Pilates Workout With Weights

(low techno music) – Hi guys, welcome to GymRa, this is Melina Fitness, and we're gonna be working on Pilates with some sculpting So I wanna make sure that you grab two light weights, kay, they don't need to look like this

They can look like basic dumb bells, we have these really cool new weights that are actually going to be coming soon, that I'll be using today And actually today's workout is going to be sponsored by NUX USA, so check them out, they have amazing fitness apparel, especially for Pilates mat work, which we're gonna be focusing on today, with some sculpting Everybody wants nice, toned upper body, tight core, tight legs, so we're going to be adding some light weights to our Pilates mat work today, so let's get started Alright, we're gonna go ahead and face the long way of our mat We're gonna put our weights just directly on the side of us

We're gonna keep our weights in our the whole time today, for the most part, okay? We're gonna go with our basic Pilates roll down If you don't know what the basic Pilates roll down is, you can check out my Basics Mat Workout and kinda go from there before you get started on this training, okay So, arms out in front of you, take a deep breath in, inhale Exhale, rolling down through the spine, exhale, arms come above your head Now these weights, you're gonna really start to feel them as you roll up and breathe

Okay, you're gonna feel them in those arms, inhale, exhale Arms behind your head Exhale Squeezing the shoulders, squeezing the chest, squeezing the core as you come up Inhale, exhale

Down Don't let em touch the ground, exactly Almost to, like an inch above the ground Exhale, and bring them up Inhale, exhale, a couple more

Getting our core nice and warm Exhale, rolling up through the spine Rolling down through the spine Breathe And come up, good

Go ahead and bring your legs together, feet together, knees together You're gonna squeeze those knees together and your arms out in front of you, and we're gonna go ahead and curl our arms up and down Okay? Up and down Here we go Up and down, keep your back nice and straight

And down, up And down, good You wanna try not to move your elbows, you're just curling the apt bicep Here we go, four more Three, breathe

Two And one Good, legs out, roll down Here we go Exhale up, good reach

You're gonna add a little extra reach there in that roll up Here we go, inhale, exhale And reach, just a little bit, right? Feeling that stretch in the back of the legs, keep those toes pointed, inhale, exhale up Reach, last one Roll down

Inhale, exhale up Reach, good, bend the knees Arms out in front of you, and curl, here we go One, two, three, four, good Five, six, a few more

Seven, eight, two more Nine, and 10 Awesome, go ahead and put the weights down Soles of the feet together, let's get a nice stretch in that back Open and butterfly those legs open

Get a nice stretch in that inner thigh Breathe, we're getting nice and warm now Ready to move on, good Legs together, grab those weights Now, this time we're gonna a shoulder raise, scooping up above the head, good

And then scooping back down and rolling down Kay? Keep your legs bent for extra support Or, for advanced, you can straighten em out Roll up And down

And roll up, scoop! And roll down, kay? So again, bent, like I'm doing here Or straight, feeling those shoulders working a little harder as you scooping up Right? And roll down Two more, here we go Inhale, exhale up

Scoop, squeeze, you wanna make sure you squeeze that core at the same time, exhale And up, take a break, good Bend those knees Awesome Arms are gonna come out again, in front of you

This time, we're going to bring the weights to our chest, and we're gonna open our arms out and bring the weights to our chest So keep your elbows up, shoulder height, okay? So you wanna make sure your elbow and your shoulder are aligned, core's tight, you're not arched over, okay? You're nice and straight Sitting upright in a basic Pilates seated position, okay? Here we go Open and close, open and close Abs are tight, breathe

Inhale, exhale Eight, seven, six, one of my favorite exercises for sculpting those rear deltoids, back of those shoulders, breathe Two more Last one And release, good, take a break

Every time we take a break, we're gonna bring the soles of those feet together Stretching out our inner thighs, kay? Breathe, (inhaling, exhaling) good, second set Bring those knees in, grab your weights Kay, hands to the chest Extend the arms out, here we go

One, breathe Two, abs are tight Three, four, legs are squeezing together Seven, eight, good Seven more

Good, breathe it, five Four, squeeze, three Squeeze, two And one Good, release, soles of the feet together

Feeling those shoulders, kay? Breathe Awesome job, okay Go ahead and extend both legs out in front of you We're gonna do some twist movements here So we're just gonna keep those weights right in front of our chest, and we're gonna twist

Lean back just a little bit, okay, about a 45 degree angle If this is too hard for you, cus remember, you need to squeeze those legs, press em down onto the mat If that's too hard for you, to hold this position with the weights, you can always come here, okay? Now all we're gonna do, is we're gonna do little twists Okay, they don't need to be super big Don't, you know, think you're Wonder Woman the first time you're doing this

I want you to control the movement, I want you to breathe with every squeeze in that core, kay? And make the movement precise, okay? Don't rush it, here we go I'm gonna keep my legs straight for the first set Point the toes, keep those legs tight I'm at about a 45 degree angle back, and I'm gonna twist All I'm doing is keeping my arm at a 90 degree angle

Here we go, breathe One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, good Nine, 10, 10 more One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, 20 Good, come up, and take a break

This time we're gonna do a forward fold stretch, breathe Inhale, exhale (exhales) And roll up Now at any time you need to take a break during this workout, you can do a forward fold stretch Or you can do our butterfly stretch, okay? You decide what you feel your body needs, okay? We're gonna do another set of twists

This time I'm gonna bend my legs for those people that aren't quite as advanced At a 90 degree angle, squeeze those arms nice and tight Keep that core nice and tight And twist One, two, three, four, five, breathe, breathe, breathe, breathe, breathe, last 10

Nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one Center and forward fold stretch Take a deep breath in, exhale, roll up Awesome job, you guys, kay We're gonna go into our basic pilates teaser with the weights, it's gonna get really challenging, even for me

Here we go, so we're going to roll all the way down to our backs, kay We're going to bring our legs to about a 90 degree angle, arms are gonna come out in front of us And we're gonna pat the air 100 times, okay? Ready? If this gets too tiring, take a pause whenever you need to Core is engaged by bringing that, tucking that chin to our chest Arms out, ready? Here we go, 100

Pat the air Breathe, there you go, 10 Squeeze those abs! Feel those shoulders working, good! Pat, pat, pat, pat, 30! 40! 50, breathe! Squeeze those abs! 60! My shoulders are burning, I don't know about you 25 to go, here we go! (exhaling rapidly) Squeeze, squeeze, squeeze, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, and one Oh! Release! Bring those arms out to T with the weights is fine

Drop the hips to the left, look over the right shoulder Drop the hips to the right, look over the left shoulder And, back to center Awesome job on that teaser, you guys! Alright, we're gonna keep our legs bent in front of us We're gonna bring our arms right above our chest, and we're gonna open, okay? We're gonna fly out our arms, working our chest, palms are facing the ceiling, and squeeze, coming up, okay? Now, if you're having any of that lower back pain, or any kind of discomfort in your back, keep your back flat on the mat

For my advanced people, you're gonna come up into a bridge position, squeezing those hamstrings and those gluts Keeping that core tight, lifting up into a bridge, and we're gonna open and close Okay, we're gonna do 20 of them Ready, here we go One, make sure you're breathing

Two, three, four, five, squeeze Lots of things going on here, right? We're squeezing our hamstrings, we're squeezing our gluts, we're keeping our abs tight, we're working our chest, we're keep a soft bend in our elbow, over the chest, last 10 Nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, breathe it out, one and lower the hips down and bring those knees into your chest and take break Good job, we're gonna do one more set of those, okay? Lots of things going on there, right? Working our chest, our shoulders are engaged a little bit, our biceps with our palms up Our gluts, our hamstrings in that bridge position, and our abs, right? Lots of things going on, we're going to get a good sculpt here in today's workout

Kay, drop the feet in front of you, keep those abs tight Again, stay flat on the mat, you're gonna, you know, if you're a beginner, or you're feeling any kind of discomfort in that back My advanced, squeeze up, kay? Squeeze, tight, tight, tight Arms out in front of you Ready, here we go

Open and close Feel that stretch in the chest Elbows touch the ground, they just basically tap the ground and they come up Okay, we have 10 more, here we go 10, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, and one

Center and come down, okay? It's really important that you always center your body back and roll back down through the spine, okay? Alright We're gonna go ahead and bring both our legs up Squeezing our thighs together, arms come up above our head And we're gonna open and close our legs to a V position Okay, we're gonna do that really fast, but we're just gonna hold our weights above our chest, just to get our body working a little bit more

And then, for my advanced people, I want you to bring your neck, engage your abs and crunch up into a crunch position, okay? Ready, here we go, open and close One, two, three, four, five, point those toes Breathe, breathe, breathe, breathe, breathe, good, 15 more One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, 10, last five, you've got it Four, three, two, and one

Good, bring your knees together, and release Good, take a break How did that feel? You should feel those inner thighs working, your abs are engaged by crunching up And you got some weights in your hands, so lots of different things going on in that movement, okay? Now, we're gonna do a similar exercise We're gonna cross our feet, okay? So, our legs are gonna come up, arms are gonna come up

We're gonna open and we're gonna cross Okay, so you're gonna add a little cross in that, when you bring the legs in Okay, here we go One, two, three, four, five, you got it, six, seven, eight, nine, 10, last 10 Nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, and one

And release Awesome job, you guys Okay, lots of combinations of movement here With weights, it's good stuff, okay Alright, now we're gonna come up

Rolling up slowly Back up to seated And we're gonna work our shoulders a little bit, okay We're gonna keep our legs straight By keeping your legs straight, I don't just want you to sit here and relax when you're keeping your legs straight

Okay, you wanna squeeze those legs, press them into the mat Squeeze them together so that they're working, okay Everything should be working Just because we're focusing maybe on an arm muscle doesn't mean the rest of your body's relaxed That's not functional training, and that's why you don't get results, okay

So everything is engaged, coming from our core, pressing out to the rest of our body Core's tight, legs are tight Okay, pick those weights up You're gonna bring it up to a 90 degree angle We're just gonna go and do a basic shoulder press, okay

Basic shoulder press, we're gonna do 20 reps High reps, get a nice, good burn Kay, ready? Here we go One, two, and make sure you breathe Four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, 10

Last 10, nine, eight, seven, six, keep that head straight Five, four, three, legs are tight Core's tight, one, and release Good, forward fold stretch (exhaling) We're gonna do that again, one more time

Inhale, exhale up Bring those arms up Ready, here we go And one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, 10 Last 10, nine, eight, legs tight

Core tight, breathe Five, four, three, two, one, and release Forward fold stretch Good job So again, feeling those shoulders, keeping the legs tight

(exhales) Inhale, exhale Roll back up Alright We're gonna work on our legs a little bit now, okay So what I want you do to is, I want you to lay on one side

I'm gonna go ahead and lay on my left side Okay And I want you to just rest your elbow underneath your shoulders Make sure you're not like this, right You wanna always keep those joints aligned

Okay, I want you to point your toes, stacking your legs, one on top of the next We're gonna take one weight, we're gonna put it right on top of our leg Okay, so you're just gonna use that arm and keep that weight on that outer thigh You're gonna point the toes, and we're gonna squeeze, lifting our leg up So we're adding a little extra weight here, right? This is adding a little extra weight

Okay, we're gonna work our core, our outer oblique right here Our oblique, and our outer thigh Okay, ready? Take a deep breath in Inhale, and let's begin One, two, three, we're gonna do 20 reps

Four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, good, squeeze Point those toes Five, six, seven, eight, feel that leg burn, and release Good, let's go ahead and stretch it out Just bring that foot right in front of your opposite leg

And let's do the other side, kay Let's just come up slowly We're gonna switch sides Gonna lay down Again, elbow's underneath the shoulder

Keeping our joints nice and aligned Our abs are nice and tight Picking up one weight, pointing our toes Ready, and lift One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, 10

10 more 10, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one, nice job! Alright, come back up Let's go back to the other side again, okay Now, this time, we're gonna bring the leg forward, okay So we're gonna bring one weight, on your thigh

And now all you're gonna do, is you're gonna kick forward and back And forward and back, join me now Here we go, forward, and back And forward, and back And forward, and back, four more! Four, back, three, back

Keep those abs tight, too Back, one and back Awesome job, put it down Put the weight down Slowly come up

And other side Kay, getting a nice little burn in our legs here But you're also holding your body weight up, and you're keeping your abs tight Again, lots of things going on here today, okay? Lots of things Point your toe

Weight's on the thigh Again, you don't just wanna relax like this, right You don't see me like this You wanna be engaged Everything is engaged

My abs are engaged, I'm trying to blow all the air outta my stomach Sometimes I forget, okay, but you wanna blow that air outta the stomach Weight's here, pointing those toes, my legs are tight Here we go, kick it forward, (exhales) back Forward, back, forward, back

Forward, back, forward, back, breathe it out Here we go, here's five, back Four, back, three, two, and one Awesome job, did you feel those thighs or what? Alright back to center Awesome

Alright, so the last thing we're gonna do today, we're gonna combine a few things, so just try to stay with me We're gonna do some roll downs, some shoulder presses, some bicep curls, we're gonna kinda combine a few things just to give you a last set and sculpt in this Sculpt Pilates session, okay? Here we go We're gonna curl, one, two, abs tight Three, four, five, six, seven, two more, eight, nine, 10, good Scoop it up, ready go

Up, and roll down, point those toes, and back And roll up, scoop! Good, and breathe And up, scoop! And breathe And up, scoop! Give me a shoulder press, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one, good Bring your hands into your chest and extend

Eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one, good Arms here, 90 degree angle, bend your knees And twist, one, two, three, four, five, six, two more Seven, eight, good Center, soles of your feet together

Awesome job, you guys Awesome job Go ahead and put the weights down at your side Extend your legs out in front of you, take a deep breath in And stretch

Inhale, exhale, roll up Thank you so much for tuning in today, that was our quick Pilates Sculpt class today We're going to have more coming for you soon here on GymRa with Melina Fitness, so again, stay tuned and I will see you guys all soon Thank you!

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