Six Pack Abs | Quick & Dirty Total Core Workout (No Equipment)

Hello friends and welcome to your 10 minute Express abs class So today we're gonna go quick and dirty We're gonna do 10 minutes of ABS this is an incredible practice that you can add at the end of your workouts or if you're super tight on time and you just Need something to get into feel good To get started today we're going to start seated at the top of your mat now I'm going to give you guys a variation of exercises So we'll start slow and then I'll give you the next progression and depending on where you are at Maybe over time you want to go to that next level or maybe you're already there today So just follow along and make sure you should pay attention to how your body responds to this Okay, so let's begin at the top of your mat Just go ahead and grab your hand take your hands behind your knees and take an inhale opening your chest Looking up towards the sky and then as you exhale, you're gonna round through the spine Tuck the chin to the chest and extend through the elbows just feeling that nice gentle stretch here through this thoracic spine and then making your way all the way down until Your on your back Relax, your head onto the floor hug your knees into the chest Take a deep breath in and then as you exhale Release the feet onto the mat So the first exercise what we're going to do is called your navasana prep or your prepping ourselves to do the full navasana Posture

So the first version we're going going to start on the ground you take an inhale on your Exhale, you're gonna lift your upper body off the mat Hold then you're going to extend the legs You know bring them back down you lift a little bit higher and then come all the way down to the floor And again, let's do that a few times lift up extend the legs Bring it down lift a little higher and lower for two Bring it up Extend bring it down lift higher and lower That's four extend bring it down lift higher and lower reach Extend bring it down lift higher and lower Let's do two more Extend bring it down lift even higher lower down last one up Extend bring it down lift even higher Release now next version We're going to extend and lift up then your legs extend You're gonna tap the feet to the ground bring it up Then place the feet down lift higher and lower down So again, we lift up extend the knees Tap the floor bring it up feet down lift higher and lower That's 2 up extend tap up And the knees lift and lower two more times Then we're going to add the third progression after this Bring it up and again lift extend tap up Feet down lift even higher and release so you can repeat one more set of that or go to this next version We're going to lift up Extend the legs tap the feet bring it up and reach the arms over your head bring it down lift higher and Drop all the way down

So again, we lift up Extend the knees tap the heels bring it up arms over your head then release lift even higher and lower again lift extend tap extend reach the arms over your head and bring it up even higher and lower down two more times like this bring it up egg step tap the heels and arms over your head Bring it down lift even higher Last one lift it up extend tap the heels bring it up reach the arms over your head and Bring it down this time Bring both knees into the chest And then lower your head all the way down Let's take the hands behind your head What we're going to do here is First curl up and try to touch the elbows to the knees So you're making a little ball with your body then we're going to extend the legs elbows open to the side So version one is just to extend the legs out and then bring it in Let's do four of these I'm going to extend and bring it in for two extend and three Extend and Four continue with the same exercise or add on to it Extend tap the heels bring it up touch the elbows to the nose extend tap lift and crunch extend tap lift and crunch Extend tap lift and crunch keep going So picking whichever version suits you best We got four more to go and Crunch extend Tap the heels bring it up and crunch extend tap up and crunch last one extend tap lift and Crunch great job from here extending the legs up elbows open to the side Version one a little bit easier is to simply bend the left knee drop the right leg You're gonna cross touch the opposite elbow to the knee and bring it up That's one we're gonna stay on the same leg bring it down and up, that's two and twist and three twist and four twist and Five keep going or add a little bit more difficult version is to extend the leg out and bring it in for five Four three Two last one hold this twisted position hold it here for three for two and One reach your right leg up Untwist the body flex your right foot

We're gonna do a quick little transition here Bring the arms forward bring your left foot down Press yourself up, and then take your right foot all the way back So we're coming into more of a lunge position here hands grounded on the mat and then step back into plank Great job Let's hold this plank position just for a couple of breaths Really pulling that navel into the spine Finding that Center finding the balance and then lift your hips up downward-facing dog Alright so next exercise I'm going to show you the modified version first and then the full version so modified version We're going to go ahead and extend your left arm all the way back So you're doing a one-handed downward dog deep breath in on your exhalation You're going to come back into plank and then Push back one hand it downward dog alright, so keep going or version two much more challenging is to extend and reach your left arm forward and Back into downward facing dog Alright, so take whatever feels best for you and let's go for a ten ten and Reach back nine Reach back eight Seven Six Five Four three two Last one bring your left hand down deep breath in bend your knees hop forward and Cross your ankles

Let's come back over to the mat and do one more time on the other leg with our twisted crunches here So arms behind you hands behind your head elbows out to the side extend the legs Modified version we go cross and up four one and two And three and four If you want to go ahead and take the more advanced version follow me five twist six Seven Eight keep going twist nine Ten great job holding here Let's just hold that twist just for a breath keep twisting try to get that connection with the elbow Mme three two one Untwist the body left leg up flex your foot reach the arms forward just rock yourself up Press into that right foot Step it back with your left foot Hands down and let's step back into plank position Exhale push back downward facing dog We're and do that exercise with the one handed downward dog on the other arm now one more time so again You guys you can Modify by just coming forward into plank or keep the right hand off the mat the entire time so deep breath in exhale Reach it forward one Take it back Reach it forward two and back three For Five Six Seven keep going Eight Nine last one and ten great job right hand down holding plank and last three seconds three two, and One great job come on down Beautiful work you guys congratulations you finished a quick abdominal workouts Keep doing these classes every day if you want to achieve Strengthen your abdominals and remember to always be patient no matter which Modification you took today, you know, you're that step closer to getting stronger and stronger Thank you so much, and we'll see you soon

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