Pilates Yoga Fusion Full Body Workout Wk 4

welcome to Telugu and welcome to week four of your Pilates and yoga full body fusion class now this week is your power finish it's stronger it's deeper it's harder but it's just as much fun as the other three classes so if you're ready for the challenge and you practice the other three classes just a few times then let's get going okay I'd like to start in a nice Mountain Pose a traditional good posture you would know roll your shoulders and relax them down away from your ears pull your belly in and a little lift of your pelvic floor – okay you're going to take a look over your shoulder just taking a little time just to release any tension from your neck come back to the center drop your chain so you can get plenty of lovely stretches from the exercises but often the nap gets neglected take your ear to your shoulder come back up and enti on the shoulder come back up okay to your shoulder again and then just take a nice easy roll and take it the other way as well the last thing we want to do and we're doing all these exercise is be scrunched up and tense it will affect our breathing affect our posture roll forward I'll be then looking back up so everything is nice and taut if time is pulled in your pelvic floor lifted you've got a good bit of muscle control here your legs are strong and you're ready to go so breath in nice big breath in reach up and push away keeping your tongue as strong as you push away so it's like you've got that magic corset on and it's keeping your whole body tucked in and push away good and come up hold yourself at the top you could take that kind of like James Bond gun look with your hands so you've got a good grip and take a science way reach over inhale come up and let them take it the other side as well and reach over I'm gonna do one more each side you remember in your breath inhale come up exhale come down just waking up the waist and then I'd like you to reach up with your left arm to the ceiling as high as you can and reach down with your right hand and then up down with your hand and then look up to your hands and then we switch reach our right to the ceiling and down with your hand looking down down this is all next care and stretching through the waist come all the way up and bring your hands down the next time you come up you're going to come up onto tips the first ones usually the most wobbly and then bring your hands back down good breath in and come up right out and again nice big breath in get your legs nice and strong and really self good your next breath in hold it high oh just out of high find your balance and then when you're honest and that's a I've got it again breathing in come up breathing out my whole point is working overtime to keep this balance stable the whole body's working my ankles toes everything strengthening my whole body complete working lovely hold your arms up and then pop our hips involved as well shushing those hips lovely and then react so we will actually show you have to come out into kind of a ballet position here your toes are opened you got to tap into your inner Darcey Bussell and come up onto your tiptoes so you want to have the heels together to stabilize you and then you're going to come down into kind of like a clean a watch those knees don't come in they need to come out and you're going to just pulse down down down down down push down four three two one now lift up seven six five four three two one lovely now stay here or if you know you've got a healthy happy hips and good news you're gonna squat down love you bring your hands into prayer and allow those knees to open in affirm it more good then you're gonna come up not fully halfway and squat down feel burn already in your cars carts and thighs make sure that pelvic floor stays lifted little time lift lift lift three two one now hold and if you're happy you're gonna go down hunter balance doesn't know if you lock forward elbows into the knees increase the opening in your inner thighs okay when you're ready take it right there press out halfway again heels together to stabilize and you last eight seven six five four three two one wonderful drop your heels and relax your hands down top of the head releasing and release and it'll lift your bottom here's you just allowing just that slightly little left now straighten your legs pull your belly in and roll rolling all the way up so this time I'd like us to take a nice wide wide legs coming down into a wide leg squat and last week we use some hand weights so hopefully you still got those by you I'd like you to grab them and bring them to your hips okay so you just gonna come down nice and deep making sure that their knees go over the second big toe so dropping down pushing down push push take it nice and deep firing up the thighs four more three two one now left they have to send some lifting light in the tummy light in the public floor four three two one now squatting coming up and taking a kick so you squat down come up and take a kick just a total contrast from Darcey Bussell you're tapping into your inner sumo wrestler squat and kick so you'll have a little element of finding your balance kick two more on each side pick squat and kick whoa one more each side kick squat and kick if you feel this in your legs already stay where you are nice and deep relax your shoulders down your back arms come out oh you will remember this from last time little circles smooth breath tuck your tailbone under a little still staying low with the legs and you'll soon not be able to feel the legs because the arms were soon in Farah smooth breath keep going now take them the other way little circles you notice a scalpel didn't become she breaks this time no breaks I'm afraid okay now to lift your arms up six more come back the legs keep so much to one and push down push push push three two one tummy and push forward forward scratching and humming scrunch scrunch four three two one keep going push back open the chest shoulder blades together stay though back come up a little higher four three two one stay there bigger circles eight keep going breathing four three two one squat down further other way what six five four three two one wonderful just like we did last week you burn the tens to your shoulders to really release roll them you stand with this squat now if you need to release it straighten but otherwise working on sculpting the legs here it's getting nicely knives getting rid of those little dimples or little cell you like them you might have on the back of the legs as best we can we're going to work to eradicate those with these deep squats a patient hands in front I'm coming into an upright row now elbow comes Harvey so you're squeezing hi out breath keep forgetting to the squat and then you realize you come up so stay down squeeze four three squeeze two and one wonderful now 90 degrees through the arm and around and squeeze in inhale open round out breath in [Music] squeeze your Timms inhale open Bend that left up squeeze and open squeeze and two more and lovely bring your arms down roll your shoulders now elbows high into those scarecrow arms and you're just going to extend and walk in extend draw in five more in Japan really feel this in the arms for dick deep sorry I told you it'd be stronger – and definitely harder whoa oh wow roll your shoulders and roll them again well done so turning and pivoting to the side keep your wall around the weights just at your waist ready for later and all we're going to do here is drop the knee so just a little gentle knee to the floor knee to the floor and usually everything is an account of AIDS four more three two one wonderful now from here it's just a pelvic tilt now we did this last week I'm loving stabilizers your hips you just I'll just pull this tight so you can see so we just hide my ten here you squeeze squeeze squeeze and squeeze pelvic floor to squeeze four three two one now keep tucked under and point your leg behind you have your arms down and then as you lift the leg you're coming into an upright row and drop squeeze up our breath in breath return for more full try not to open the hips this is about strengthening your bottom your hands and your lower back n?s count down to one hold it high and lift lift lift four three two one boom wonderful lovely roll your shoulders have a little shimmy in the hips good we're gonna move our corner all that on the outside till we get to know so pivot the next round take a breath nice and upright good keep smiling you Japan and drop my legs shaking after all those wide neck squats four three two one come up now pelvic tilt and scrunch stay upward through the spine squeeze squeeze your bum squeeze squeeze 3 2 1 keep the squeeze toggle forward wait in that standing leg but keep it nice and back leg arms heavy down up right right left so lift your elbows squeeze them up so you feel it in your shoulder blades two one hold it and lift lift lift three two one Oh back have a little sway just lose your weights or lose your tens and have a little shoosh rusy from side to side with circling your hips stand for the other way good and just smile little swish you smile Dora smile with your hips you didn't have to do the hands too but we could do that okay and then with my soft tips you're gonna pivot round to the side and then flatten your back foot as we roll the back hip forward so both hips look ahead we're going to bring ourselves up into warrior one as we enter into the more yoga style flow lift your heart lift up out of the waist give an opening through the upper back hold it you know we then straighten your front leg and you can fold forward so just relax forward you're resting over that front leg and then taking your arm up clicking a severe-looking up lover checking us looking over your top hand if you let you if your neck will let you and then you're resting hands if you bring it to the inside of the leg it requires a little more effort on the cord I'm reaching over and above the head and then if it's okay for you the bottom arm comes up to meet it and then fold and place the hands down from here reverse to Canasta so your left hand or your outside hand stays down the leg that's forward the same hand comes up and you're twisting looking up at the top hand if you let your neck will let you reach up good bring your hands down come all the way to the side again a little shimmy from side to side good and then coming to the side other side in warrior one so the back toes flat your hips are facing forward always reached up it's a smooth transition it doesn't matter if it looks clunky you're just bringing yourself into warrior one in the best way that suits your body and make it work for you so if it doesn't look how it looks on me as long as if it feels good so you listen to your body whatever feels good for you you know straighten your front leg placing your hands down and stuff them in here just going nice and deep and then taking your right arm up and resting that hand to the inside of your leg so you're requiring a little bit of core stability here pull your bellingham remember that lovely coast if you've got on take your arm to your ear and then your other arm comes up and reaches breathe don't hold your breath because that's a hard one take down reverse triangle the back arm comes up reach up lovely bring your hands down and bring yourself central into wide leg position again hands to your hips soften the knees bring yourself up coming into side angle Bend so it's wide turn the foot out elbow to knee and you bring your arm to your ear and really reach out of the waist and if that's ok for you you bring your hand to the floor and lengthen and this is what I was saying when I said deeper this is definitely deeper open the chest and look up hold it requires a lot of stamina lift the pelvic floor turn the ribs breathing good inhale come up nice and strong let's do the other side so tying the feet elbow fast down on to the ear then if that's ok now you do want to take it deeper bring your hand to the floor and you reach or watch that little toe doesn't lift and look to the ceiling use your elbow to open the knee look to the ceiling and hold before through – wonderful roll your shoulders now I'm gonna snap my legs together but if you worried that your legs have been wide for a long time you might want to heel toe in but jump in lovely so coming to the back end of your mat standing nice and tall at the back hand and roll your shoulders ahead of you now fall down slowly down reaching the floor the aim has come down can then walk your hands out and bring your body down now rest of your hands in front of you on the floor but quite a good distance from your body hands flat and then lift your head and chest and your hands are kind of glued to the floor but you're going to pull them back and lift your head and chest even further so putting their hands to my body and I can feel my back muscles working really well relax down with my hands further in rolling up and then squeeze at the bottom pull the hands towards me lift find the length through the front of your body good and then come down now resting your forearm to the floor going to take hold of a foot doesn't matter which but you're holding that but drawing the foot toward your bottom and pushing your hip to the floor good we're gonna practice this on the other side elbow to the ceiling push the hips to the floor lovely now rest down forehead down bring both feet up see if you can take hold of that ankle or maybe your trousers or the toes and then taking a deep breath in and lift yourself up into a bow now this can only be done if you've got healthy happy spine lift good and the other down well done hands to the floor ease yourself back from here your last little coal blast before we complete so taking your legs out in front of you coming back onto your elbows and lifting your legs so with my strong necks here I'd like you to just gonna start off droppin one leg down and lifting out breath sorry oh so you gonna continue doing this if this is okay for you or I'm going to show you one step hard I'm just gonna just adjust my body so don't knock over my deck or and I'm going to you with my tummy pulled in crisscross my legs down and crisscross them up so you choose where you want to be the legs strong good keep smiling through this one it's a little bit more of a grimace last one well then I rest the legs bring yourself up into a seated position with your fingers pointing towards your bottom and we're going to come into a reverse plank so he lived in your hips so you can get the toes to the floor and he left either to squeeze your bottom to stabilize you and if that's okay you're going to lift one leg and drop two three four lift five six seven and eight drop your bottom lift your arms fold forward we reach the top of the head beyond the toes and rest your breast helpless wonderful come up to sitting and come to cross-links welcome you've got you've done the worst thing now I just want you to stretch before you continue with your day so just stretch them to the side open up and look to the ceiling good other side too so we're reaching up stretch over and open to the ceiling bring both arms up interlace and push bring your hands forward and push away lovely we'll reach up and take your hands behind you flat to the floor squeeze your shoulders and look up good and then take a little gentle fall down when your head down and roll up again we're gonna do that one more time and this way if we stretch and restore our energy after our practice and we avoid injuring ourselves and then we can continue do that one more time with the rest of the day feeling full of energy and ready to take on anything that comes our way then we hands to your knees round your back and take one big full circle so releasing your back and then take a full circle the other way well done just release your wrists with a little bit of a shake so you've done it you've completed all four weeks of your Pilates and yoga full body fusion plan I really hope you enjoyed it you should have built up so much strength and stamina over these last two weeks I'm really hoping you notice the difference so if you like what you see please like and subscribe to Tabitha yoga [Music]

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