Pregnancy Beginner – Pilates Matwork – 30 mins Full body workout, tone & shape the legs, butt & abs

Hi thank you for joining me this class is for the mothers to be, It's safe to practice if you are in any trimester, but I do need you to get an all go from your doctor for you to start exercising and for those of you who are in the first trimester so from 0 to 12 weeks right so you need to just be very careful and see how you feel on that day okay so if you don't feel great if you're feeling dizzy or too nauseous please you know you know just have a rest you know only practice or start exercising when you feel good okay, so listen to your body don't push it, practice safely and to see how you go Okay, so I have here two pillows you may or may not need it I'll need them but I'm just putting there just in case, you need to sort of support yourself in any of the exercises I'll let you know as we do the class okay so first of all what we need to do is sit with diamond-shaped legs

Now maybe this is not comfortable for you ladies who are in your third trimester maybe maybe it's about kind of near bottom so again you can sit on a pillow like so, it's not any elevated and that's absolutely fine so find something that suits your your body best I'm gonna put this away I'm gonna go back to my position here all right on to my diamond-shaped position again is uncomfortable you're welcome to cross your legs Right now first of all I'm gonna go through the pelvic floor muscle Okay maybe you know what the pelvic muscle is, or maybe you don't know

So just a very quick introduction to it So the Pelvic Floor muscles are the muscles in the pelvis balls, so around here Okay now you have three openings as female you have the urethra, the front passage we call it, you have the vagina which is the middle passage which the baby's going to come out true, maybe maybe not and then you have the anus the back passage so to all three passages if you just locate it in your mind where they are underneath in your pelvis right you're gonna draw all the three passages – towards the middle together and then you going to draw the three passages like an elevator drawing up towards the belly button okay that's a pelvic floor and draw down and it draws up and then draws down okay just maybe you don't get it today that's okay just keep imagining of that elevator drawing up from the pelvic floor from the base of the pelvis and then drawing down when you draw down I don't want you to push down I just want you to release it down to the ground floor where the pelvis meets the floor okay so keep that imagery in your head drawing up the elevator maybe I'm going to do a little small workshop to elaborate more on the pelvic floor Okay if you like material please send me a message DM Atalaya Pilates Instagram or any youtube video, put the feedback underneath column so and I'll can set up a especially for the PowerBook alright let's get going again to where we were before so sitting up nice and tall I wanted to inhale compress your ribs here lateral pretty exhale draw that pelvic floor up it's like lifting the baby up towards your ribs and inhale and exhale Drawing it up and then inhale

If your belly is on a bigger side you can also hold that baby with the hands and as you exhale lift that baby up towards your heart and again inhale The idea here is to activate that abdominal muscles to hold the weight of your abdomen, your belly as you get bigger Okay and let's do two more times in breath and exhale last one inhale and exhale lifting Good job take your arms out to the side and let's go into a little stretch here as you go over inhaling and come back and inhale and come back and an inhale and side stretch and come back just the last one that's some rotation we're gonna twist over to one side place the other hand behind you on the floor and get yourself into a deeper stretch and change and we go again and back to center, and again and change one more each side, last one okay now let's take your arms up to the side where I want that shoulder to stay nice and easy down don't push it down just let it rest okay let mine feel a little heavy here palms facing up to start and then we're gonna internal rotate your palms facing back your thumbs facing down and over the other way and again exhale internal rotation the shoulder and external and again and rotate, just keep breathing in here and rotate one more time and stay in external rotation so palms facing up, thumbs facing back we slice your arms forward little pink to little pinky and open it out and forward hands to hands and exhale and an in breath, and an exhale

Feel your back to start activating Feel that heat radiating into the mid back into his arms one more time and lets stay here on the side Now we are just going to pules it to the back, so we go back just got six, five, two one into rotating the arms I know they get a bit tight huh and are we gonna go forward slicing palms, back of the plams to each other and then press back and back with the palm facing each other and press back and again in breath and a press back and in breath and yeah they're starting to brurn us arms yeah and then two more and last one keep the arms on the side and little pulses, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one rotate externally and drop it down and shake it out Yep simple moves can be quite painful all right get yourself on to quadrapod position all 4s okay

Right shoulders are wide hand underneath the shoulders knees and hips aligned I'm gonna just pull up this top so you can see what's going on in the abdominals here Right now this is a transverse abdominus connection okay so take an inhale again breathing into the side of the ribs and as you exhale I want you to lift that baby up Drop down as much as you can okay Keeping the spine long and in breath and exhale and in-breath and then exhale – lets do two more

in breath Hug that baby into your spine I like to say to my clients at the studio and last one and exhale hug it tight and the next one we're gonna take it into flexion so exhale drawing the baby to the spine and then push that floor away get yourself into round back looking down between those knees and an inhale, get yourself into a flat back again exhale push the floor away and an inhale Into a flat back and exhale In breath and two more, exhale Start moving the spine, you find that sometimes feel it a nice to stretch that back and last one exhale and then back into a flat back now the next one is kind of like wake the tail, like a dog tail so you going to turn your bum towards your right turn the bum and look towards your bottom and back to center and again exhale and inhale and exhale and in breath and exhale and an in breath and an inhale

two more each side, last one sorry one more set And the last one, come back to Center Pushed that floor away and round your back and you may have to open your knees a little wider to accommodate your belly and then I want you to sit back on your bottom or on the heels for a little stretch here Okay I just stay here inhaling and exhaling and the next inhale bring yourself up into that quadripod position again okay so remember I'm gonna draw in that abdominal a little bit more so your back doesn't stack down like so okay So hugthe baby in that's what I like to say to my lady at the studio All right so how the baby's in I want you to take you one arm forward into a fist all right and now as you breathe out bring it up stabilize the whole Center your whole body, as you take the arms up, exhale and down, exhale two more, exhale last one and then and back to your floor place your hand down

On to the left arm, on to a fists exhale hug the baby in and again and down and down three more and down, make sure you don't sink that back lift it up and the last one and place it down now to the side right to the side on two fists and an exhale and the floor exhale lift stabilize that Center pop the baby into spine two more last one bring it in where's your hint down over to the other arm okay again draw the center and all that it's AK and then we'll live sitting down finally turn him down one and three five two and how to place your hand down sit on the other side I'm just kind of reach out for one time if he's gonna rotate it all right if that's wrist a little break and then rotate the other way turn 10 under cool head come back onto all fours position again okay my costume is not missing but anyways so we're gonna draw that Center in again now this time you can extend the right leg okay so hold that guts hold the baby so like a rut like away without shifting your way so stretch it up and celebrity and stretch it out maintain an absolute stability in the trunk and then again don't forget to draw that belly and one more time stretch it out oh we leave the wakeup blower we'll lift it up okay guys don't let it backs away like so can push the flow away let the hem turn work one more time we hold here we lift the leg up two three four five six whole bring it down throw it in like drawing that abdominal in slide the left leg out bring it in maintain an absolute stability in the pelvis and a trial and return and itself one more time panics house break it up whole we lift it up again drawing it baby and hug it into your back okay and again and two more and last one and hold now little pulse up to the top 1 2 3 4 5 plus 1 6 Oh bringing and I'm Richard Brown best frame sit back onto your heels again you can I open the knees a little bit wider and stretch your back away stay here once it'll break even and exhale one more breath and exhale then come back again to all core position okay so hence we're going to inhale okay to the other side inhale oh boy exhale place your hand down over the other hand the back of the head we watch hate mine exhale what hey hey next Center and let's go round up back for me guys now I want to keep that active abdominal you can open your knees wider if you need to okay now I need to keep writing it back and press away sit the heel onto your heels and then come back stay round by bringing back I can come back to more sit back and I'll come back last one sit back and they'll come back flat back knees underneath the hip socket toes under for me guys right now we really really need to draw that belly in but have that baby in guys now I want you to press and hands down press those feet down firmly onto the ground and then as you breathe that hug that baby up into your spine push the flow away with a head and a big are we going to hold where that knees off we stay here on five four three two one release the jaw let's do one more and exhale have the baby into your spine push the floor away keep the bad actor and live and hunger for 5 4 3 2 1 and I roll this sit on the heels okay right I wanted to take the feet forward that was a tough one okay right release your left leg down take a lot like Oliver okay so you're going to look like this okay I'm just gonna face it upfront for now okay all right now we're gonna do so try to get this box on me down if you cannot that's okay if this is uncomfortable again you can have the pillow underneath your boss them all right so opposite so I've got my wrongly cross left I'm across and we're just gonna push my arm against my thighs and rotate my body to the back you'll find that cool it you're fuckin stretching a nice little rotation stroll edge on this punch you alright let's stay here can't breath exhale find a deeper stretch of me pump one more in Brugha exhale analyst over to the other side okay sorry I have my left my right to the bottom my left leg on top try to sit both sitting bone off watch them on the floor and then I have my right I'm up bring across okay press it against it five all right and imide the left hand at the back all right with inhale try to stretch as much you can then the next cell you find that good sort of opening and stretching in bruh and exhale one more okay all right now I want you to seek something this position how think maybe just a mat with a punch like so okay now just place your hands how are you like all right just you know maybe just a little maybe finger kids today they are to the side and that's okay like just gonna do some rotation so we aim help which is gonna twist on an exhale and inhale on exhale and and or and exhale I mean I'm okay good job right now I want your sight all right so this is where the pillow might come in handy okay so you can have your okay let me just lad myself first okay this is the position I like that you do right nice in front of your hips heels and knees aligned interlaced the hand to the back of the head now again if this is all comfortable this is where this bill upcoming hindi ok so you can play see onto me and the other one behind and in your belly is a more precise bigger you can have another pole to support that's like you shove it in there I don't like that okay so well I don't need it because I'm not pregnant but if you donate it you're welcome to use the filler as a little support and then if your nipples pull for your heart you also want comfort if you John you took if you feel like you don't need it let it go okay I'm just gonna put it on my head just destroy those who knits it okay now what we want to do here just making sure that your spine stays in one straight line that your waistline is lifted okay so you know I don't want a belly to stake here that's why the pillow comes in handy if you are to progress that you have a bigger belly but lifting up that waist okay in brown XL if that weighs and have a baby into the spine and now I will need help to open that chest rotate back as far as you can you should feel really really good ladies exhale and an E and an exhale and exhale one more breath and then exhale release okay you can continue using that pillow if you want to either watch it go let it go I'm gonna let it go so I can show how I want that's up you who does and who don't need the low so half the time here okay and place an opportunity here with the waist up and then from here I want you to just lift the top leg up if lapel is stable and in jail you could also place your hands here lift them down I looked and looked and to my left and the last one worked and down no rule if not stay hold that position and extend and you know what looks like to extend next I'm next more actor yeah it's burning and laughs one extern and I'm full over the top leg over the bottom so you're not withdrawing down and stay here you can place it in fact we just need a little swing here so we're gonna sweep back – move forward and I'm gonna pick the pillow away and anger fold like so and for keep the height of that leg consistent I'm gonna kiss oh I'm forward and I think after Adam Ford panning back and forth and back and forward and back forward and – mm-hmm yeah breathing I know I know last one and I'm brave back and in realistic good job all right help yourself up carefully all right yep yep Prince take your other arm up and over you go little lateral stretch stick it in breath and exhale and I wanted to pull this in the belly in all right I don't you to bring the arm down slightly a rotational so feel like someone's pulling you for and you're pulling you back yourself back you find that stretch on the back then come back in okay over to the other side ladies okay so I'm going to not use the pillow on this side but please use the peel on pause the video if you need to set up alright so in place the fingers behind your head if you're not using a filling all right first thing first again drawing that abdominal aimed right the waistline up so you're not sagging down that's very important the type we're going to inhale opening that chest feels real good and exhale why is it should feel really good planning aim I add some good I mean broken and that's two two more okay moving on welcome on this long okay easy for you can place up your luck here right there like son okay if you are if you're not that's okay you don't have to okay now we're gonna leave I'm gonna do that clamp so lift the wake up Alan yeah and again and again you can place your hands here sterilize that power messy don't rock yourself back yet so keep the pelvis stable just the leg moving and again and again out let's go two more I don't know how many have done it but all right last one and home stretch and again yep that's good here it's working a lot kick second sides always hide in the first egg course your first side the bottom sides are really kind of burned out and kicked one more time I think kick and ball blower just hover and your do a little swing here so we're gonna go back and forth and a sweet back and forth and again have the baby in for Anna back oh boy just swing it away with controller and again and again that's the two more last one come fuck realest bitch okay he just lit up you know I would call that little bump massage chair okay so come here I helped myself up carefully i spice existent so coming tomorrow my position take the arm up to the ceiling I don't know where you go pull a cholo stretch once that's a breath inhale relenting out exhale reach the arm across pulling that baby and reach yourself out to the indoor exhale one more okay ladies so coming on to this position please sorry this position last one okay I wanted to have your knees keep with the pad feet parallel fingertips facing forward towards your bottom or you can go onto the site if this is uncomfortable with the wrist with your wrist so press your hands down lift up breathe out press the feet coming up into at the table this is a modified back support sitting in how change down keep that chest proud and again exhale lift the pelvis Negus wall and an inhale hinge down let's do three more exhale I mean bro two more back so that's it enemy in black last one and in breath well done alright coming on to your fitting like so if you feel comfortable but not just cross relate all right from here ladies you're just going to inhale extend the upper chest pockets you know expand high release an egg so then just round one and two more high in Excel rounding that back and the last one then exhale and come to the middle it's all for the pregnancy workout for today I hope you enjoyed it and I'll see you soon

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