Pilates Yoga Fusion Full Body Workout – Wk 2

welcome to tapioca and welcome to week two of your Pilates and yoga fusion this is the 30 minute workout and this time this week we’re going to ramp it up a little bit more push your body just that little bit more so hopefully you’ve practiced week one about twice and then today’s will come naturally and won’t be too hard for you now always remember to listen to your body you can push yourself or take it easy as much as you want you’re working from home so you haven’t got any pressures from anybody else so just adapt the class to suit you today okay today’s focus is a little bit more on legs so expect to wake up and feel a little bit stiff in the morning but remember to keep moving okay we’re going to get started but if you like what you see today please like and subscribe to telethia okay I’d like us to start standing and we’re going to start with a little bit of Pilates focus before we begin to the deep yoga section I’d like you to think about how you’re standing and think about a posture before you begin anything else so whatever you’ve just been doing in your day you kind of draw a line under that and feel the ground beneath your feet and connect to the earth feel completely supported through the feet and feel the weight forward in the toes and back in the heels feel its side and side and feel totally grounded now working up your body just to check how your are today join your eye muscles up to your hips pull your lower belly in and lift your pelvic floor and that should automatically give you a little bit of a energy lift you know a little bit of a little energy left so lift all that in pull your waist in and imagine if you’ve got the corset on it doesn’t matter if you’re a man or a woman you still can imagine what it’s like oh maybe through experience but that’s your business pull the course it really tight pulling really really really really really tight and then release about 50% and I’d like you to keep that muscle tone permanently in your core so I’d like us to spend a little time on our shoulders on our neck just loosen everything up we construct as much as we like in our body but our neck really needs to be looked after so roll your shoulders and roll forward and this might seem a little bit gentle but don’t worry it’s a little hard work to come shoulders away from your ears and then take a look over your shoulder to the center take a look over your shoulder to the center and drop your chin toward your chest don’t round your shoulders as you bring your chin to your chest bring your chest your chin and feel how that stretches through the back of the neck and bring your chin to the ceiling a little bit like pushing the chin to the ceiling so giving it an extra lift and then looking ahead take your ear to your shoulder and to the center take your ear to your shoulder and come back to the center okay so next or nicely looked after breathing in through your nose and I’d like you to breathe out through your lips and as you breathe out through your lips you push the air out push it out completely love zipper breath out and then you embrace your next breath in so it’s nice and deep and then push like you’re a dick to make your arm strong good inhale come back up push away through the lips go Breton and take a little side sway nothing too deep just yet inhale come up take another side sway just waking up take another one a little deep pursue stretch across inhale come up to the side stretch across lovely now you take your right hand down reach it down along the length of your leg and to reach your left arm up like you’re being gravity’s pulling you down and energy is reaching you up push down through the left foot good inhale come up it’s amazing these deep strike to how you know deep these natural stretches can be ripped down you don’t need any fancy equipment reach up hold that push down through the right foot normally come all the way back up and relax your hands down by your side so with your feet as they are we’re just going to take a nice squat so you bring your bottom down you couldn’t lift your toes and come up and squeeze your bum good squat down and come up and squeeze your bottom down and squeeze as you open your hip flexors down and squeeze down and squeeze so just keep taking a few of these and all we’re doing really whilst they’re gentle is warm up our ankles our knees on our hips you’re spending everything moving loosening up our joints would you four more squeeze three squeeze two and hold it down I’m sorry as long as you can see and now we’re going to do from this held down position is lift our bottom lift lift a little punk punk Chur of your bottom until you see lips and 4 3 2 1 and hold now this time you’re going to drop your bottom so drop drop drop drop 4 3 2 1 and hold and then again you’re gonna punch your bum to the season six five four three two one and drop seven six five four three two one do it again so little party left remaining pelvic floor needs to be strong here all the time tummy and we put the corset on fifty percent three two one and drop keep your chest lifted five four three two one well done come up have a little shake out in the legs Loveleen how to keep your big toe down and circle there in your knees good need to constantly ankles to lovely in this perfect prep for the next exercise you turn your feet out you like Charlie Chaplin and then come up onto your tiptoes gonna lie to the feet a little closer together now I can’t currenty I’m not gonna wobble and probably you’ll be the same and that’s actually fine if your intention is to try and bring the heels together okay so with heels together you’ll feel a little bit more stable with the heels together and you can come down to your squat push the heels that will stabilize you car straight in today with getting the muscles working so just keep that little squat going feels nice and easy to begin with good so let’s do eight more eight pelvic floor lifted five four three two one hold just the same as in those squats we’re gonna drop drop no I’m wobbling get myself steady and drop seven six five four three two one now lift sensation lift seven six five four three two one and drop seven six five four three and lift did you go no right three two one dropping down well done outer thighs quads beautifully sculpted and of joy this you get instead of building up bulk because you’re just working with your own body’s weight you’re gonna get nice long lean lines so no bulky legs just nicely nice and nice strong muscles okay so you can come back to the further than narrow end of your mat at the back and stand nice and tall tummy in again remember your corset relax your shoulders and just a simple roll down so drop your chin and roll so get some fluidity in this movement out-breath let your fingertips just touch the floor pull your belly in and roll up roll your shoulders now this time you’re gonna roll down and walk out so roll down there’s no rush take your hands to the floor walk all the way out into a plank tuck your tailbone under push your heels away hold yourself still and steady breathing deeply so you don’t want to be look awesome just check what I’m doing here you don’t want to have your chest down to the floor you don’t have your bottom to the ceiling with a dip in your lower back you want to tuck your tailbone under look between the hands and then drop your knees please and get them drop your knees and lift two more drop and lift drop and lift and then walk your hands back in would pull your belly in and over we’re going to do that again yeah probably it shows us at the top and roll down excuse me rolling down bring your hands to the floor walking out find that nice position with your plank tucking your tailbone under looking between the hands hold it without holding your breath nice deep breath there are four knee drops for looking between the hands to one bringing walk the hands back in to your forward fold just hold yourself here and then roll up again roll up through your shoulders we’re going to roll back down but this is in order to get ourselves into a down facing dog so drop your chin to your chest tummy into the back bone smooth take your hands out and walk out find a nice comfortable down dog position easing your heels now keep your knees bent just for a moment and people think have to be strong and rigid here but actually you know this is your practice you make it what you want so with knees bent you find until you can get your bottom high and your heads really low down to the floor and if you just look at my back with my knees bent and bottom high my back is really long so I’m making a space between each basket bath and this keeps my back really healthy and it stops me from stooping it stops from compression happening between each of my Barbara so it keeps me tall lovely and then I’m gonna walk my feet to my hands and slowly roll up so Sun Salutation surya namaskara we’re gonna go once on each side now I’m go to we’re gonna fly through this so take it at your own pace most of you will probably know the pattern of a Sun Salutation but if you’re not sure watch me then pause do your own practice and then play me again and pick up when we finish the reason I’m going fast is I want to warm up our joints and create a little bit of a cardiovascular workout for you and it’s a beautiful practice to know just to and you go on holiday when you just wake up and open the curtains and it’s beautiful then you can practice Surya Namaskar and it will start your day perfectly so you come to Tadasana relax your shoulders and take a breath in really nice and deep and fold down bring your hands to the floor bending your knees if necessary take your right leg back drop your knees lift your head and chest good step out completely knees down bottom up chest down silly the through put facing dog relax your shoulders down your back lift your heart a little back end curl your toes down dog smooth deep breaths look to your hands step your right foot through if it comes halfway it’s fine just pick it up place it between your hands sink your hips bring your feet together inhale come up exhale Anjali mudra inhale all the way open burst open with energy and exhale hands down bend your knees if you need to and then step the left knee back drop down lift your head and chest look like you’re eager to go handset knees down bottoms up chest and liver through the hands relax your shoulders down a little bit more of an opening through the heart center good curl the toes down dog smooth you look to your hands left foot steps through remember if it comes halfway pick it up place it otherwise a nice big step through bring your feet together and just pause for a moment collect your breath collect your energy notice how that great that makes you feel good we’re gonna start flowing in downward dog so relaxing all the way down and stepping back into downward facing dog take your right leg up high three point dog bend your knee and squeeze the knee through between your hands take it back up again reach up you’re gonna do that one more time through all the way back up this time you’re gonna bring it through between your hands round your back when you’re ready step through houses back to curl them to how to your knee reach up stretch your fingers feel how energetic that is I said how much energy it gives you hold it take your arms all the way back good inhale up and again all the way around inhale up hold yourself here find some steadiness maybe dropping down a bit or who lonely take hands all the way back again and take hold of your fingers behind you and flatten your back foot squeeze your shoulders together and take a humbled warrior head down release your hands work on straightening your front leg hold onto your ankle and take your left arm up chicken asana breathe and might want to come all the way around the back place your hand on your coccyx you look to the ceiling and a nice inner smile or a big cheesy grin just because it’s great to be able to move our bodies it’s a nice little smile of gratitude breathing come up take a peaceful we’re reaching all the way back looking to your back foot and then looking up tiny difference huge tiny difference in the movement of your head and a huge difference in the quality of your stretch inhale come up can’t we all those arms all the way back down and right foot back listen to a comfortable down dog position understand your leg up bend your knee bring the knee between the hands please inhale take it back exhale between the hands squeeze you know how to reach up because it feels so good bend the knee point the knee to the ceiling bring the knee between the hands round back hover on to the back tiptoe and then step through make sure your foundation feels good feet feel steady bring your stuff up bring your arms up hold it hold it so push the back feet away creating an opening through the chest easy to bend here so we want to open up here take your arms out around if you’ve got room I think my spray of ours would be wider if it wasn’t for my little tree in the corner good and again lovely now interlace your hands behind lessen your back foot roll your hips forward bring yourself into a peaceful warrior arms over your head relax it’s a humble warrior it’s not peaceful although it is remarkably peaceful okay bring your hand to the floor straighten your front leg and let you all right on float up into a lovely trial of tricking asana just feel it move into what feels good inhale come up take a peaceful warrior looking to your left foot you looking to your top arm lovely and then cartwheel those arms beautifully down and step back to downward dog dropping the knees bring your bottom to your heels for a moment and take a little moment to get your breath so whatever you need to do child pose or your own version of child pose and then we’re going to come on to some leg work and hip work if you haven’t thought we wouldn’t be dumb enough so I’m gonna start lying on my right side and even though we’re lying we really focus on I’ll push you and we’re standing but even though alignment like you do really think about how you’re lying so we’re gonna start in town good old-fashioned Pilates move with your feet in line with your bottom and your knees scrunched up a little in front of you pointing to the edge of the mat now yeah eye on your arm and take your hip away from your shoulder so you can put your hand underneath love you who could be resting here or here and we’re just in an open and closed for eight and as you close I’d like you to have a lift in your pelvic floor and a squeeze of your lower belly so you’ve got your beautiful corsets on and but you’re squeezing down against resistance and four more three two and one and then I’d like you to lift your feet and practice the same exercise I love these hip ones because you know they do hurt really quickly they hurt your bottom they hurt your hip your muscles really feel it but I love that I love that kind of muscle pain it makes you know that you’re doing the world of good for your body of building strength and stamina I think that’s eight relax your feet now this time you’re given big rotation in your hip in this one tummy and remember and need to me single foots to the ceiling and toe to toe so you get a nice big movement your waists lift it pelvic floor is perky it’s a lot to think about remember your breath – let’s do three more three two one well them and then I’d like you to straighten your leg out point the toe you might need to give your bottom a bit of a tap because you’re probably feeling this now join me up like the riding a bike and push and flex and kick it away and again everything remains tight up here it’s just your the leg moving and if you’ve got the space which only got a lot here but if you’ve got the space then you kick back I just come back your phones this way squeeze up out round and kick back [Music] wonderful now keeping that leg straight bring the knee to the shoulder stretch and squeeze down knee to the shoulder stretch and squeeze and school these knees up and down two more and lovely now bend the knee and drop it behind you and straighten your bottom leg and you’re gonna lift that leg lift five four three two one hold it at the top please and pass it seven six five four three two one rest down we’re going to do the same again so lift and squeeze squeeze hi again little wobble in the leg just so that you know you’re really working four three two one hold it at the top pulse it four three two one get a really high pitched great bring your knees down and come up onto your forearm bring your hand to your temple now roll onto the fleshy part of your bottom squeeze your knees in and extend squeeze in costumer functions exempt squeeze five four good for bit of coal or good grateful x201 squeeze in and then bring yourself up and let’s roll on to left side let’s do all that on the left side and then we’ll stretch the legs and then you’re done thirty minutes done but let’s get this done okay resting your head on your arm here bringing let it hit away from your shoulder bending the knees interplan so feet in line with your bottom and these open and closed you can maybe you can get your hand underneath to the west here open and closed lonely squeezing down like got big spongy ball squeeze to one lovely okay lift your feet open as we closed schools closed squeeze now I’m flying through these but if you want to take it slowly you can take it as slowly and as controlled as you want so in the period of meeting Apes you might be doing four and that’s good control this good if you know it’s much easier to do really fast moves than it is to do controlled moves okay drop down now knee to knee toe to toe get a big move here big rotation I’m starting to feel the burn in my thighs four three two one lovely we leased it off by straightening the leg maybe giving getting your knuckles into your hips your buttocks get a little smack lovely so bring your knees to your tummy scrunch it extend it and kick back a bit knee in scrunch extend so you’re on your back you’ve got five more big circles getting wonderful motion motion this lotion in your hip joint so if you wake up feeling stiff in the morning or if you joints tend to stiffen up these are great exercises to do because you’re strengthening the muscles that support your doing – now we’re in the meteor shoulders stretch up and squeeze down me up stretch up squeeze down meet at the shoulder stretch up squeeze down try to keep the waist lifted still everything’s tight in the torso in stretch and down two more to get the leg really long and strong squeeze in stretch and down well done okay bring the leg behind you place the foot flat to the floor a little bit of Hughes Air Co inner thigh work okay bring the tummy in and you’re gonna lift and lower squeeze squeeze squeeze five four three two one hold it at the top and pulse pulse pulse seven on five four three two one and we’ll just do one more set through lift and lower two little keep pushing through four three two one last pulse eight seven six five four three two one brilliant relax down there come onto your forearm extend both legs roll back onto the fleshy part of your bottom point your legs hand to the temple and scrunch and this you should final exercise it’s just a quick stretch after this extend pull it in squeezing bringing your knees to your nose if you can that’s your focus three two and one well done really good come up to sitting and having your knees bent in front of you and if it’s okay gonna cross your right foot over your left knee now lift your chest good and if it’s okay you’re gonna bring this up a little closer lift gonna stretch off those hips really soft swap sides bring your foot in rest it on the knee now we lift relax off he lifts relax off well then just a final cobbler pose soles of the feet together drop the knees out they’re like when these are being pulled to the floor lift your chest come forward little dude come back cross your legs and you’re done you’ve done your second week of Pilates and yoga fusion full body but really tough on the legs today I really hope you enjoyed working with me today tabatha me yoga if you like what you see please like and subscribe to Parvati yoga where you will see so many more wonderful yoga and Pilates classes see you next time namaste [Music]

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