Today i want to help you de-stress and decompress We're going to do a nice restorative flow where we're really going to work with our breath and work at opening all those tight areas of the body

Hi my name is Gretchen, I'm Founder of Balanced to the Core If you would like to be part of this community please hit that Subscribe button as well as the bell next to it to get notified whenever i have a new video because i am here every week You ready to get started? If you need any props for your spine and if you're unsure if you need some props just click that video up there because you want to make sure that you're starting as tense-free as possible so if you need right now to elevate yourself up grab yourself a prop you can get some sort of cushion or something and just put yourself up on that prop and release you can even fold up a blanket um whatever you want to just sort of hold yourself here i might use a prop today just i'm feeling kind of tight in the hips and in the low back and i want to start as tense free as possible so it's feeling really good to do that so if you would like to join me and do that as well feel free no judgment zone we're just doing stuff that feels good so if something doesn't feel right in your body do something else that feels good okay please just listen to yourself all right so let's just close our eyes here and really imagine anchoring your your sit bones into the earth and imagine sort of roots onto those sit bones that just sort of pull deeper and deeper and deeper down into the earth you can make some audible breaths just sort of exhale and release stress strain anything that feels toxic in your body and just really let it go and from here you can just open your eyes and i want you to place both hands right on your belly and we're going to start with some belly breathing so what i want to do is on your inhale really push into your belly and allow that belly to expand allow it to sort of open your arms open your hands and then exhale just deflate it let's go in through the nose and out through the mouth do that again inhale and exhale good the next i want you to do is into your chest you can place both hands there one hand whatever feels good and on your inhale i want you to look to expand your chest push into that hand so get chest breathing here you feel that restriction good so with the belly you can expand the belly but it was hard to engage the belly right now here it's almost like you want more air to come in but you can it just restricts it when you stick it right in the chest good now let's take your hands onto either sides of your lower ribs and on your inhale i want you to push your hands apart okay so you're going to inhale really press into those hands you can also feel like you're pulling with your hands anything that opens those ribs side to side and then on your exhale i want you to push into the ribs push them in towards your spine and feel how you can really deflate everything and then do you feel your abdominals engage right there on that deepest part of your exhale give yourself a little lift from there good take an inhale push those hands apart now take one hand on top of your head on your exhale you're gonna push the ribs in towards one another you're gonna let all the air out and keep letting it out and then i want you to push energy into your hand on your head get taller feel your belly create that good and keep that height as you release your hands to either side let's do some side bending into our lungs so take your right hand place it behind your head with your elbow wide i want you to take an inhale and i want you to push your ribs over to the right and i want you to really think about opening that right lung and as you open the lung it puts pressure on the ribs to open them more feel that openness until you can't go anymore and then exhale as you come right back up try that one more time stay tall inhale think about that right lung that right lip rib opening the lowest parts of those ribs really expand it with air exhale come back to center let's try the other side elbow wide hand behind the head push your head into that hand and then inhale let the ribs open to the left fill that left lung with air and that lung opens up so much it puts pressure on the ribs and the ribs push out allow that to help you side bend exhale back up one more time stay tall reach out of the crown of your head anchor your sit bones and come back good now i want you to twist to the left so as you twist to the left i want you to still focus on the lungs and notice you can breathe into that open side a little bit more and allow it to twist you a little bit more as you open it up and come back to center so just focus on the lungs and the ribs as you twist and see how when you do that it can allow you to twist a little bit more again i'm trying to push open that opposite rib a little bit more maybe pull in this opposite side a little bit more so one goes in one goes out look over your shoulder and come back to center one more each side breath can really help you here breath is fuel for your body so you can also put it in certain places and it allows you to just get a little deeper into your movement as well so it gives you fuel and it gives you intention one more time inhale stay tall look over and then come to center good i'm going to come off of this so this is where you're going to need your props if you if you need to sort of um use some sort of prop in your low back or upper back and head if you can't find that natural curves of your spine okay it's really important to start as stress-free as possible so again if you have questions please check that video out and i'll help you with your props all right so we're here in neutral we're just going to tilt the pelvis towards us so like just picture your belly button at six o'clock pull the pelvis into six o'clock and then your pubic bone is 12 o'clock so allow that pubic bone just to get heavy towards the floor as you open your low back and again pull six o'clock so you're exhaling here on your inhale weight it the other way towards the twelve and then go ahead and find that in between zone which is your neutral and then i want you to go over to three o'clock try to do that without moving your thighs and then go over to nine again three and nine and then you can just sort of circle that pelvis around try not to move the legs and then allow it to go the other way just isolating that pelvis and then find your center anchor it okay we're going to pull our heels a little bit closer towards our seat and we'll start to roll towards that six o'clock and then we're going to continue to push up as we lift our pelvis up towards the sky and at the same time push your butt bones towards your heels and knees keep that chest heavy as you inhale and then exhale let that chest get heavy almost feel as if you're pulling your ribs down and up through your chest down and up you're still going towards that six o'clock so you're anchoring that belly button and then keep going until you find that pubic bone drop all right so we try it again we start with that inhale as we pull and then on your exhale lift press your heels into the ground shoot your knees forward chest heavy take an inhale and then exhale as you melt it down those seat bones still keep reaching forward as we take it down to neutral pull your feet together anchor them and then you're just going to let your knees roll to one side but i want you to keep them sealed together so your opposite foot is going to lift a little bit as you let your hips just rotate your ribs stay down and then pull your hips back to center they go over the other way the opposite foot lifts because you're gluing those thighs together come back to center and just go side to side without moving the ribs or the shoulders one more inhale exhale now we're going to take our legs wider and we're going to go over to one side this time that opposite hip drops so the inner thigh drops to the floor as that knee presses forward feel that stretch in your hip then pull the ribbon hip back to center and go the other way inner thigh presses to the floor as you push through your knee so your rib is lift a little bit so is your hip the rib pulls back and the hip pulls back just in that order inhale stretch shoulders stay down pull back rib hip other way press down and reach and then come back to center turn to your side you're going to cradle your head and you're going to get your knees into a 90 degree angle as well as your hips and then take your other hand over your head and sort of just hug yourself on your inhale pull with your rib you're going to pull open as you stretch your elbow to the opposite wall stay here on your inhale don't let those knees move keep them sealed on top of one another and then on your exhale bring it back to center okay one more time and we inhale it open and exhale to center if you want more reps of these let's turn to the other side i do do a live version of these on sunday mornings and it's a full hour long class so we really dive a little bit longer into these poses right still feels good to do a few reps here we go inhale as you open feel your top knee push forward can you feel that opposition of your body knee pushes forward as your elbow pushes out and then we come to center one more time inhale as you open good exhale as you come back to center let's push ourselves up to a seated position face forward legs together sit up nice and tall and then from here all i want you to do is pull your waistband back is you just scoop your belly let your chin fall towards your chest and then we come back to center one more time and exhale as we pull it back and inhale as we come up stretch your arms long we're gonna roll it all the way back all the way back bone by bone by bone good circle those arms around bring them down by your sides bend your knees a little bit more in towards you take an inhale here draw your chin towards your chest and your exhale you're going to lift up and you're not going to let that pelvis tuck so i want you to anchor your sacrum push through your butt bones and lower back down one more time inhale exhale now go ahead grab your thighs on your inhale pull your elbows wide try to come up higher without tucking that pelvis and then let go of those arms and roll it back down arms down inhale pull the chin towards the belly exhale and then we're going to pull a little bit deeper hold right there neutral pelvis really find it let go and roll it back down through the spine release the arms down by your side stretch your right heel long and i want you to really anchor your sacrum push through your seat bones hold right there and really breathe into that pose good and now what we're going to do is we're going to pull that leg all the way up without letting our pelvis tuck tuck tuck tuck now hold right there lengthen the bottom leg flex that foot and really stretch you can grab this leg here just hold and breathe try not to let that pelvis tuck at all really keep it neutral as you anchor the sacrum anchor the opposite heel anchor the opposite hamstring so everything's locked and loaded we're stretching this leg into us and then i want you to point your foot and really try to keep that leg there as we let it go all right we're going to pull up towards our nose and around for three two one now circle the other way for three two one hold it right here hold it again flex your foot now really reach through that heel you're going to slide that leg down you're going to reach through that heel as much as you can and try to push this leg further than your bottom your other leg push it push it feel that length anchor it good feel that anchor and feel how open it feels good now the other leg lifts up reach through the heel good pull it up without tucking that pelvis it might feel a little tighter here because that bottom leg is now straight so wherever it goes pull it in without tucking hold and stretch lengthen that leg let it go and three circles three you can keep it as small as you want two one no stress in that body three two one pull it in deeper stretch it flex your foot now really reach through that heel try to pull that heel so it's longer than your bottom heel really anchor here anchor and squeeze those legs together push through those heels engage the hamstrings down in the ground soften your knees good now pull the chin to the belly flex your body up without letting that pelvis tuck and just pump take an inhale two three four five and out two three four in two three four five and out okay three more breaths keep pulling that head into the belly keep pressing those heels long your butt bones long to the opposite wall anchoring the sacrum one more time now stay right here and try to curl yourself up from here without tucking that pelvis stretch your body up and over feel that lift up and over of your body roll it back down without letting those shoulders come up to your ears push through those heels don't let the heels lift and then stretch your arms back as you pull the ribs belly and pelvis down and stretch up pulling the chin towards that belly take the weight of your head into the belly start to lift your body up and over and then we roll it back pulling the shoulders back stretching through those heels good and then bring those hands down all right so from here pulling your knees in towards your chest and allow the knees to just hug into your armpits as you push your sacrum down and then you can kind of go back and forth a little bit here feeling that release in the low back and then we're going to pull those knees in towards one another hug your chin in towards your belly button as you stretch your opposite leg long pull this knee in pull pull scoop switch pull pull pull pull pull pull one more each side good go ahead hug it in release that good now take your hands behind your your skull behind you where your head meets your neck squeeze your thighs together and draw your chin in towards your chest and belly button and then just stretch those legs out at a diagonal without letting your pelvis tuck squeeze those legs and really push the tailbone forward push the butt bones forward and then bend it back in two more times push it away so push forward with those legs take the weight of your head into your belly and pull back in one more time we press scoop reach good bend it back in release the hands down to a low v take your knees over to one side try not to let the knees move keep them sealed shut and then we pull it back to center inhale over and exhale center good let the hips move let the opposite rib lift a little pull rib hip back down one more time inhale good exhale it to center grab those legs pull the chin up use your legs to help support you on the way up as we take our legs into a v sit up nice and tall hands on the thighs take an inhale here exhale as we dive it and just feel that stretch of the spine as we come up and over and then roll it back up through the spine good inhale lift the ribs off the pelvis exhale as we sort of dive into ourselves keeping the butt bone stable and roll it back up you've got one more and dive it good roll it back up take your hands behind your head elbows wide lift your heart forward push energy through your heart like the sun is shining from your heart open yourself up take it into a twist come to center twist it good lean forward slightly one more each side open that heart good come here as you take your arms down by your sides push your fingertips into the ground as you lift tall think about those fingertips anchoring deeper into the earth as you lift yourself taller open those chests lift your arms up and just lean forward lean lean lean dive your body over towards your toes grab those toes and really stretch your spine like you're over almost like a cactus you're trying to really lift your body up and over stay right there as you let go of the arms and then i want you to lengthen open your heart forward anchor those butt bones lift it up up up towards the sky hold right there circle those arms around as you get taller taller taller anchor the fingertips one more time and lift and release it turn to your stomach here take your hands like a goal post your legs can be slightly apart anchor the pubic bone lift the belly and the ribs into the spine on our inhale glide those shoulders back as we push our heart forward and then on our exhale we bring it down one more time like that inhale it up reach those legs long and then exhale down now we're going to do that again and we're going to try to lift up inhale and open and exhale it down one more time we start with the forearms down pushing that heart forward and then continue as you reach and then lower it on down let's come up to our elbows make fists with those hands pull your shoulders back anchor those elbows and pull those elbows towards you slightly as you open your heart you can lift those hip bones a little bit scoop the bellies and then we're gonna kick it one two and switch one two one two you can keep your legs slightly apart on these good kick kick try not to move your upper body one more kick kick kick kick good and then we release our bodies down take your forehead under your hands reach your right leg long and lower back down reach and lift the other leg so we're trying to pull those legs long out of the hip socket almost you want a super reach as that pubic bone anchors one more each side good and one more and then go ahead take both legs up hold them there turn them out slightly and just pull the inner thighs all the way down to the heels together and open squeeze and open good pubic bone anchored belly button into spine ribs into spine shoulders down elbows wide for three for two for one release it down sit your booty back to your heels for a second feel that release good we're gonna lie down on our back we're gonna pull our heels in towards our seat as we roll our seat up find our bridge position again chest is heavy pelvis is up knees are pressing long as we pull one knee in towards our chest settle it back down other leg pull one more each side good and now we're going to take that leg up we're going to extend it up kick it twice one point up two point up hold there lower the hips down once and lift and lift now pull your leg closer towards your chest as you roll it down through the spine switch your legs roll it up first take the knee in stretch it up and flex really reach out of that hip point back up and point and then lower the hip down and press up and up really length on that leg pull it deeper into your chest and roll it on down good turn to your side as you cradle your head take your legs to the front corner of your mat your body's long you can hug it here hug it here lift your leg up now i want you to flex that foot kick it forward and pull it back the same distance that you kicked forward and pull your spine is long your pelvis is stable good let's go one more and then stretch it long and then we lift up and pull up and pull one more time give me little circles here at the bottom three two circle the other way keep reaching that leg longer than the other good and then nice big giant circles for three and two and one good circle the other way for three and two and one good and all we're going to do is lift ourselves up and find a little mermaid position sort of a small little mermaid here and then just stretch it up and over the tight way okay so towards these bent legs take your hand behind your head and lift your elbow up towards the sky and on your inhale i want you to try to push your ribs out a little further and really breathe into that long like you did in the beginning see if you can get a little extra stretch than you did in the beginning use your opposite hand to maybe push a little and get taller and then exhale you're going to stay here elbow up further to the sky head into the hand inhale open that right side push into it a little bit use your opposite hand to help exhale one more time inhale here really get length and then we're just going to close it off here and feel that stretch right into the right side of the body we're going to come back up and we're going to open that chest up towards the ceiling come to center and bring it up good other side so we're going to take our body long cradle your head reach it long whatever you'd like lift your legs to the front corner of that mat push your top leg longer than the bottom as you lift it up and then we flex forward and we pull back and we're trying not to move our pelvis we're just really trying to keep the upper body stable as we move the lower body good just here one more and then we're just going to go up and down and flex two more and then little circles i'm just reaching that longer as i hold more stable in the torso now nice big giant circles three in each direction stay long relax those shoulders anchor the belly into the spine we go the other way nice good release come up find your mermaid legs a little tight mermaid here and hold on to the shin to help you as you take your body over it will help pull you over bring the hand behind the head push your head into the hand and then take your hand on the floor a little for stabilization pull your shoulders back really lift this elbow up and now breathe into those ribs breathe into that long inhale exhale notice where anything is restricted and try to breathe into it use this opposite hand to really kind of get more length and tallness take another inhale to prepare here really lift that elbow up and then on your exhale feel that rotation and then inhale we open and open that heart use this hand to help twist a little deeper good and then we come to center and release it go ahead crisscross those legs again see how you feel maybe you feel a little bit more limber so you don't need that prop i'm actually feeling better where i don't need that prop okay inhale here and then exhale you just pull the belly back and feel a little stretch here come back to center and i just want you to sort of scan your body see how you feel okay that's what's super important good come to center and then close your eyes like we did in the beginning just take your fingertips lightly to either side of you and notice if you feel more energy in your body and if anything has unrestricted so my goal for you today was to get rid of some stress and decompress so how do you feel you feel like that happened open your eyes here and just take a giant inhale as you pull your palms together and then on your exhale just pull that energy right front center good job really nice job today hopefully you feel really good if you like this type of workout and you would like to work out live with me i do offer this class on sundays and if you can't make it live you get the replay all week so you have that workout to do all week all right so thank you so much for watching and i will see you again next time take care are you looking for more accountability or consistency in your workouts or maybe you'd like to be part of a community who also loves pilates if so come join my live online classes more information and signups at balancetothecorecom you

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