Quick Pilates Ab Workout

Hi Beauties! Today I'm going to lead you through a quick Pilates ab workout So this short routine will be perfect for you to sneak in anytime you've got just five or ten minutes and want to work your core

So let's go ahead and get started You're going to start in a seated position on your mat Gently grab behind your thighs and just lengthen your spine up to the ceiling Good Draw your abdominals in, front to back, side to side, supporting a nice tall spine

Float your arms straight forward, take an inhale and as you exhale, tuck your tailbone underneath you, rounding through your lower back, keeping the shoulders relaxed Inhale here and exhale, rolling back up So we're just going about halfway back This is our warm-up But really make sure you tuck the tail underneath you, keep the shoulders relaxed

Deepen that abdominal connection to come back up to a seated position Rounding, and engaging, and one more like this Good And if you are still feeling like that's good for you, just stay there If you want a little bit more of a challenge, let's go back to our lower back

Inhale, exhale, rolling back up Five here Tuck the tail, roll with control, inhale pause, exhale back up This is three This is four

Last one Good And we're going to roll ourselves all the way down this time with control, one vertebra at a time, resting your head, neck and chest on the mat, drawing your feet closer towards your body Let's float your right knee to tabletop, bring your left knee up to meet it Gently grab behind the thighs, nod your chin towards your chest coming up into chest lift position for double leg stretch

Inhale reach the arms and legs, exhale circle around Inhale reach, exhale circle Notice that I'm keeping my chest up the whole time Squeeze the inner thighs Go four, three, two, and one

Pause here Lift a little higher both knees Go to your right knee, stretch your left leg out Lengthen here Engage the upper body

Single leg stretch Switch one, and two Good Six more Six, five, four, lift a little higher, three, two, one

Both knees in Hug your knees in towards your chest Give the neck a little break We're coming right back up so knees to tabletop, gently grab behind the thighs, nod your chin towards your chest, come up Interlace the hands behind the head

Same thing with the legs but adding the crisscross of the upper body Switch one, switch two, elbows are wide, three, four, good, lift higher, five, six, you've got this, seven, eight, nine, ten Come back through center, hug the knees in Beautiful Arms rest down by your side, legs are going to extend to the sky

Externally rotate the legs, inner thighs are squeezing I want you to actually imagine you're wrapping the muscles around the back of your leg Good And we're going to just lower, and lift That's as low as I can go today

Oh, I'm even getting a cramp! So I'm still postpartum For me I'm maintaining control, I'm keeping it small If you can lower your legs lower, go ahead Just make sure you stay safe and protected in your lower back Go four, three, two, and one

Good Hug the knees in Let's roll onto our side, press yourself up, and come onto all fours, preparing for a plank position So let's align the shoulders right over the wrists, the hips right over the knees Good

And instead of sinking between your shoulder blades, press the ground away and keep your abdominals lifted Step one leg back, squaring your hips off step the other leg back Hips are nice and in line with your spine Now beam your heart forward between your arms, lengthen the back of your neck Just hold and breathe

Hold for ten, nine, press the ground away, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one Lower your knees, widen the knees, sit your hips back over your heels, rest your forehead on the mat Take a few big deep breaths Let your body relax Sink into your hips

Good, and rounding up to a seated position Congratulations! You've finished this quick Pilates core workout I hope you enjoyed it! Feel free to come back to this workout as many times as you'd like throughout your week, throughout the day, and I'll see you back on your mat very soon! [Music]

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