*Special* Full Length 1 Hour POP Pilates Class!

Hey guys Cassey here now We have a noticed already this video looks a little bit longer than my other videos and let me tell you why? This is a very special workout From the pop army vault that's right most people won't be able to see this video unless they are certified pop pilates instructors But I thought since its national Pilates day I'm gonna give you a little treat and let you see inside the world of what it feels like to be a group fitness instructor So the video that you're gonna see today is One of our quarterly releases so in the special release you're gonna see that I'm gonna have two people with me They're two instructors And one person will be modifying the moves for beginners or people who may have injuries and the other person will be doing it Right alongside with me intermediate and advanced So you'll get a feel of what a real live pop pilates class feels like so if you've been kind of wandering and on the cusp of like should I get certified should I not well you can do this video and see What it feels like to lead a live class and since it is national Pilates day? We're gonna celebrate by having a little sale on pop pilates lifecom, so if you've been thinking of getting certified This is the time to do it you can use the coupon code happy Pilates to get 20% off any Training that's any live training hour papow, which is our pop pilates online workshops, so you can get certified Literally anywhere in the world and right now

The pop army is truly growing the community is so strong and to be honest guys Being a pop pilates instructor being a group fitness instructor is my entire being and my entire soul I've been doing this since sophomore year of college And I haven't stopped because every time I walk into the room and I see my students and we're sweating together We're suffering together, but we're also getting better together It's just it's the entire world to me so if you feel like you want to be that person Leading a group of people and really helping people become better versions of themselves I honestly want you to consider becoming a certified group fitness instructor It's gonna change your life It's to change so many lives around you so anyways guys I hope do choose to become a Popeye's instructor, and if not just enjoy this video and let's get going Hey guys Cassey here and welcome to pop cigs Okay today, we have beautiful Jess here from Texas and what's a fun fact that we can tell them Oh? Food and exercise, but I make a special caramel pop she does and last night I was eating a little bit too much of it after you guys went home after rehearsal I kind of stuff my face And then over here we have beautiful Jackie She's like super tall supermodel status and Jackie how many times you teach a week? I teach five classes per week at least right now Hopefully I'll get more you're definitely gonna get more whoa okay? So these are gonna be our beautiful Pilates mermaids today And you can follow Jackie for any modifications and also watch your one and once because that's where we're gonna break it down Okay, let's go ahead and start off with the standing warm-up You guys are gonna love this We roll the shoulders back big plie stance arms out light fingers Open up the chest belly button in you know all the goods, and we're gonna start out with plie squats for eight Bring it down and lift press put it down to the floor Nice swing those knees out wide You got your 1 3 squats And it's suppressed and slow feel it has to get up bring it down push up put it down little largess Let's go Love it one more that you got some squats their goal nervous

Okay, bring the feet closer And imagine you're drawing a beautiful thing Circle left side let's go Perfect Go Down now don't go all the way down We're just warming up right here Okay? We're gonna save that for later Let's go four and three beautiful Place one here it is Nice Makes me so happy, okay well For more let's go higher And threes come on She's very good one three spots and boom I guess down Can you get lower? Yes, you can? Breathe through it one more Hey guys

What's their goals if you can don't even touch the floor oh yeah, balance media Good other size nice Girl tell me how you feel right now? Curtsy you got it Beautiful not once you finish this up You know this is Good right hand here We go 2 2 3 1 2 3 again Low Down now double style Chicka Boom Boom You've got it You got it Up and down oh you can bring your hands up bring us down whatever you feel like One more hole right here hold and bring it down Okay guys it is time for the total body opener when you get you ready to come down floor by stretching out and opening you Up now get excited because we have a brand new Move a new take on a classic Pilates move This is called the sweeping saw beautiful Jess and Jackie are gonna Show you what it looks like today notice how they're in a big plie stance their arms are out They're going to sweep over to one side and tip it down see Jackie's not going to all the way down But if you can if your hamstrings is Hanul come all the way down lift up with that chest open strong back Over and we do the same thing this is for posture Core and that hamstring flexibility, okay, so fingers nice and soft Jess who's also a ballerina can tell you how to do that? And I think we should get started I think you're gonna love this one because that music goes right with the choreography Okay, the music's gonna start right away get your class set for the side angle to the right here We go and That you're going to press it over right here opening up your chest lengthening your obliques

I'm gonna hold You've got 32 counts here, so it's a nice long You just kind of know when to switch Are we go to my favorite get some dogs blue hand down hit that first? It's a four three two nice and slow Oh it feels so good do it again about four Crystal kills back Two more hits up Now heart up Very good now the next one you're gonna bring it down into plank because guys you got plank walk Here we go in oh Yeah, you feel that boom Down you got it eight lift Open your body bring that foot right by your palm four more four Three look So good oh? Yes, very Nice now when you get up there floating English bring it up two three four and Looking at the ceiling Two three don't really arch that back nice Other side here we go what? And bring it down you've got That passion and music just blood with it Just like your body okay? Hey guys your new move arms out here we go one two Five six reps I counted again what to bring it down touch the flow again up nice to more Label the back more We're gonna flank it and you know what when you get Good knees down and Child's Pose any health your nose big exhale through your mouth and slowly Slither your way up to seated Oh, do you feel all open right now? Oh? Okay now it is time for the hundred This is a classic Pilates track, but we always put our little twist to it of course with the music It's just so fun So there's only one new move here that you haven't seen you've seen the hundreds of seeing this scissors the single leg stretch But now we have jackknife with a twist literally, okay, so let's show them what that looks like guys Again follow Jackie if you wanna see the modification so you're gonna be long body arms above the head legs pointed forward You're simply gonna lift up your right leg Okay, using all that abdominal strength you're gonna twist to the side where your leg is keeping that spine straight Forward and you're gonna come back We're gonna do one more and notice how Jack he keeps her knee Bent and also she's not coming all the way up okay and come Down and that's it that is your new move, so I think we can get started What do you think girls? Let's do it Let's do it

It's the hundreds you're gonna come down onto your back We're gonna start out with our Classic Pilates stance so I want you to bring the head neck and shoulders lifted knees in tabletop position Okay, inhale through your nose big exhale through your mouth And if you can draw that belly button in deeper into your spine lift up your shoulders anymore It's two three four five six seven eight inhale two three Four five six legs up let's go inhale two three Four five six just like that do it again No get low crazy Forty five here It is Danielle two three four now press your heels together put the toes squeeze the quads Okay, this one's a little bit longer you do it again inhale two three four exhale two three four so good Okay, guys a little break early bring the arms and legs long We're gonna rub is up two and down Heart to the ceiling It's the lip Wow that's right jacket

I love your energy Two minutes and down one more guys And back to those hundreds here we go It's inhale two three or exhales of the hang of it now I want you to lift your shoulders up even more belly in Okay, legs up to the ceiling boom two three four press those heels together squeeze your quad look into those Straight legs yes All right 45 down I'm in love with her feet by the way look at the pointed feet I want them Okay Beautiful You got it Hide one more and low Okay, guys go ahead and bring your right knee towards your chest lift up that leg extend the left legs Pilates stance pull pull switch single leg stretch pull pull switch It's a pull pull switch Switch Here we go it's a single single Very nice is he pleased good Any more let's go eight Nice Okay now lay down get ready Legs and down bring it back use an Energy-rich yeah girl one more before This Last one guys Right now you lay down because you just heard that inhale through your nose exhale through your mouth Oh My gosh okay guys I want you to cross your legs and slowly get up guys We are on all fours for our butt challenge, which I'm so excited about okay There are so many new moves here that I just I can't even sit down anywhere

I have to get up I have to get up these two are going to show you what's happening, okay guys Straight leg heel Lip you might have seen it in my book, but if not I will show you right now So your hands are down like a sphinx Okay? They're never clasping together They're in line with your shoulders flex your foot and all I'm gonna do is lift up the heel Bring it back down lift up the heel and bring it down notice How her hips are square to the mat Okay, now on all fours hands and knees we're gonna go into the fire hydrant Okay, you're quadrupeds check it out We're gonna open up right here notice

How her hips once again They stay square, okay? You don't want to open everything up alright and keep opening up and down you're gonna squeeze that Booty squeeze that booty now we go into our pointed buttless so the same positioning, but she's gonna bring her leg up, okay Okay, look at this point This is beautiful Okay, and she's to squeeze a squeeze It's a tiny little squeeze right here in your butt Okay

Love it Take a quick break because you're gonna need it Finally we go into our combo This is not finally actually have one more for you combo so back on all fours We're gonna combine both of them together, so you're gonna open out you're gonna lift it up You're gonna open out and lift it up I mean super simple right okay now finally This is you're walking in and out bridge, so you're gonna be on your back, okay? This is you know where we feel safe in our bridge positions But I'm gonna make you feel really uncomfortable right now You're gonna bring your hips up relax your shoulders into the mat Basically you're gonna heel out heel out in and in Jackie's gonna keep her butt on the floor But no worries because you're still working the hamstrings like crazy, okay So those are all the new moves in your butt challenge I say we just get started

What do you say girls? Yeah, okay, we are gonna get into our Sphinx things I can't even say that Sphinx position I want to go to Egypt one day and you're gonna Straighten out that leg really flex your foot Okay, we got You take your time nice and squeeze keeping those hips nice and square four more and Look so good very nice Okay, guys It's 510 all fours And clothes do your best to keep your hips right over your knee? Good for more Relaxing the shoulders away from the ears belly in Love it okay Now be pointed both lips a little bit quicker One up and point and point yeah, and let's lift You got it pinching your butt come on, ooh Yeah, yeah justice yup Okay, you can hear it coming up

It's combo time bring it When the course hits I get crazy outs and lift, but you're still gonna keep great form and open All right guys we transition back to where we started let's legs up and down Squeeze your quads feel it Bring it up You got it squeeze Wanted to take your time We've all and I'll keep my check in button hip and check okay opening too much, right? And lift Ivan every match you add Let's go Do it again boom boom you've got it Ain't no happy meal it's a combo is real up make it good Let go You got it It's stretch aroni time cockpit hip out arms over very nice and twitch oh That feels so good Sweep of legs bored trying to get into your bridge Okay, we're simply gonna pulse up, but and lift it up here it goes lift squeeze Squeeze you've got it come on Nice work come on okay now You're ready for it Are you it's walkout time lift it up slow slow slow And get the hang of it Let me see the heel Heel, okay The last one and you Hold and then you're gonna slowly bring your spine down vertebrae by vertebrae and bring the knees into the chest Flex and point flex and point and bring your legs down and slowly sit up Okay, now track five is Super special this time obviously, it's ABS It's always special, but it's super special because we actually had a choreography contest for this track And I'm so proud to say that Jess is the winner of the contest for this tribe So today's choreography for the AB challenge is inspired by Jess and her ballerina ways and it's very beautiful So I'm gonna have both of these guys show you our new move the toe drop Okay, so you're gonna be in Pilates stance elbows out Lifted up head neck and shoulders, and then if you're following Jackie your head is going to be down I'm gonna go ahead and drop one leg and come back into that 90 degree tabletop position drop and Perfect so you never want to bring your knees anywhere past your hips They stay right there cool Take a break and we go into our butterfly crunch hm so legs big out in a diamond shape big toes together Elbows wide it's a double crunch you can bring your elbows to your knees your knees to your elbows and come Back down now an option here Feel free to bring your head all the way down if you feel like you need a break with your neck although You shouldn't be feeling in your neck because you should be using your abs And your head should really just be sitting on top of your shoulders Just like that if you're following Jackie simply leave your legs on the floor and just a little bit of a crunch, okay I don't know about you, but I'm ready for this Jess

You ready to bring it Jackie You ready breathe Yeah, okay This is just this track AB challenge Bring your knees into your chest I want you to bring yourself into Pilates stance so head neck and shoulders lift it off the mat Just my low back is touching get ready for a double leg stretch Alex just referred to I want you to swim through that Marsh Bring your legs up okay, right leg And low beautiful Train those legs out okay towtruck

They're kind of fast here We go right leg oh My gosh Hands behind Job give it to me right leg down and you do that cable comes to town It's butterflies butterflies Your time you are a butterfly Gliding through the sky even though I don't really care to butterfly to eat like Me out every time you see one I just read I read I'm not even greeting like it's Okay drops guys right sir Bring it out Were you expecting that Maybe you are maybe you should oppose Okay, so guys I know you love crazy cardio And we have a little bit twist to our plank jacks this time and our shoulder taps so watch out for that I'm going to preview with you the Russian twist Okay, classic move you've seen it before but let's make it pop Pilates style, so let's do three hip-width apart, okay Hands right on top of each other you're gonna lean back to your tipping point make sure that your chest is open Shoulders are rolled back even dip your elbow to the floor if you can you don't have to not at the expense of your spine of basically turning into a hunchback don't do that leave it nice and tall Center back and Center okay, I don't want to see the elbows going like this

I want them out super wide Shooting star because you're my little star Z's so I want you to go ahead and bring your feet together Hands in Charlie's Angel we're gonna tap the slope and we're gonna extend the lift above shoulders spied everything in life tap and Lift keep going guys if you're watching Jackie notice that she keeps her legs on the floor But she's still getting that nice lift for her back Okay, relax relax that one's really taxing okay? I think that's everything I have to show you And just get ready it's gonna be kind of intense slash everything is crazy Okay, here we go we're gonna set up on our bootays for our Russian twist a legs hip width apart Just like I said Elbows out shoulders back over that you have stability, but it's Julie you Breathe in through your nose Russian twist slow down and Center Eight up to speed Lego down up down Flair's beautiful work Skirts or more Okay Shooting star test lifts yes extend You guys are big beautiful piece Okay, let's get to play bring the lesson price when you do one in Yeah And Spice oh my gosh sweet Nice Your leg They're ready, Russians would put only got four here It is down lips down Okay, drink it oh I love that Yep Oh My gosh Hold it right there one good Hold it knees down toes down and slide into that Child's Pose Huh oh my gosh, how does that one feel? so Good rate is up Okay guys it is time for abs and thighs and I'm just gonna warn you this is a little bit ab heavy, but Those thighs oh they gonna be burnin it's been good

That's new most Are you okay? So the first move is called our flex leg lifts So you're gonna be down onto your side all the way long because I don't want you to work your shoulders Just work them so much so let them relax, so you're gonna be down on Your shoulder relaxing because we just worked it so hard, so I do give it a break okay now You are in a complete straight line your feet are flexing all you're gonna Do is you're gonna lift up that heel and bring it right back down lift it up and down Now you're using core to stabilize because you're not tipping over Okay lots of stuff going on now check it out We're gonna change things up a little bit triangle tap So just it's gonna move her leg forward notice how her heel and Jackie's heel are touching the mat And the toes are flexed towards the ceiling this is gonna attack the inner thigh like crazy you're gonna lift up boom and tap behind and lift and Down it is important that your heel is the one that is touching the mat Okay, go ahead and relax Okay, try it both ways the heel makes the biggest difference Those are your brand-new two moves that is all anam Okay, so I think we are ready we're gonna set up for our slow crisscross so so they come down with control Instead of into Pilates stance both hands behind the nape of the neck elbows wide lift up knees in tabletop Or do bring our right shoulder to your left knee first and really lift off your shoulder I wanting to feel those ABS, okay That was why? You've got it for the legs two more Lincoln Center now come onto your side Flex your leg let's go up and down In the leg Push it up

I know you're dying to try this one Where's the flow? You got it Right it's nice one more and live now bring it up Up and down really feel it You're looking so good I Love this one hi guys feeling good Yeah, they're feeling they can't even talk right now there And It's a one Baby one two three now get ready I know it's pretty but you can't stop now You're right there last one one two hold it And relax flex and point flex and point Bring your legs out arms long behind You inhale and exhale slowly peel your back off the mat to Sitting wow you guys are so good That was so good okay now I want you to Get into your mermaid life form or on your knees or whatever you decide the most important thing is that your back is Tall you're not hunting for it or do something crazy

Okay, look our arm track is Wildfire this time we have two brand-new moves for you We've got roof raisers, and they pretty much look like what you would think they would look like okay, so handing me right here You're gonna squeeze down to the mid-back squeeze down to the mid-back and then raise the roof okay thing here guys Please don't cheat it Don't give me any of these give me this notice if you look at my back when I do that You can see my muscles coming together, okay, so don't cheat yourself Don't cheat yourself, okay? Those are the roof raisers, and we got robot arms robot arms like a dance track I feel so we're right here Hand oh right and then coming right down keeping the elbow in the same place Shoulder made me ah okay It's gonna be super fun and Let's just say there's a lot of up up down down right guys There's a lot of up up down down Well I mean you asked for it I read the forms, and this is your fault This is your fault, but use your freedom of choice, if being on the toes the entire time is craziness get on the knees It's okay work up to your own potential alright

I'm talking too much should we start we start okay rebreathers? Okay oh We're eight, it's buckshot three through please the heel push, thank you, but I'm Okay a classic golf balls forward Let me see those bipod We are energized one more All right, we're getting back Are using the mid-back yes, you are don't change me, don't you? Okay, go but backwards Yes open up that chest Yeah, hey guys are you ready are you ready? There's no give it up here We are feeling so strong invincible Yes, one more this side, okay No Oh you got it all right perfect means in Our robot arms up down we'd be back home You're excited about robot arms love it Okay guys Hold it here Okay And bring it all the way up I want you to stretch out those arms oh my goodness You wanted help up down downs to be giving us up down downs well we gave you up up? Okay, now Let's get those arms a break and we're gonna get into our obliques Hey Okay, I love this one because we have a brand new move that I was gonna call the dying starfish But then these two were like you should probably call it the twisting starfish, I think nicer yeah, okay So twisting starfish amazing so get down onto your side Positioning is extremely important for this one so be precise or else you may not feel in the right place one arm is long out forward palm flat to the floor leg 45-degree out big toe pressing the floor notice how her chest is open up to the ceiling now in the second move she's gonna crunch up and Feel everything right here elbow to knee if you can if you can't it's okay And they're gonna come back down chest to the ceiling okay, so chest to the ceiling bring it up chest forward bring it down Okay, so very precise practice little bit and right here Jackie has both of her legs In fetal position forward and go ahead and do the movement she's still bringing chest forward and back down up to ceiling okay So that is your twisting starfish and one more that I personally really love and I think we all do is the ballerina Twist all right it looks like this your hand is going to be underneath your shoulder in a plank position Then you transition up into a side plank, and you bring your hand underneath your belly caressing it And then you bring it all the way Back up, okay, so when you come down here It's pretty much like a three-legged dog alright so that happens near the end But before we get into any of that we get your twisting starfish, so let's go ahead and go down onto the floor I want your hand all the way out straight away One behind the nape of your neck elbows wide and bring that top foot 45 degrees out okay, really make sure your chest is facing the ceiling This is when you're really gonna feel that twist as you transition to chest opening up – to me essential Hey, or do your clap? Okay, get ready try to touch Ltd if you can Up and down you've got eight squeeze the quads when you point the toes Nice you got four more

It's four Exhale lift you must feel like Ya Love the choice of starfish now We go slow it down slow it down y'all and Hold you feel it with that music it wants you to go slow like melting chocolate one more Hold Down now I want you to come onto your back okay hand goes by your side We're going to kick that leg up Let's go It up and lower elbow should need point the toes long legs Good duck keep going Sure, I'm gonna finish out these four switches the other side one more To the other side and bring it down Yeah, ready here, it is give me a Really open up your Nice twist on your Okay guys, we don't slow it down Here it is feel it No Yeah Think of slow caramel that you are swimming through one more Now you drug hey guys come onto your back Yeah, ready, we gonna kick it here

We go up and lower Beautiful he was so good Very Nice em lift, and lo you are almost there You get a nice little break Up bring it down stretch it long two three four and belly on the old shoe three four Bring it up and hips is that dancing jarred, and I said, it's not Bring the hearts at her up Hey sup Very good guys I want you to come to a plank here And you can open out to me open up to me Valerie and a twist side plank Let's go for two and belly holding for it to and Look me up reach for something you really want your dreams I don't know what else you want to reach for lots of things your goals huh forget to play Ok sigh playing other side open her to and belly or to Oh Belly you've got it I'm gonna give you one more here one more guys make it beautiful put it down the plank way down the plank Bring your knees down toes down and relax into Child's Pose So good, okay guys we are on two back work because when you wear tops like this Gonna, have a nice strong back Okay, so new moves guys We've got butterfly weed Okay, so you're on your belly on your belly, and he's gonna start out right here

Oh, but if you're following Jackie You're on your knees She already did it okay, and you're basically gonna reach forward, so your bring it all the way up and Extending all the way down to the side, and the only other thing you have to show you are your hamstring extensions So if you are on the floor then you're gonna place your hands right underneath your forehead Gonna lift the quads off the mat We're gonna press in first and then our heels are Kinetics stand out so you really Get your hamstrings and your booty and your low back all at the same time It is a triple whammy fest in this track, so let's bring our arms out to a ninety degree position We're gonna start out with those parachuters Ian healthy nose exhale through mouth this is Skydiving do it? Jackie I really want you to lift your chest up and Bring it in and outs and in very good Pose Beach for more let's go four And three and two Back to the beginning in one hair shooters stuff and Lower do you feel your back low back is on fire and upper back to as you squeeze Put on those wings be that ferry that you're meant to be here We go and one two three four five six seven eight Beautiful Good swimmers here we go If you don't want to be on your One more Nice word birddog and one two three four out two three four and hold move And in other side one And down I can't reach That's fine now try to move here you look square and in together Post it right side two three Four Michelle yield that back everything nice in the lines Let's switch other side up two Three I know it's fading, but you're not gonna fade me four three two hold one and Bring it down into that Child's Pose inhale through your nose Yes, exhale through your mouth and slowly lift up and roll your shoulders back Good okay, we are on to our kick butt cardio I can't believe we are even here right now, and we're gonna show you some brand-new moves You might have seen maybe you have it the push peddler squat OMG basically thighs and cows on fire So your legs are hip width apart hands in front get super duper low But you're gonna lift up that he'll see you lift up that heel you're gonna squat You're going to squat Oh my gosh Okay, the first time it happens There's 16, but the second time it happens There's 32 so I'm gonna make you go lower

Just prepare for that Okay We've got pulsing arabesque Which is so beautiful so what's gonna isn't it is beautiful? Okay So basically hips forward arm out slightly diagonal the other arm all the way up sloth Fingers off fingers none of this and I want you to simply Post and lift if you're following Jackie keep your foot close to the floor for balance otherwise Lift as high as you can while keeping those hips forward and finally another move are side lunge So it looks like this guy's hands right here gonna come out You're gonna come down now right here This leg is straight so I can feel the inner thigh boots back foot flat on the floor open that set chest Long back and coming up, but we're gonna make it super interesting by adding arms so at some point in the choreo It's gonna look like this We're gonna cross heart and left Just like that like you just finished an Olympic gymnastic floor routine You know hmm, okay, so um that's pretty much it I think we should go for it Cardio, let's do it beginning with walking the dougie Hands underneath your shoulders toes into the mat lift up and Tory And you watch the guy you look past you for good Very nice bring that back leg forward and wind it up Diletto right leg two three four Anymore nice low lunge right here Hey palsy arabesque let's go three four oh my gosh my Three four five Seven foot hazard okay, now these are long alright really want to bring Right here my heart Ready keep going open

Oh my goodness, okay? One ran up and full two three four cursed Ready and switch one two Three four five six seven slow like this way slow two three four and ragged in other side Gosh okay And Down Wow Okay this is your last track before the Cooldown the flexibility training, so I need you to give me everything This is hardcore, and we're gonna go really real hard I have three new moves for you The first one is the gazelle Okay, so what you're gonna do is gonna extend your right leg and your left arm up floating fingers coming down making sure those abs are nice and tight you're not hunching over as you do this so that you actually get a little crunch when you do this and You're also Squeezing your quad okay, that's the gazelle running head into reaching gazelle Which basically just means you're lifting the arm now floating arabesque is so beautiful I'm gonna have Jeff demonstrate actually Jes and Jackie demonstrate at the same time so check it out One two three four and push it out two three and hold it so notice How Jackie has her foot on the floor and jess has it lifted really engaging core and nice soft fingers Okay, so everybody gets to join in for this and finally we have our Standing kick and twist hands behind the nape of your neck elbows super wide I don't want to see any cuppage here out so basically it's a lift a twist full body twist front and down It's a lift full twist jackie has her foot on the floor and down so lots of balance here And then we'll end up on the floor With some teasers, it's gonna be fun Okay Are you ready to channel your inner animal? Yeah Alright here we go Nice are you feeling gazelle ish? Are you? Alright, let's go reach for the tree because I look hungry Oh, yes reach for the fruit reaching

It is crunchy Nice standings a dish with here we go Twins if you try to place it down poor type points I know All right now the beauty of coming the beauty give me the grace and one For one So good love the fingers One more in a plane Oh Down up and point twist I really try to bring your elbows back okay? Love it okay make them good Got it floating her back Take your time Oh my gosh she was Performing And we're gonna get ready for teaser so I want you scoot forward roll the shoulders back grab on to the legs and lift All your dreams are here I want you to hold it with all your might your strength And more I want you to live too Three take your time and down really slow Now just one rub and get ready for greatness Roll those shoulders have open if attempt belly button in give me your best shooter ever Nice now if you can I want you To let it go I know you're gonna shake you're gonna shake It's gonna

Be hard with your back belly in She's the Quadra And bring it down all the way down Okay, we made it to flexibility training now calm down guys you deserve this part let yourself relax bring your arms out to the side bend the knees and Press them down on to one side for your spinal twist keep the chest open to the ceiling Breathe in through your nose out their mouth Now if you're feeling up for it go ahead and bring out your leg There it is And flex your foot feeling entire like Billa hands raise Okay, I'll switch on to the other side ready switch But you only need the light when it's burning low hairy back only miss the Sun when it starts to snow Healthy one looking that leg out go Hold on to the toes or the cap for the life been high when you're feeling low only Hate the miracle where he's in Hall Only not over when you let it go Love it bring those legs in and you let it go reach it out Beautiful stretch the fingers stretch the toes lift it up lift Beautiful right like for pigeon Now try to keep your foot in line with your knees, but you press the hips down so arch the back If you can Get low you see you when you close you're going to speech or I can lead you to go all the way down Everything you touch surely Love it now bring it up watch stretch Pull that heel in oh this is burning so good So long it feels like heaven in a weird way Okay switch side Bring it over see leaving the table Simo line up that foot in her knee is not calm slow and it go Good to see you when you fall asleep And think about how hard is it work is too much what you just gave your body? Because arms out if you want now give me quad bring it up Good Stretch your body stretch your limits Slowly release it child pose And thread the needle Bring the palm shoulders into metal tonight And switch it over we honor each Nice guys just melt into it don't let your body was just okay into town dog Please What's up? Heels down presser Hugh lang now bring your back foot Now hey Oh All right Yes, you only know I mean, it's burning how exciting only mrs I feel the sixties a service right now Let it go So good okay, now check this out when your foot behind only know you've been high when you can blend that front leg only you missing home Ad for you don't know you love her when you let her go man that front leg Did you let her go good now bring it out

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