Pilates Yoga Fusion Full Body Workout Wk 3

welcome to the area and welcome to week three of your Pilates and yoga fusion full body workout now today's class is all about developing your strengths even further and pushing you to your limits you've practiced week one and week two a few times now so you should be ready for today's challenge okay let's get going I would like you to grab yourself a few light weight weights now I thought just two tins of tomatoes here so anything will do you don't need to have posh equipment you just need to have a little light weight right let's get going come to your mats have your feet hip distance apart and relax your shoulders so squeeze them up to your ears and drop them down away from you and again squeeze up to your ears and drop down away from you take a look over your shoulder it's always really important to spend just a moment looking after your neck drop your chin to your chest – and then bring your chin to the ceiling a little point to the ceiling and then looking ahead take your ear to your shoulder and up and other side and up brilliant like you just take a nice deep breath in from each other and then push away like you're pushing through pick a nose so you're not kind of just doing this and that that's easy you won't really do anything other than maybe injuring your shoulders this is a nice controlled movement squeeze the tins as well so you get the benefit of full tone in your arm breathing and reaching up breathing out pushing away and today's practice isn't about building muscle bulk but what's your develop using these light weights is nice long lean smooth lines down your arms so the muscles look long and lean rather than bulky like a a muscle builder hold your arms up or a weight lifter and take it to the side even how come up keep type Alden remember you're moving like you're wearing a beautiful Victorian corset and take your hand down reach that hand down towards the floor and reach your arm up and look up at that top hand and come up and take your hand down reach down and reach up and look up just the direction of your gaze can make all the difference bring your arms up in breadth take your hands down reach down we'll do that again just this once reach down look up lovely bring your arms up and bring your hands all the way around and down now bring your weights it tends to your chest and your elbows up don't let them drop because that's all scratched and nasty keep lifted keep your chest lifted and then I'm going to cue to bring your right knee up now you might find your balance but that's okay or you wobble but that's okay this will just get easier as the week goes on the more often you practice circle in your ankle just today is about pushing your body a bit more than last week hold yourself there and take a twist out breath in breath return out breath in breath through time so keep taking these twists take it slowly steadily it's about control movement in breath like this is your final one hold it we're going to step forward just a little bit so I need some space hold the twist and take your arms out and reach out for four three – one lovely now bring your hand to the outside of your knee so this can be here or lifted do you abduct each exercise to suit – you hold it and then you're going to circle your arm just twice smooth breath take it the other way all the way around and again and then bring yourself all the way back all done hands back to the elbow back to the chest and then in lifting your other knees so cool ankles get a release in the ankle both ways remember to breathe and then twist and return help breath and your time keep the body upright twist top the head reaching to the ceiling twist hold it hold it four three two hold your twist reach your arms out like you're gonna give someone a nice big hug hold it and then bring your hand to the outside of your knee lovely big circles twice one way twice the other breathing all the time nice big smile on your face because you're loving it and then come back drop your foot and have it'll roll over your shoulders and then the weights come to the waist – this time you're moving into functional movement so what I would like us to do is take a step forward if you kind of bring your knee down towards the floor and then come back up with a lift of the knee step to the side oh did you hear that clock turn to the ceiling and then lift and then come and you take nice in Queens courtesy so you're going to do four on each side so let's get going meet up coming in nice drop of the knee knee high take it to the side knee up take your courtesy and again in breath out breath and now this is your last one so we're going to develop it even more drop the knee lift your chest and a little drop seven six five four three two one lift your knee we really have taken out to the side toes lift it fit a little bit like Artful Dodger here toes to the ceiling nice straight leg hold the stretch great now return oh sorry it's the balance knee high and take it behind you in your curtsy and drop your knee and pulse four three two one wonderful great Harlem shake it's all about getting your legs moving in different directions we always walk like this sit like us so these movements and behind movements are really important so Samish a nice upright position knee high other side will drop Brown good knee up take it to the side this is your practice room just to feel it it really helps just to pee now and then four more go drop the knee how to the side toes up nice character to the Queen great this is your final one so we take a deeper knee down and drop six five four three two one knee high take it out toe to the ceiling nice straight legs great now to lift it and take your curtsy drop Cooney right through the body four three two brilliant how about a shave the legs just to release that off then they were going to come to wide legs turn your toes out and a nice squat now what you want to watch here is that your knees are going out and they're not rolling in ideally they go out over the second big toe so good good squat and you might want to have just a little shimmy in the hips cuz that always smells nice just move from side to side and then make yourself settled centrally take an arm swing up breath in lengthen right now hold it Tunes to the head and push for push three push to push one come up squat down a bit deeper lengthen up to the side and push four three two one and oh okay palms facing down I still have some strength from the shoulders as I say this is a full body workout today we're special things their arms and shoulders so sample your hips your hips oops your arms you can circle your hips as well it might be a bit too much to think about four three two one and then take it the other way keep low three two one hold it release it down take it back up nice establish that firm shoulder and then you gonna push your tins forward with a little contraction through the shoulders and in the tummy three two one push back contrack the shoulder blades together four three two one drop down [Music] bring yourself back up now lift lift just the arms four two one now drop drop drop to one release my shoulders are burning now so we just got one more to do okay release them even take them back up big circles smile through it commit those teeth remember this is all about without constraints and pushing you to your boundaries three two one take it the other way eight seven break that in two one well done just release it now that doesn't develop any heat I don't know what will relax your shoulders roll their shoulders and then you can go to pivot the back toe under so from wide-leg you're now in a nice high lunge bring the weights to the waist you let those shoulders rest and then just a touch I'll put this down just to show you I'm gonna tighten my tops you can see from this position I'm just gonna take a scrunch a little scrunch okay squeeze it's a simple move and isolating your hamstrings and your gluts and your lower back squeeze squeeze ideally have the D above your ankle chest lifted five four three two and then hold that contraction hold and drop just an inch stay upright remember to breathe two one brilliant open up pivot good to get friends great in there come back to on them and tuck tuck nice bring your hips towards your ribs body upright three two one hold the contraction really squeeze your bottom cheek and drop breathing deeply feel the breath in your ribs two one welcome back to the center just bring your hands to your knees have a little shake and then rolling your shoulder in look behind you roll it out roll it coming up standing heel toe your feet in working just on isolating the arms now so get a good foundation in your posture always returning to a nice posture you know and then it's easier to do it in real life it's like rewiring the memory so this becomes second-nature feet of distance will actually shoulders beautiful cross it on lift your pelvic floor and an upright row so that elbows come up to the ceiling progress good any squeezing your tummy in as well squeeze squeeze for squeeze your pins just like Popeye does squeeze so those pins are going to be bent by the end of this class two one keep your elbows high then scrunch them in and lift scrooch down and lift and it's not like you're pulling down against a big hot ball of your arms squeezing down and pull your belly in get the most out of it should be hard three two one key elbows lifted and let your arms dangle like the Scarecrow or like David Brent and then you bring your elbows out lift lift and you're not locking your elbows but you lift it high so you feel this in your triceps and you know as the weather is getting hotter and it's Senate and scorching today we're going to be wearing more flimsy clothes and it's nice to get those nice lean arms so not buck but lean looking slim looking nice smooth lines too one more relaxed elbows into the waist again and squeeze left bicep curls squeeze squeeze those tens three squeeze through two and one well then relax down now into your squat and another spot so good I've got such strong thighs through squatting as you squat down lift your pelvic floor pull your belly in and you keep learning the spine so we're not ground doing scrunching you're using your back muscles to lengthen through the top of the head now elbows muscled into the waist and you hammer curl back always to the shoulders hammer curl back push squat down a little bit more push push three two one hold back and lift pulse again nice and long through spine four three two one turns to the shoulders let's do a round again squeeze back three two one hold back and pulse pulse triceps again come up and roll those shoulders put your weights to the side for a moment and then come to the back of your mat roll down and roll along the mat and come up into a plan we'll come down into plank so again that beautiful posture feet rooted tell me in lifting the pelvic through relax your shoulders ahead of you and drop your chin to the chest and enjoy a nice smooth fluid roll down breath then Jimmy's if you need to in order to walk out walk out into a plank hold it tuck your tailbone under so the againthey lips meet the ribs hold yourself nice and steady looking between the thumbs and then drop your knees now you can bring your hands narrow so you like you're creating a loose triangle and then for me you're going to drop down into four beautiful press ups so drop hurry – you don't have to rush stay there curl your toes under and lift your knees three two one lovely and then walk your hands back in walk all the way back in and roll up and I'm come through the shoulders you can get down again this time normal hand length so shoulders distance apart drop your chin wiggle down and walk out hands in your usual press up position drop your knees and drop out rest they'll become toes under only four three two and one walk all the way back in flexibility and stretch roller and don't come woody this time hands are wider than your mat so when you're ready rolled in walk out take your hands wide drop your knees and for three lovely lift your knees four three two and more drop your knees bring your right hand into the center space lifting your body off the mat and come into a nice side plank now remember you could have them bottom me down if you prefer here but otherwise you are about this is about developing strategies about pushing you so maybe you hold it just for a little while lift the hips breathe and swap sides left hands into the center roll your body to the side keep your hips lifted Gouri come back place your hands down and lift your bottom in downward facing dog and have a good paddle out use this to take a break [Applause] this is our lovely pose that can be either yoga or pilates smooth [Music] no lien and slowly bring your feet to the front of your mass and you have a hang out here in a forward fold with your right knee bent you take your left arm up and or at home to the right ankle and use that to encourage your deeper twist left knee bent swap sides and again and good to see the last times for peace eyes reach up both hands down pull your belly in slowly and curl your body and relax your shoulders so we're gonna come into some nice deep yoga stretches and that's the beauty of fusing Yoga and Pilates in the class you build up strength and stamina and get the wonderful stretching improving your flexibility element of yoga in both you're using the breath so it should be nice and relaxing you should finish this feeling relaxed and really worked so come to the front of your mat take a nice deep breath in taking the arms back and up lovely and then coming all the way reversing that movement taking the hands down to floor bend your knees if you feel like you need to it's better to bend your knees and bring your hands flat than to hang like this you don't really get any achievement here it's quite relaxing but to improve your flexibility hands to the floor soft knees take your legs back into downward dog good take your right leg up bend your knees squeeze to put to your bottom and look to your hands and then nice big deep through so the right hand comes between your hands they're regular habit it to your me little walk in the back pick your arms all the way back to reach back and up the back toe Callahan to reach your arms up hold it and then you need to bring your hands to the floor for aiming your front foot flatten your back foot and bring it in closer so you couldn't eat your right hip back to the wall behind you rest over your front leg taking hold of your right ankle open your left arm up look up slowly which is such a beautiful stretch and you can increase that stretch by bringing your arms your ear reach beyond the top of your head inhale come up use your inhale magic strength to power you up and then reverse looking down at your back leg may be looking up put your top hand breathing come up bend your front knee and take your elbow to your knee and your arms you were here so I'm going to side angle Bend and so we work on opening that up to look up to the ceiling breathe deeply let me sweep that arm down curl the back toe under and twist take the right arm up each pose flowing from one to the other lovely drop your back knee now take your hands to the back of the thigh and stretch behind sink your hip so get deeper breathe lovely can't be under your hands to the inside of the front leg and you're going to calm down and enjoy a deep stretch so if you should be warm by now you can probably come down a little deeper remember it's about going to your limits but maybe just a little bit beyond push yourself a little bit develop a deeper flexibility moving away that feels good for you so cool they're beautiful come on okay right that comes back to me to do the same on the other side left leg up love three point down dog take the foot to the bottom slowly step over there back to you for just a moment when I come into tricking asana but bear with me nice side stretch or high lunge he's most steady moves considered moves lovely straighten your front leg take your hands down from the front foot lovely lifting up and taking the hands behind you and reaching back sink in your hips you lengthen up or you can look up if your balance will let you Oh wonderful nice hip opener bring your hands down now again you should be warm enough to be able to get good deep stretch here so drop him down make me on to 1/4 mile made it both enjoy this hip opener so close your eyes breathe smoothly work through the deep stretch wonderful release on brilliant bring your hand your hands down to the floor bring your knees back and then just push your hip so then I'll just check your hip swing ok it's some deep stretching there and on the other way smooth great and there bring yourself to sitting we really need to stretch those arms before we complete because we've worked them really hard to push your hands away and drop your head good sweep your arms up and reach up to the ceiling and take a side stretch open up look up other way side stretch look up and then come into a gentle twist you'll go to your shoulder arms come up come into a gentle twist and look over your shoulder leaving both hands behind you lift your head and chest and nice lift here let everything drop give everything a shake up here roll your shoulders well done you've completed week three of your Pilates and yoga fusion full body workout and it really was a full body workout today I'm sure you're really hot and really tired in the joints but I really hope you enjoyed it now if you like what you see please like and subscribe to Tabitha yoga where you will find loads more brilliant yoga and Pilates classes now practice this twice before final week week fall where you will be weird push really stretched and really worked hard I look forward to joining me then namaste [Music]

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