[Playing Pilates]? ???? ????Hip Stretch Workout [????? ????]

Now, let's try "Hip Stretch" This is an exercise that stretches the front of your pelvis

There is also a "Hip Up" effect Lie on your back You know a lot about the "Bridge" action Position your arms next to your torso and keep your pelvis level with the floor As I inhale and exhale, I'll go up from the tailbone one by one

Go up to the ceiling Be careful, don't use your waist when bridging Another thing, the center of the neck should not go over Please note these two Build your body like a runway

It's the force under the hip It is not that there is power in the waist Inhale and exhale, descend from the chest as if descending the stairs It goes down to the tailbone To be precise, it would be sacrum, but think of it as a tailbone

Inhale and exhale, do the pelvis one by one Do not climb up and enter the panty line in front of the pelvis It is to stretch this part forward From the knee to the front of the pelvis, chest and sternum, look straight from the side Apply strength under the hip

As you exhale, come down one by one from the chest Just do "Bridge" like this It is "Marching" in the "Bridge" state "Marching" on the floor does not move the pelvis, only the hip joint This is done by going up the "Bridge" state

It's just going to climb and move the hip joint Inhale and exhale and "Bridge" Keep your neck long, nothing moves In this state, only the hip moves Allow movement to occur in the hip socket

Please press the bottom of the supporting foot Power is going under the hip When coming down, come down one by one from the chest If you can feel the strength of the hamstring on the supporting leg, you are doing well Please exhale again

Press the supported leg hard, and nothing moves Fold and unfold the hip joint on the other leg When coming down, come down from the chest one by one This is "Bridge Marching" This action lifts one leg from the beginning

And, "Bridge" on one leg, it will be much harder As you exhale, come up one by one Then come down If you are good at it, you can extend this leg for a long time Don't push your back, but use your butt

This is called "Single Leg Bridge" Keep the other side up with one leg like this Let the front open One pelvis does not lie down, and both pelvis remains the same height Avoid twisting

This is called "Single Leg Bridge" The next move is to bridge the heel When lifting the heel, bring your legs slightly toward your hips Then lift the heel, press the foot ball well, and the rest is the same Listen and exhale and climb one by one

It will be much more powerful Opening the front is the same Please drop one by one from the chest Please make my body longer Please go up again

Lengthen the pelvis Please come down "Heel Up Bridge" The next action is to "Clam" after "Heel Up Bridge" Opening and closing the hip joint Inhale and exhale and ascend your heels

If you open the leg in that state, you will feel more in the hip Fix your pelvis when you move your knee Please keep it closed and open it as it is Come down from the chest It will feel much better on the hamstring

The next move is "4 character stretch", which you know a lot You will do it as you lie down Make one leg 4 characters long and hold both hands behind or in front of your knees In this state, it is pulled together with breathing By the way, I often do this

This will not give you the hamstring stretch we want If you do this, the back of the lumbar region will stretch What we want is a stretch of the hamstring So keep your pelvis as immobile as possible Pull your legs gently with your breath

The other side also pulls for stretching I don't follow Put your pelvis down and pull your legs gently with your arms Take a deep breath Do not hold your breath, deepen

Do not try to use your power, but breathe Do not go and breathe to the dissection Let's do this stretching, and let's exercise over and over again Take a big breath I'll do "Simple Bridge" It goes up four times

Please exhale and download Long neck ~ go up again Keep your thighs long with diagonal lines Come down gently from your chest Do two more

Go up and down Last Inhale, exhale, and chin down I'll do "Marching" with the "Bridge" up Go up to "Bridge" and stop, starting with the right leg

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Start gently from the chest Next, I'll do "Bridge" 4 times with my right leg bent at 90 degrees 1, 2, 3, 4 Go up 4th and stop Stop by stretching your right leg up

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Put your legs down and come down I'll do the same on the other side Bend your left leg and do "Bridge" 4 times 1, 2, 3, 4

Go up 4th and stop Stop by stretching your legs up 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Put your legs down and come down Now you are going to "Heel Up Bridge"

Bring your legs a little more towards your hips and lift your heels I'll do "Bridge" 4 times 1, 2, 3, 4 The next action will be "Clam" in the up state I'll do it 10 times

For a moment, this stroke is clamped on the bridge, which has risen to a crushed state Go up 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Come down breathing from your chest I'll repeat the same action once more

Go up in a heeled state 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Come down breathing from your chest Now you're going to "stretch four characters" Just hold one knee with both hands and breathe

Place the pelvis heavily and breathe Keep breathing ~ Feel the hip hamstring stretch I'll do the other leg Breathe Take your strength off your neck and feel away from your shoulders and ears

Make it heavy under the pelvis and buttocks Keep breathing Release your legs Meet the knees in the "A" shape, legs away, arms above I'll relax

Do your hair Try not to strain your upper body Look in the middle and take a deep breath Good job

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