Sexy Thighs and Side Booty | Pilates

Hey guys, this is your sexy thighs and side booty workout We are going to be using a resistance band, but you can do the workout without it

So it is up to you Let's get started OK, guys, we're gonna get started on this sexy thigh and side booty workout It's four exercises 60 seconds each

Two sets But we basically do one set on either side Minimal rest time Come down with me Take that band above your knees

If you're using one hand is gonna go in the front here, flex the foot and bring it up and down Hammer Pulse movement one So it's just coming up a little bit And then down

This is the movement You might start hating me for it, but pressing through the best you can heel can be up if you want Or down, it just kind of changes where you feel that movement So make sure you put your heel where you feel the most booty goodness, booty burn Sticking with that hammer pullse here

Breathing through A little bit longer Staying with it Almost there, almost through this one So you're going to do one more tiny little relax

Now, this is like an inverted clam Our next movement So you want to push your knees like this, it's a little funky movement, we're going to be lifting that leg up and back down OK It looks really funky, I know, but it works very well

You'll see lots of booty here You're ready Let's go ahead and begin lifting it up here and then down halfway up Down halfway So where we want to feel this is right along the glutes? And along the side thigh here, and that's where we're trying to hit for all of the burn

Keeping it going Pressing a little higher up, if you can here We're going to come into a hold to finish in just a moment When you're ready, you hold to keep in that height, you're trying to keep this bent here Really important that you do

Stay in that hold And release Now before we go into your other side We're going to go into your third movement here, we're going to slide the band just above the ankles, a little higher if you want to make this easier This is our next movement, supine adduction, abduction, which basically means lying on your back and open your thighs

That's what the movement is You ready? We open wide bring it in halfway Wide and in halfway, sometimes the fitness terms are so much fancier for what they are If you need to bend the knees here Go ahead

Wide and in halfway very important that the toes stay flexed and not pointed and that you keep pressing your lower back into the floor This is where it starts to kick in and get a little bit more difficult We're going to be coming into a hold here in just a few moments, see if you can give me four more of these, three more, two, last one hold Using all the strength of your side booty, of your thighs, your lower body and your abs to hold the legs in this position Keep breathing

Keep those toes flexed You can feel this everywhere here And then relax Roll up our final movement before we go into set two, it is going to be a dancerinha lift, which means little dancer lift because it's balletesque here So we want to turn the feet out slightly so that we hit the inner thigh

Hands can go here to get more abs down here for less abs Your choice, we're going to lift up again bringing that This is the leg that you've been working up and down halfway So for me, it was my left leg for you guys in might be your right So you're working the leg that is hurting the most right now

The leg that's been hurting the most Keep lifting and lowering about halfway As straight as you can get this leg but if you do start to feel it and hip flexors, take a little break And then come back when you feel good Keeping it going

We're going to come into that hold, just holding the legs, slight turn on the toe You see, even my toes started to come in a little bit as I got tired That was bad Make sure you're not doing that Keep holding

Relax Little shake out Ok guys, we're going into side two Now we're going to roll that band up You're coming into your first movement, which was your hammer pulse

Try not to waste any time because we want to maximize that muscle burn here Taking that leg straight out and begin lifting it up and back down, choosing if you want to have the toe down or up or the heels up to you or parallel whatever It feels good Well, whatever feels doable because none of it's going to feel good Keep in going

Haven't forgotten you just focusing here on the burn myself So everything you're feeling, I'm feeling right now as well, because this is a tough exercise no matter how many times you've done it Especially when you're using different resistance band sizes This is a medium here keeping it going Last little lift, ok guys inverted clams, remember we want those knees touching

When you're ready, let's go ahead and begin lifting that leg up and down halfway It's very important that you just come down halfway Because otherwise, it's really easy I don't want this to be too easy for you You want to feel it

Keeping it going We're working our way through, it's nearly there I know that it's trembling a little bit on that leg This one seems real long Just a few more here

Last four three, two and one little hit, but can't waste time Because we got to work through those legs sliding down that band the closer to your ankles, the harder it is, if you want to keep it closer to the knees It'll be easier You're ready? Let's open wide and back down If you want, bend the knees for a little while

Bending the knees in this workout is better than stopping Much better Then maybe you come back to straight Well, there's a lot more sound effects on this one because it is hard It is a struggle with this band

Going back to a little bent knee, giving myself, a tiny break here A few more and then we're going to come into a hold to finish and that will finish this exercise Three more Two more Last one hold wherever you are flexing the feet, if you like, squeezing the bum

Almost there And relax, relax Rolling up Ok saving that lift to finish Hands at the chest or down here when you're ready

Turn out and lift and lower half way Keeping it going So my legs are particularly troubling because this is the second time I've filmed this workout Oh, so you're suffering, I'm suffering quite a lot, too Trust me

And usually I just film them straight through with very minimal edits because I want it to be natural with you guys But with this one, it just like was not picking up the sound and stuff So that second time here Keep lifting and lowering half way It's all for the booty though

Anything for the booty Just a few more nearly to the end here with me And 4, 3, 2, 1 It's like crying a little bit, right? Slip the band off, take a little butterfly stretch I really recommend to you if nothing else

Please do this stretch so that you can walk later on It's really important So just relax here with me and breathe I also have a lower body stretch on this Channel Full video, which I really recommend that you guys do because you're going to want it

It's it's short, sweet but and it will help you And then go ahead and come out of that stretch Nice job, guys, like this video Let me know in the comments What other band workouts you want to see, as well as if there are specific exercises where you weren't sure about the form in this video

So I can give you really specific advice on how to do the exercise You just put that in the comments and I will answer them Make sure you subscribe to the channel If you haven't done already And again, I'm going to link that workout for that to work that stretch for you to do for the lower body

And finally, if you enjoyed these bad workouts and you think, you know, I'd like to take some of these with me when I travel, but I may not have Wi-Fi You can actually do that because they're for free in the description That is a link to a full travel workout using bodyweight exercises And these babies right here See you guys in the next video


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