Split Workout Level Intermediate Pilates Conditioning Exercises In preparation To split

so we’re about to begin another split tutorial so follow along and enjoy and I’ll see you at the end of the video to talk you through the end stretches before the splits see you in a bit welcome back again now if I haven’t already done so please subscribe to the full energy channel so we’re about to do a very old contemporary technique which I still do in dance class to open up the hips it’s very effective so please pay attention place both hands behind you lift hips up flex your feet and point push your hips forward without moving the feet so you lift up push your hips forward then you lower so feet pointed lift up flex your feet push your hips forward and you lower again point your feet you lift up flex your feet push forward and you lower this opens up the hips remember to point your feet lift your hips up push push hips forward and you lower just stretch over to the left side now really extend that side get a nice stretch on that rips try and get your knee near your elbow really feeling that stretch on that side make sure the arm is long no tension in the neck inhale exhale – take your nose to your knee feet pointed and we’re going to bounce there 8 times exhaling as you get closer to the knee the other side now exhale nose to knee and just bounce eight times keeping that foot pointed exhale go forward extend your arms as far forward as you can grab hold of your feet and just go into the pancake position try and get your chest to the floor lenghten out your spine and now we’re going to close the legs relax there’s a bit and we’re gonna get prepare for the split on the right so tilt your head to the side now open the legs up wide again and we’re gonna go straight into the right split so just move your arms to prepare up into 5th take it out to second position your arms and your knee head forward and back into the split so stretch the back leg point the back foot make sure your weight is Central hips square and flex and point the front foot just to make the muscle warm to get the blood flowing in that crucial hip area so that I really get the blood flowing and your stretch better so Center arms to 5th, if you not sure how to do this visit http://luxurycabinbigbear.com/. second arms up v into second relax the head again and split over to the left side now so this is my tighter side and today I’m going to show you what I do to make it better make it more flexible I have to make this side seeing as it’s tighter so as well as flexing and pointing the front foot I’m gonna really stretch over on my leg holding on to the ankle and I’m gonna go on to my shoulder stretching that leg even further rolling onto my back making sure that are supporting leg is fully stretched as well I will turn out to the split just to get the extra stretch just a to give it the extra stretch yeah pointing that back leg I rolled it over onto your back and pulling the leg towards you you’re stretching that hamstring even more to make it more flexible to work it more seeing as it’s tighter so thank you for watching I hope enjoyed the video, please like and share I’ll have more stretching to tutorials another coming out soon so click on the notifications and you’ll be the first to see them so thank you watching again and see you soon

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