Quick total body pilates workout

Hey there, Chard?t here with Corp?o Fitness, this is your quick total body pilates workout it is a perfect one and you don't have a lot of time, but you want to tone, tighten and strengthen the entire body particularly the abs here So all you will need is a mat

I'm going to start by showing you the moves we'll be doing If you want to fast forward, just check the description for the time code of when we get started OK, guys, we're going to get started with a preview of the different exercises you're going to be doing If you want to fast forward through this, go ahead, check where to do it in the description you can get straight into the workout I want to start by showing you the first movement, which is going to be a double leg stretch

I'm going to pull my knees nice and tight towards the chest, extending arms and legs as long as you can as you exhale inhale bring it in and repeat If you are to make it harder, you lift the shoulders up off the floor and then release as you come back down That's movement number one, movement two we're going to do a teaser So we want long arms, long legs As you exhale, you reach the arms towards the legs and back down alternating legs for this one here

If you want to make it more challenging, you will rise up to the booty and then come on back down with control That is your teaser Then we're going to move into a side line series here We're going to come straight down onto the ground here Flex the feet

Hips are going to be stacked Top arm is on the floor or appear to make it more challenging We're going to lift that top leg up nice and high Pulse it for three lower back down You lift pulse for three, take it back down

The next move after that is going to be a swinging forward with control Take it on back again Swing forward with control Probably add a bit of a hold here and then take it back The last move in the sideline series here is going to be a pulse hammer pulse

This is hard If it's too hard, bend this bottom knee, bring it in here We're moving into our final two moves here Roll onto your belly Your palms are underneath your shoulders

This is a cobra lifts big toes, touch, lift the chest up and release back down And that is it for that one final movement, we're in a nice high plank pushing the heels back, shoulders above the wrists here, belly button draws in slow lift and release, inhale lift, exhale release if you need to cheat a little bit, not really cheat but modify You can go to the knees and still practice that same core control and then we'll go ahead and flip and finish with those three sideline exercises on the other side You're ready Let's get into it

OK, guys are going to get started on this workout here We have seven unique moves, three of them we're going to repeat So it's a total of 10 different segments Here they are each 60 seconds Let's go get it

Start Let's get started with your double legs stretch, pull the knees in nice and tight You get tongue tied sometimes here Go ahead and begin Exhale extend long, inhale bring it back in

Exhale take it long as you exhale, inhale Bring it in nice and tight Now I'm going to start to make this harder by lifting up my shoulders You can do that as well, if you like And our goal is to get as long as possible with the body, really try to grow

I'm super short, so I like this one, makes me feel like I'm growing every single exhale You got to also keep your shoulders down on the floor if that's more your speed at the moment Keep extending long Again, lifting those shoulders if you want that extra challenge there Go for it

I'm going to go ahead and lift mine now here Works deep into the core and the legs with this one So you can do one more And little release, extend the legs long, the arms long Next move, movement number two is our teaser

Take a big breath in And exhale begin to rise up, to reach towards those toes, ankles, thighs, whatever you can do And back down Now if you need to modify here Maybe you just lift the leg initially

You just start here Maybe you're super tired today and you're not ready to reach towards the ankles and toes We've all been there It doesn't matter how advanced you are, but if you really want to go deeper, you have to come up high, hold it a moment and then slowly release back down Really think about growing, lengthening the body

Exhlae on the way up and inhale on the way down Keep with that breath with me We're staying really deep into it Keep coming up really high Continue to breathe

We're going to do one more, one high rise and slowly release come down, going into our sideline series, it's three separate moves each 60 seconds on one side So flex the feet top arm up high if you want to challenge Down low if you want more support, it's going to fix this here to make sure you're all comfortable as well We're gonna do a sideline lift with some pulses So when you're ready, flex both feet

Big breath in Exhale, begin Raise it up that top leg and pulse if for 3, for 2, for 1 Slowly lower it down again Lift up in pulse for 3, for 2, for 1

Lower down again Raise it up Pulsing here If you want to make it harder, you can hover your bottom foot like I'm doing You can also raise this top arm here and practice that balance

This is challenging This is going to be one of the harder things you can do It's really going to test your balance and your coordination So choose wisely Last one and release

We're going to go into a pendulum swing top leg is going to swing forward and back with some holds in between You ready? Let's go ahead and begin Swing that top leg forward, bending the knee If you need to take it back to center again, bring it forward, controlling the hips and take it back Start to add some breath with me

It's inhale, bring the leg forward, exhale, take it back Let's start to add a hold So bring it forward and hold for a breath And release it back again, bring it forward, hold for a breathe And take it back, we're breathing forward and holding

And releasing you can have this top arm up if you want If you have a lot of control, you've done PIlates Go straight to it Go ahead Keep holding

We're starting to lengthen these holds here And take it back again, bring in forward holding here, squeezing the abs in and releasing it back, last couple bringing forward and holding in that breath, releasing backwards, do one more here bringing forward and hold it to the end Hold it And release it down, same leg It is going to be moving for the final exercise of this sideline series

I'm going to rotate a little bit Bottom knee comes down Flex the foot This is a hammer pulse So we're going to be pulsing on top like up and down when you're ready

Starting now, pulsing here Those of you guys who are more advanced, you can have this arm up if you want, it's just going to challenge your abs a little bit more You can also have this bottom leg nice and straight If that feels good to you as well So keep pulsing

Not if it feels good, if you feel it, let's say Continue to pulse And where you want to feel this is all down the booty, the thighs and the legs, you may have seen this in my booty workouts I do like to put it in there Hammer pulse, but it works the entire lower body, essentially not just the butt

Keep breathing Now, the good news is, before we get into your other side, we're gonna do your remaining two movements from the full workout so we won't go straight into side two, keep pulsing I know it's killing We're nearly there Those last few, bend this knee if you need to but try not to stop

Stay with me here Continue to breathe And release little hit for that booty We're going to go ahead and go into those last two movements before we repeat the sideline to finish So next movement is easy ish depending on how flexible you are

Big toes touch This is a cobra lift palms underneath your shoulders Take a big breath and keep your gaze to the floor for the rest of the time and begin as you raise the chest and the hands up off the floor and exhale back down Inhale Raise the chest up

The hands up, exhale Release down, inhale, raise it squeeze those glutes, exhale, release Maybe add the feet if you want, inhale lifting and exhale releasing again inhale raise Exhale release Inhale raise

Exhale release Inhale raise it up Exhale back down again inhale lift up Exhale, release down, inhale, lift as much as you can, really squeezing those abs, those glutes, everything here, exhale release down Inhale raise

Exhale release Couple more here Inhale raise Exhale release Last one, inhale raise

And exhale release Shake it out Nice and easy We're gonna push on Up knees or toes

This is alternating plank lift here Knees If you are still working on strength toes If not, I'm going to start on my knees When you're ready, guys, big breath in we're going to be alternating raising these legs one and then the other

Let's go ahead and begin to raise that right leg as you inhale, exhale Drop it down, left leg, inhale raise and exhale Release raising up nice and high And release back down Inhale lifting up

And release back down Inhale lifting up And exhale release I'm going to switch to my toes now It's a little bit harder when you do it this way

We want the shoulders nice and above those wrists Let's start to make it a little harder, shall we? Hold it a little longer Inhale lift and hold Exhale release down Inhale lift and hold it here

Exhale release it down Inhale raise it Exhale release Inhale raise it Exhale release

Inhale raise it, squeeze those abs, squeeze those glutes Exhale, release Inhale raise Exhale release Inhale raise

Exhale release last one, inhale, raise Exhale release Knees down, push back for a moment Let's go into those final three sideline exercises on your right side now So we have the right leg up from this point here

We're going to come forward and choose a different side here You're gonna go starting with that side, then lift in those pulses, hand here or here, as you like, flex those feet Big breath in a big exhale Raise that top leg, flex the feet Let's go ahead and begin

You slowly lower down Raise it back up and pulse for three two for one and back down Raise it up Pulse for three two one Maybe adding that suspension of the bottom foot if you want to do that

And adding also this top arm if you really want to challenge yourself here Continue to breathe Staying with a nice strong form the whole time Those three pulses Raising it up and pulsing here

And slowly back down, really squeezing and pulsing here Back down Inhale lifting and pulsing for three Nearly there So make sure you're feeling strong because you know, the pendulum one is a little bit harder to balance here

Continue to pulse Let's do our last one pulsing for three And little release, it's now pendulum swinging When you're ready, big breathe in with me And on your exhale, let's go ahead and begin to swing that top leg forward and slowly back

Make sure it's just the leg which is moving Nothing else is moving with You mean the hip hop to naturally Otherwise you wouldn't be able to move at all But everything else is nice and silent

We're going to hold now Hold it Remember, we have those holds to make it a little harder And then taking it back again, again bringing it forward and holding it And taking it back

Inhale holding that inhale as well, exhale releasing back, inhale holding it forward And exhale release And release Keep squeezing the abs in and keep finding a little bit more strength because you're nearly done with this quick little workout And back bringing in forward

And taking it back Do one more forward this our final little hold here Breathing through with me and release Little hit Hammer pulse is next

We're going to rotate so you can see me a little better and flex this foot You can also stay down here if you want Let's go ahead and begin Hammer, pulse Last exercise of the day here

Pulsing through Now, if you guys repeat this workout again, some things you can do to make it harder, ankle weights You can also, if you want Turn the foot upwards slightly That's going to make it harder

It's also going to put it deeper into the booty here Parallel foot is a little bit easier Not by much Still working hard don't worry But it just ups it a little bit, so we're going to continue to pulse here

Keep squeezing, feeling all down the muscle there You've got a stretch coming It's just working for those last little stretches going here Newrly there Ok guys, a few more moments

If you're really feeling it, Bend that knee, bring it back a little bit, but stay with it for those last few moments Last one and release that is it That is it Let's take a quick little spinal stretch with your legs as well You can take one leg over the other, big figure four stretch and then let it fall to the side

If this feels like too much Feel free to just stack the knees on top like this one little quick stretch and that's all just that you have a little release Pilates is like stretching and alignment in itself We're going to go to the other side But we'll have a little extra for you as well here, let it roll on over to the other side, relaxing here Couple more moments and then take it back to center

Rolling up to seated And you are done Guys, let me know in the comments What other kinds of Pilates workouts and quick workouts do you want to see? Because I'm always checking those and making them based on your request If you are work out a little more, what you could do is you could do one of my oblique that's side AB workouts

That would be a really good complement to this one If you haven't subscribed to the channel yet, please do so That way you know, whenever I post a new video or workout and I will see you guys in your next workout with me Tchau!

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