper body towards the supporting leg, okay? I shouldn't see bodies tilting to the side It's just a question of shifting the weight to get the opposite leg to lift So here we go

If you need more support, hold onto the ball If not, you're just going to have your arms out in front, for example Speaker 1: So take a nice inhale, exhale and float one leg up, come back down Exhale other leg floats up and bring it down And exhale, float one leg up and down, and exhale, leg comes up and down

And exhale, leg up and down One more time on each side Exhale up and down, and exhale up and lower down Speaker 1: Relaxing the arms again Option to hold on if you need it

We're just gonna add a step to this So inhale, exhale The leg comes up, extend it, bend it, and bring it down So it's exhale to lift Inhale to stretch

Exhale to bend Inhale to touch down And stretch, bend and place down And exhale up, stretch, bend and down And it's important in these balance exercises that as the leg lifts, you are not rounding in your back, you're staying lifted through the spine

Stretch the leg bend and press down and let's do one more up, extend, bend and bring it down Beautiful Speaker 1: Okay, coming off the ball, we're bringing the ball to the front of the mat You're going to come to your side, lie down on your back And the ball is going to be underneath your heels and right up against the glutes

But notice there is space between my knees and the ball, so it's not like that Okay? I want the heels somewhere towards the middle of the ball approximately, ball pulled right in towards my glutes The closer your arms are to you, the less stable you are going to be The wider you open out, the more stability you have So judged based on what you need today and place your arms, your arms accordingly

So inhale, we're going to extend the legs and lift the hips and exhale lower down Pull the ball back towards your buttocks Inhale out and exhale down Inhale, press out and lower down Inhale, press out and lower down

Inhale, press out and lower down and inhale out And exhale down and press out and lower down Let's do two more Inhale, press out and lower down And one more

Press out and lower down Speaker 1: On this next one for the one hundreds we're going to extend the legs, keep the hips down, arms are down by your side Take a nice inhale and on your exhale you're going to float the upper body up That means you're not curving and you shouldn't feel your lower back pressing down You're keeping a nice neutral pelvis and lower back and you're just floating the shoulders and the head up so slightly and you start pumping the arms

You're trying to minimize the bounce of the legs here So it's one, two, three, four, five, and one, two, three, four, five Inhale, exhale Speaker 1: Let's lift one leg up And one, two, three, four, five, and one, two, three, four, five

In and out Switch legs One, two, three, four, five And one, two, three, four, five One, two, three, four, five

Switch legs Two, three, four, five One, two, three, four, five In and out Last round

One, two, three, four, five One two, three, four, five, last set And out Speaker 1: Place the leg on the ball Release down

Pull the ball in towards the glute and just turn your head side to side Release any tension you might have in your neck Good And now again, we're going to extend the legs Lift the hips up, working on your one leg circle

This is challenging, especially on the side that you may have more difficulty stabilizing And you will notice the ball starts swinging in all directions So our goal is to get that ball to stabilize as much as possible Speaker 1: Okay, we're going to lift the left leg up into the air Really press down through the right leg

We're going to do little circles First going in towards the other leg, down, around and up Okay Only make your circle as big as where you can keep it stable Down, around, and up

Two more One more Now reversed Open, around and up Open, around and up

Open around and up Two more Last one Speaker 1: Come back to center Get that leg down

If you've moved a little bit, make sure you've centered yourself And now it's the other leg Extend it up And down, around, and up Inhale, exhale, up

Inhale, exhale up, two and one Reverse Inhale, exhale, up Four, three, two, and one Reach it up, bring that leg down

Take a nice inhale Exhale, lower the hips and pull the knees in towards the chest Speaker 1: Let's start working on the little domino series, so take the ball between the feet, bring it to your hands And we're going to start with single leg stretch So one leg is bent

Opposite leg is stretched Make sure your foot is pressing into that stretched leg so you activate those inner thighs Head can stay down if it's too much for the neck Otherwise, we just float that upper body up a little bit Notice that I'm not going up that much

Exhale and switch and switch and switch Four and three and two and one Good Speaker 1: Bring it in Keeping the ball between the hands for double leg stretch

Heels are together, knees are apart and float that upper body up again Inhale to extend the arms and the legs Exhale, bring it in Now if you notice that you have a hard time keeping the abs pulled in on the inhale, exhale instead on the move Inhale and in

And again, inhale and in Bring the head down Take the ball now between the feet and the ankles Okay, bend it slightly Hands are on your shins

If you can, float that upper body up as well Alternatively, you can have the hands behind your head and inhale, extend the ball out between the legs, squeeze it and bring it all in Inhale, the arms, come back and bring it in Of course, you can stretch the legs up higher if it's too much and bring it all in Speaker 1: Good

Alright, so for scissors, one way I like to do this exercise is to have one leg down on the ball and the other one stretched up The reason for why I like to do this is because I like my students to understand that even when you don't have the ball, you're just doing regular mat Pilates, the leg that lowers should activate So you need to get the sensation of pressing against something to feel how the back of your legs and your glutes turn on Okay, so if you're flexible, you're holding somewhere around your calf If you're less flexible, you're going behind the thigh

And we pull, one, two As you're pulling, the other leg is pressing down twice Let it go and switch Exhale, one, two, let it go And down

and one, two, and down Don't forget that leg presses down, down and release And press, press and release And pull, pull, and lower And pull, pull, and lower

And pull, pull, lower Last one Down, down, and release Speaker 1: Let's take the ball between the legs again Okay, so those inner thighs are working like crazy

We're squeezing in between the feet The ankles are also obviously holding it in Hands go behind the head Take a nice inhale Exhale to just float the upper body up

You're looking between your legs Take a nice inhale Exhale, lower down Three, two, one As always, only go as low as where you can keep the apps pulled in

Down two, three and up Down two, three, up Down, two, three, up Down two three The last one here

Down two, three, and up Bend those legs Speaker 1: Place the legs over the ball this time Hands go behind the head Let's work on the obliques

Inhale Exhale Float the upper body up a little bit So without moving anything except the upper body that rotates ever so slightly around the axis of your spine So, you're rotate slightly the right shoulder towards the left hip

But make sure that the ribs on the right side stay connected to the hip on the right side Rotate back to center Don't lower that upper body And now rotate slightly to your right Keep those elbows nice and open

Come back to center Notice how I don't lower the body down Rotate to the left, back to center Rotate to the right, back to center Rotate to the left, back to center

One more Rotate to the right, back to center And be thankful it's done Speaker 1: Stretch those legs out You can stretch your arms up

Nice deep breath And let's pull the ball in You can hold it with one hand as you turn to your side and press yourself back up to a seated position Okay So, a nice way to stretch the abdominal muscles while benefiting from strengthening your back muscles is to work on your back extensions

Speaker 1: So for this one, we have the ball out in front Okay, you start seated on your heels, notice that my toes are curled under And we want to place the belly on the ball So, place the belly on the ball and then you're going to stretch your legs behind you and connect them Obviously legs together is harder than legs apart, so if you need a little bit more stability, open your legs out wider

Otherwise they are closer together Heels are touching and the toes are a little bit apart And then don't stay up on your toes like this Press those heels down Good

Speaker 1: Let's start with the arms by your legs, rotated towards the floor and just release the whole upper body On the inhale, press up Okay We want that back of the neck to stay long and you don't want to crunch into that lower back And release down

Inhale up and release Inhale, press up and release down Inhale up and exhale, release Inhale up Exhale, release down

Inhale up Exhale, release down Speaker 1: Let's bring the hands under the forehead now, keeping the hands glued to your forehead Inhale, lift up And exhale, release

Inhale up, and exhale down Inhale up, and exhale down Two more Inhale up, and release Last one here

Inhale up and exhale, release Speaker 1: Walk the hands forward a little bit until your legs lift You're pushing into your mat, shoulders are connecting your back Back of the neck is nice and long Okay, we're going to work those hamstrings and glutes again

So straighten your legs as much as you can Take a nice inhale, stabilizing the upper body On the exhale, we bend the left leg three times Three, two, one and stretch Now I don't want to see any cheating with these little puny little bend, bend, bend right by the glutes

It needs to go up and back, up and back, up and back, okay? And no bouncing around everywhere So really stabilize Speaker 1: Inhale, right leg Three, two, one and stretch Left leg

Three, two, one And stretch and change Three, two, one and stretch And three, two, one Stretch

One more Three, two, one Stretch Walk forward a little bit more, okay? Depends how much weight you want to have on your arms We're going to do some just kind of like press ups, push ups

Okay, you let your upper body lower down to the floor and then extend those arms And press down and up Make sure the abs stay connected You're not arching in that lower back and up Press down and up

Speaker 1: Okay, so go forward a little bit so you have weight on your arms And we're going to do pushups and press down and up Notice that I go straight down, okay? Don't arch into that lower back Keep the abs pulled in Down and stretch

Two more down and stretch One more Down and stretch And now roll back Hands on the ball

Sit back on your heels and give yourself a well deserved nice stretch here Good Rolling up slowly Speaker 1: Another thing that I really like to do to finish off on the ball is to hug the ball and let your So your ribs are over it, your belly is on it And just do some nice deep breathing through the lungs, down into the belly, and you will feel how that releases in your lower back And then come off That is it

Great job I would love to hear how you liked this workout, how you felt So please comment below If you liked it, give it a like Don't forget to subscribe and I will catch you with another video next week

Take care for now Bye Bye

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