Relaxing Evening Pilates Routine

Hi guys! It's Robin from The Balanced Life Welcome to your Relaxing Evening Pilates routine

We're going to start this routine lying on our mat so go ahead and start with your knees bent, feet flat on the floor, and just slowly roll yourself back into a flat back position here Just let your collarbone fall open and take a few big deep breaths This routine is going to include a little bit of strengthening so that you do get some of the benefits of muscle building and toning but it's going to also be a restorative and relaxing routine to help you unwind at the end of your day So take a few big deep breaths, letting go of stress, letting go of any tension you've been carrying around with you, transitioning into your time on the mat Good

Take one more big breath and just notice one more spot where you're holding tension And as you exhale, let it go Let it melt away Now make sure that your feet are flat and they're about sit bone distance apart and perhaps bringing them in just a little bit closer to your booty Take an inhale and as you exhale, flatten your back, roll up coming into a pelvic curl

So here you want to be lifted Think of being in a straight line from your shoulder out to your knees Fingertips are reaching towards your heels and your inner thighs are active to keep your knees from falling out to the side Inhale at the top and as you exhale, soften your chest and articulate your spine down, one vertebra at a time Relax to a neutral position dropping your tailbone into the mat

Inhale, exhale flatten the back, articulate your spine up, press both feet equally down into the mat, reach the knees over the toes, feel the length across the front of the hips Inhale, exhale soften the chest, roll your way back down Release to neutral spine One more like that Roll up and this time as you roll down bring the arms up to the sky and then all the way up by your ears

And as you roll up, the arms come back, pressing down into the mat as you get to the top of your bridge Good Keep moving like that Hips lower as arms raise We'll do one more like that

Good Now pause at the top of your bridge and now from here can you drop your left hip bone down towards the floor and roll down along the left side of your spine? Beautiful Come back through center, roll up in the center, drop your right hip bone, roll down along the right side of your spine Oh, that feels so good! And come back through center Take both knees, hug them in towards your chest to release your lower back, rocking side to side

Good Now extend your legs long down the mat Bring the arms up by your ears We're going to do some roll-ups So we'll inhale to prepare, lift the head, neck, and chest, exhale to roll all the way up, stretching over beyond the toes

So in this position imagine that you have a beach ball in front of your belly and you're rounding over it Now from here squeeze your inner thighs, tuck your tailbone underneath you, and articulate your way back down Good We're going to do ten Inhale up, exhale to lift up and over, and slowly roll back down

Good Inhale lift head, neck, and chest Exhale drop the rib cage down into the mat to help you lift up Squeeze your inner thighs and reach the legs away from you to help you articulate the spine back down Good

Reach So if you're new to my channel or new to The Balanced Life you may or may not know that I had twins It's now twelve months ago and I just have to say as I'm doing these roll-ups it feels so good to finally have the strength back in a way that really feels stable and secure It has really taken time to rebuild my core, to really get that control, and I'm feeling it today So I just want to remind all of you to take your time, to trust the process

It really does work You've just got to keep at it And it's not an overnight thing, right? Fitness never is It takes time and it takes persistence but it's always worth it It will pay off

Okay, last roll-up here Good And go ahead and stretch forward, and stack it tall From here let's scoot back on the mat just a little bit and go ahead and take your legs to the width of the mat, flexing the feet, again sitting up nice and tall If you're unable to get into a straight back here, go ahead and bend your knees

Take an inhale and as you exhale, nod your chin, round forward stretching beyond the toes, feeling the length down the whole back side of the body Stack your spine back up again, head comes all the way back over the shoulders Inhale, exhale imagine that you're peeling away from a wall behind you, stretch beyond the toes Belly button draws in, stack your spine back up Beautiful

This is so good for your flexibility and your strength as you engage those abdominal muscles Go ahead and bring the hands behind the head, bring your head back into your hands So we don't want to be here We want to be here And inhale, inhale, and exhale

Inhale, inhale, and exhale Good One more to each side And come back through center Bend your knees, bring your feet flat to the mat and your arms straight forward in front of you

Inhale to prepare, exhale we're going to roll back just about halfway We're going to float the arms up, open to a tee, and bring them forward Inhale, and exhale Inhale, and exhale One more time

And roll back up From here scoot your hips forward, bring your hands– I guess I should say bring your forearms to the mat, your chest is open, your knees are going to come to a tabletop position Now keep your chest beaming up towards the sky So lifting up and then tap right foot, and tap left foot, tap right, tap left, and breathe Keep that chest lifting

For four, three, two, and one Good Turn towards me and prop yourself up on your forearm We're going to lift the hips up off of the mat for ten clamshells here And nine

Good Remember I wanted you to get a little bit of strength in here so you see me sneaking it in We'll end with a really delicious stretch to help you unwind and end your day, don't worry Four more Four, three, two, one, lower down

Let's see if we can swing the legs around to go right on to the other side Prop yourself up on your forearm, lift the hips Go ten, nine, keep your head in line with your spine, good, five, four, three, two, one, lower the hips Let's roll onto our back Lay yourself down, hug your knees in towards your chest

Good Relax and breathe Go ahead and place your right leg down on the mat, left leg crosses over it coming into a figure four Switching sides Relaxing and breathing

Good Rolling onto your side, push yourself up to a seated position, and you're done for the day! I hope you enjoyed this Relaxing Evening routine Feel free to use it anytime you need to unwind but you still want to do something to take care of yourself You're important, you're worth it, and you'll never regret your time spent on the mat So if you enjoy this I would love for you to click the "thumbs up" as well as subscribe to be notified when new videos are posted

And click the link below to check out more full-length Pilates workouts Thanks for joining me I'll see you back here very soon! [Music]

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