Pilates Yoga Fusion Full Body Workout

welcome to tabatha yoga and welcome to your 30-minute Pilates and yoga full body workout okay so this is week one of your Pilates and yoga fusion program through the weeks I intend to build up your strength your flexibility and your endurance so by the end of week four hopefully you'll be feeling strong you'll be feeling flexible and you'll have a lovely inner glow of great achievement for achieving all four weeks so ideally if you can practice each week at least twice and then when you go into second week and third week and fourth week you'll find each a lot easier so take it steady spread it out and twice a week three times a week if it's possible and then the next week we'll feel that's easier because every week I'm gonna make it slightly harder okay if you'd like what you see please like and subscribe to Tabitha the yoga I'm gonna start standing so bring yourself up into a nice easy standing position so thinking about your posture have your feet hip distance apart and lift your toes and spread and separate your toes a little bit so it's like they're doing a little Mexican wave now we and then you rocking forward without lifting your heels walking back without lifting your toes and then come to the center take a little sway to the side to the center and the sway to the other side and all we're doing here is allowing myself to feel grounded connected kind of checking in hand body is and being present draw the thigh muscles up towards the hip so you pull in those muscles and as you do that lift your pelvic floor muscles up into your lower belly and I know it's easy to say and people always say work your pelvic floor and not everybody really knows what that means but if you if you're drawing the muscles from your pelvic bone to your tailbone and kind of everything in between scoop that up and then pull the lower belly in lovely and keep trying to keep that time throughout this whole practice so we're just going to work on relaxing our shoulders loosen up tension you don't want to be practicing yoga or pilates with tension in your body and then keep your shoulders away from your ears and take a look over your shoulder to the center take a look over your shoulder to the center and drop your chin to your chest to the center and then bring your chin to the ceiling and give it an extra little poke or reach lovely and then looking ahead take your ear to your shoulder and come up and do the same on the other side I mean come on you should feel nicely loosen your shoulder tension free so breathing in through your nose and out through your hips and again breathing into your nose and then you're pushing the air away like it's thick and it's an effort to come down so breath in and breathe out strong as you breathe out and as you breathe out tuck the belly in and lift your pelvic floor again so breathing in stretch breathing out push against resistance and again so breathing in reaching up and we're taking a little side stretch to wake up your waist inhale come up exhale to the side again inhale reach up exhale stretch your hand down reach down and stretch cross and it's only tiny if you look up it's a deeper stretch again good inhale come up exhale reach down warming our bodies up and if it's ok for your neck come all the way back up with your arms okay so you're keeping your arms where they are and come up onto tiptoes hold here as long as you can he's just lining up your shins and your ankles toes and soles of the feet good and then paddle and this often you know the feet and the ankles often that get neglected but they're so important I've got one section on YouTube just for feet but his feet get elected and they are the most important things they get around the earth we must look after our feet come back and I can you can see me struggling to stay up but the whole struggle my whole body's working overtime to keep myself up hold your tiptoes good and then softly down okay just to release everything off I'm going to soften my knees and take a little down scoop and come up good I'm gonna do that twice walk down and come up out breath in breath up keep the arms up now just what should we sign you on there bring my bottom down into a squat and I should be able to lift my toes so dropping down and come up squeeze your bottom cheeks pull your belly in lift your pelvic floor and come back down again down and squeeze down squeeze squeeze like a nut really solid bottom please down squeeze for squeeze three two and one and hold it down again all the weights in the battery you just going to lift your bottom lift lift four three two one and then come back up now come up onto your tiptoes imagine you've got the highest heel on the most uncomfortable pair of dancing shoes that you have those who are on your feet and then you come down into a squat and squeeze come up down and squeeze down and squeeze and five squeeze four three two one stay down keeping the head where it is swap uncomfortable dancing shoe on the other foot hold it squeeze squeeze as you come up nutty Bato tight tummy push push their hands back feel it in your biceps two four three two one stay down both heels up and a little pulse eight seven six five four three two one drop if you haven't already and come up bring in a little shake out in the body and walk yourselves to the back of your mat standing nice and tall again she's relaxing your shoulders and from here what I'd like us to do is just do a nice gentle roll down so you're rolling down through the spine and a lovely analogy is to imagine that your vertebra is like a bike chain and you know how it kind of moves in a liquid motion I'd like to imagine that that's just by just rolling down like a bike chain smooth and liquid your hands reaching the floor bending knees if you need to and walk your hands out into a plank now you know I love my plants if you watch this regularly we'll be building on these as times go by walk back in there scoop the belly in and roll up then we roll your shoulders at the top roll down again chin to chest belly in nice fluid roll down through the back walk out into your plank tuck your tailbone under just a jot bring your pelvis towards your ribs and then drop your knees and bring yourself to a paused finger spread and just a nice easy round to the back looking to your tummy button and then breathing in looking up and breathing out round you back and take this part slowly and I always like to really I like to close my eyes on this because it enables you to tune in and just see how you doing see how you're back and see our hips shoulders everything just gives you couldn't put you under a little microscope just to check how you are and that's really important so even though this is about you know strengthening and building up to stability it's also really important to check how you are emotionally and be a little bit mindful so this is a good way to tune in just pause form them and take a few more of these breathing in lift because that makes face with I'm breathing out push your breath out breathing in lift your chest and breathing out round your back and stay round it there this time ye arched like the right scaredy-cat curl your toes under and you're going to lift your bottom and down crease and job now for some of you this might be the first down dog you've ever done and it might look a lot different to mine and that's fine so if your knees are bent in your arms aren't straight then that's fine today is the first day and every day from here will be better increasing the stretch if you can heels down closing your chest your thighs giving your head shape and key to town dogs if it feels uncomfortable bend your knees and then the spine can just hang nice deep breaths and then slowly walk your feet to your hands to the front of your mats and relax in a forward fold soft knees hang out there top the head to the floor and you're gonna bend your right knee really put some bend in it and leave your right hand down and take your left arm up look up at the top hand as you're inhale and then we swap sides then they left me reach your right arm up exhale inhale you get the picture one more each side it's a nice gentle rotation in your spine keeping your back healthy keeping your own ball both hands down pull your belly in and draw your son madly that's nice fluid movement through the spine standing up front of your mat so the beauty of this practice is you get the strength and the mobility of your Pilates class but the flexibility and the full stretch of your yoga so let's come into some nice traditional yoga poses so standing in Tadasana again same principles belly in pelvic floor lifted we call it will abandon in yoga and you're gonna stretch or send your left leg back so just stepping right back and flattening the foot so try to keep the little toe side of the foot to the mat and the hips rolled forward and reach your arms up good to the front leg and we reach your arms strong more all the way to your fingertips now let's gives you the chance to breathe really deeply because I'm opening up the ribs here try not to backbend too much because when you close the back rib and then straighten your front leg and you're gonna reach lengthen out of the waist and reach and bring your hand down rest over the front leg take hold of the right ankle and take your right arm up do you hear that hip pop reach your right your left arm up sorry and hold yourself here and if it's okay with you that you look up at your front hand lovely hold and then breathe in and come up steady we establish a nice strong arm breathe out and take the arm behind you and this is peaceful warrior and you don't get back foot hold it and it's a nice side stretch inhale coming back up come all the way up establish yourself and then your sweeping your back arm forward if she do that your hip follows yeah and bring both arms all the way back up and fold forward reach reach reach reach and send your hands down to the floor step your back foot in a little and then this time your feet are on kind of them psychic on skis they're on parallel tracks and you're resting your arm either on the floor but if they don't crack out there it doesn't matter you rest on your leg or maybe on your hips so from here you're going to lift your front foot and drop lift and drop you need to do this really steadily because if moon will make it wobble lift and drop final time good then lift in the back toe and drop him down lift and feel the strength in your next in three something the knees if you need to take your hands down and then walk all the way around to a side position and then walk all the way round back foot flattened front foot facing forward soft in the front knee bring your arms up warrior one magic or on the other side reach up strong through the fingers breath deep because you've got the area in this space to breathe fully love you and straighten your front leg and reach reach reach reach reach reach and take your right arm up put your top hand hold yourself in tripin asana breathing in establish those nice steady shoulders breathe out Peaceful Warrior and then this back home it swings forward as with your hips and reach up we reach up out of the waist and then folding folding folding folding paschimottanasana step the back foot in nickel so your hands to the floor or to your head tell me any pelvic floor lifted lift your front foot steady drop down lift and drop it's not as easy as it looks this don't underestimate these little treats back heel comes up good back heel comes up three and four lovely folding bring your hands to the floor and bring yourself into a wide position lovely how little sway from side to side good bring yourself Aloha and you can have into swing and it will hop from side to side nice and then we're going to come down onto our bottoms so working core so front of body work now so good section of core work so you know take some rests when you need to everything that we do will be in a in a count of eight so you know what's coming so gonna start lying down and this next exercise is just to really warm up and bring a little bit of fire in vain so we're going to go into shock resting down and stretch the body out and all we're going to do is draw your knee in bring the lower back to the floor and then take yourself out bring them the in that's an out breath strong and long inhale exhale come in in how come out exhale come in you get the picture so let's do four more nice deep breaths lower back into the floor last two and you can feel as soon as you bring your knee in this is working well though it doesn't quite feel like it is and then bend your knees then place your hands on top of your thighs lower back comes into the mat just a little pelvic tilt so their hips tilt up to the ceiling and give your pelvic floor a little lift so again front pelvis to coccyx if you're not sure draw it all in you can't go wrong you lower back into the mat breath in breath out breath in and out six more keep going four more last one well they're doing music and I'm going to bring ourselves into tabletop position so tabletop is the knees above the hip the key is to have the lower back in the manikins you've got that pelvic floor tilt little drawing of the pelvic floor lovely hands on their phones this is Gary is easier than it looks no it's much harder than it looks it's easy a truth isn't hands on your thighs lower back into the mat you push your hands into the thighs and push the thighs into the hands so we're going to do it for a count of eight and then an eight off and then an eight on and an eight off you get the picture so women ease up your pelvis tilt hands into the thighs lovely and then we're going to push into the hands and push into the thighs lower back into the mat for eight seven six five four three two and one and release seven six five four three two one lower back in and eight seven six five four three two one and release eight seven six five four three two one we're going to do another step push push push six five four three two one and release bring your knees in lovely so the knees come back into tabletop arms come up reach your arms up off the mat and then drop them down low so all you're gonna do here is keep the arms hanging and drop the toe down so it's just a little and the lower back things in the mat tap tap just four more four lower back in the map that's the key belly button into the spine I'm sure you can feel that straight away okay this time opposite arm to leg and down out-breath this time as soon as you take the toe down the arms come out side and in out to the side and in now back to opposite arm and leg good take the toes arms out to the side and in and you can tell your arms and legs to be doing something in these this exercise and it'll be doing something totally different unless you're super coordinated arms out and in out and in opposite arm and leg opposite 501 out and in out and now you'll need to squeeze the knees into the chest here and just have a little rock from side to side because that's tough so you can keep that knees squeezed in hold on to it hold on to the knee whether it's behind or on top and then you straighten out your opposite leg make sure you've got the room point the toe and lift your head and chest toward your bent knee and then we're gonna swap slow and steady and swap and swap and four three two and one and hold the knee there and rest down now bring the foot to the ceiling take hold of the foot from the outside you draw the knee to the floor or to the armpit or maybe you're holding at the shin wherever your hobby just working on flexibility straighten the opposite leg pushing away really strong all the way down to the heel cool okay we're swapping bring the knee in lifting the head and chest and eight seven six five four three two one finish on the other leg rests your head down flex your foot and bring the foot to the ceiling draw the knee to the armpit flex the opposite leg it's strong and straight hold it wonderful bringing the knees into the chest hugging the underneath and rocking yourself all the way up that's the hard work done we're just going to stretch off now so you feel great when you finish the class so we do the stretch to restore our energy and get you ready for your day so bring your arms up reach up and fold forwards bring your head toward your knee pull your head beyond your toes good slowly lift that fluid spine you roll yourself back up bring your right foot in and place it just on top of the left thigh or just above the knee and that might be enough of a hip stretch or maybe you can bend the left foot have the hands to the floor to lift your chest it's deep but it means you won't hurt tomorrow okay release it off straighten the legs straighten both same on the other side cross over bend lift your chest release off okay this time I'm going to cross the next so bringing yourself into a cross leg position if that's comfortable otherwise you know find yourself in a comfortable cross legs are stiff now you'll be able to do them by week four side stretch good breathing it'll come up take it the other way side stretch breathing and come up one more time each side maybe a little deeper so maybe you can come down to your forearm do you stretch nice and deeply inhale come up on the side stretch over good bring your arms up and take a twist look over your shoulder check out what's behind you your neck should feel quite loose nice smooth moves breath in bring your arms up breath out take a little stretch the other way breath in reach up and take your hands down behind you fingertips pointing towards your bottom and lift your chest when you squeeze the shoulder blades together behind you and really soft take a shape to the wrist it's just checking there's no stiffness there and then you go you're done you've done thirty minutes Pilates and yoga fusion I really hope you enjoyed it now next time I see you won't we – it will be a little bit harder and a little bit more challenging but if you practice this a few times you will be totally ready for it so if we hope you enjoyed your session with me today on top of the yoga namaste [Music]

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