Pilates Workout with Optional Weights – Warm Up & Cool Down

If you want more information on the workout go down into the details There'll be a little information link and that'll give you all you need to know So let's get started Hey guys Lindsey here with Jim Robb I've got a Pilates with weights workout for you and some added cardio at the end My girl Minerva here will be doing the modifications

No weight needed So let's get started We'll start with just one weight Let's turn to the side Plant your feet hips distance apart You'll have the weight in your right hand The left hand goes behind the head Tuck your pelvis curl back till you're on the bony parts of your tush and then keep your body completely still You'll twist over to the left We'll go for a bicep curl on the right arm on your exhale curl your arm in on your inhale lengthen it back out Good hug that bicep to the bone Draw your belly back into your spine and turn your chest as much as possible to the left Try to keep weight on your right hip so you're not tilting over to the left even weight on both sides of the pelvis Shoulders are down you really turn around back You need more roll back further if you need a little less You'll sit up a little bit taller now hold this right arm into a 90 degree Bend You'll pulse the arm up as you twist to the left one pulse one twist push that left elbow as far back as Possible to really rotate through those ribs as you pulse the right arm up keep the shoulder down and depressed into the back body Let's go last two last one hold the twist extend the right arm little Pulses like you're trying to touch the left corner of your mat as you pulls forward with your chest Sink that belly button to the side lipslide our last six and five burp four last three and two and One through Center switch hands on the weight right hand behind the head twist it over to the right start with JA stop bicep curl Now that we're rotating our upper body to the right you want to really try to keep weight over on that left hip That's the guy that we want to pop up this time If you don't have any weight contracting to that left bicep Squeeze the muscles to the bone create that resistance for yourself here Neck muscles are soft

We're just heating it up here should already be working Three more curls here last three and final two Last one hold that curl You'll pulse your arm up and twist further to the right one pulse one twist as you pull that left arm up Twist deeper through the ribs and push the right elbow towards the back wall But try to keep your feet your knees and your hips completely still finding this rotation just in the upper body Narrowing those ribs as you twist Last twist hold the twist extend the left arm little pulses up on that left diagonal Reach the left arm forward like you can touch the right corner of your mat as you curl the ribs forward Drive the belly into the back body Remember if you need to modify set up a little bit higher if you need to advance, take it a little bit lower Let's go last three and two Final one We'll take it all the way down to the mat I'll add a little challenge by placing this weight in between or on top of my shins Trying to balance it by stabilizing my hips Hopefully I don't lose it Minerva will have her legs just in tabletop, press your lower back into the mat tighten Your core hands come behind the head keep the chin away from the chest EXO curl up by crunching from your midline And then inhale take it back down to the mat exhale to lift Inhale to lower inner thighs are squeezing We're smiling trying to make it through Good notice if your low back wants to arch really try to push your low back into the floor Inhale the ribs expand but the belly button stays pulling into the back As you exhale those ribs narrow and tighten into the front body Last one, let's curl it up and hold upper body twist, right? twist left keep your hips still Pushing through that rear elbow as you rotate You can always rest your feet here to have more support for that low back Last one twist it over to the right little pulses up reach your chest out to that right diagonal Elbows wide collarbone is open hands support the head draw your left ribcage over towards that right hip bone Curl it up to us over to the left little pulses out on that left diagonal Reach your chest tore this left wall over here Last four add three four two and one nice work grab onto your weight Minerva will keep her head down for the rest of the series I'll be curling it up extend your arms and legs away from one another on your exhale Curl yourself up Draw your knees and your arms towards one another and I'll keep your head up if you're with me and he'll stretch it apart Exhale draw it together squeeze your inner thighs and your glutes as you lengthen The higher the legs go the more support it will be for the spine if you're advanced and you can keep your lower back down Take them nice and low for me good stick with that breathing inhale to lengthen and Exhale to return every time you drive those knees into your chest Give me an extra little lift Let's stick with that last two Last one inhale reach exhale Curl it up this time

We'll twist inhale lengthen your arms and legs apart Bring your knees to tabletop reach your arms over to the right inhale lengthen through Center exhale curl up upper body curls to the left Inhale stretch it apart Exhale curl up to the right and Hilda lengthen squeeze those glutes exhale lift it up and he'll find the link through the body reach through the toes and the fingers and then Exhale reach it up as if you could touch the right corner of the mat last one here inhale stretch it apart Exhale curl it up and then sink it down to the mat Go to work hug your knees into your chest release that low back We'll be coming up for some legwork So taking it to all fours I'll have my way Minerva We'll be doing this series without it She'll keep her hands down on the map knees are hips distance apart left hand planted fingers spread wide lift the core From here extend your left leg straight back behind you reach your right arm Overhead if you're with me or keep it down if you're with Minerva on your exhale You'll lift your arm and leg up inhale to lower it down Collar bone is open Shoulders are pulling down and into the back body We're working some glute and hamstring on that left leg Try to lift all the way from the top of the leg Keeping the knee from bending by tightening and firming the front of the thigh Baby roll your left hip down and pin your right hip in so you're not Pushing that right hip out to the side wall the last one Hold your arm and leg up you'll bend your right elbow by your waist We'll head into a tricep kickback But if you're staying with Minerva, you'll just try to keep that left leg lifted Keep your shoulders pulling away from your ears Squeeze into the back of that right arm keep outer right elbow pinning close to your waist Last one here fully extend your right arm

You lower your right arm and leg down Exhale lift it back up to hip height inhale to lower Exhale to lift Now as you're moving your leg There should be minimal movement in your low back try not to allow the belly to release in the low back to arch you want to keep a scoop like You're drawing your frontal hip bones up towards your ribs Hold your arm and leg high You'll draw small circles with that left leg Continue to reach through your toes keep and maintain that length here Squeeze into your glute as you lift and reverse those circles take them the other direction push out of your supporting left hand for extra support Last two last one, you'll take your left leg out to the left open your right arm out to the right exhale return to the midline and how to open exhale return with the core inhale stretch Exhale return let's go last two in how to separate Acts how to return to the center Last one exhale come all the way back to the center

I'll be placing my weight behind the back of my left knee Bend your knee hands underneath shoulders Velux your left foot lift your belly exhale stamp the left foot to the sky and Hilda tap the knee back to the floor Now as you're lifting your left leg up you want the knee to be facing the ground? So try not to let that knee turn out to the left wall here hip bones are squared off Chest is squared off Everything is facing the floor I pinched into that let glue as you're lifting up Last one here Hold your left leg high One point and pulse one flex and pulse point your foot impulse to your leg higher Flex your foot post your leg a little bit higher So let's go ten and eight, it should be shaking last six and four birth three and you Add one I'll be taking it into a plank Minerva We did it staying down on all fours Tuck your right toes behind you lift yourself up

You'll keep your left knee bent It'll turn out to the left squeeze the outer hip and hillier it down to a hover Exhale turn the knee out squeeze that left outer hip and he'll lower it down to a hover Heidi on the Nerva good work Stay strong This is the harder part Working through it Give me five more last five when you lift that leg up Don't just drop it right back down Hold it squeeze it make that outer thigh muscle work final two Last ones lift it up squeeze it and let's take it down to the mat Nice work guys You did one side

We got one more to go Got a little sweat going on grab that weight The weight will now go in your left hand Right hand underneath your shoulder Belly button lifts extend the right leg straight back behind you reach your left arm overhead shoulders pull down Abdominals and ribs pull into the back body It's an EXO to lift up in an inhale to tap it down if you're staying with Minerva Remember you'll keep both of your hands down on the map One of the more important things here Is that when you lift your leg up your low back does not do this? You want to try to maintain the curves of the spine the natural curves? So there is a small Arch in that low back We would not want to be increasing it as we lift the leg up So to do that you want to tuck your hips toward your ribs just like I did Last one hold everything up bend your left elbow to your waist You'll Bend and extend your left arm for trace up kickbacks The right leg is staying high hip height reach through those toes stretch and lift through that kneecap taking the bend out from the leg and The tendency is to turn the right leg out So think of rolling the right inner side of the ceiling to help square that leg off Last one fully extend that left arm everything lowers down everything lifts up Inhale lower exhale to left I Push out of your supporting right arm so that your heart does not fall towards the floor

We want those shoulder blades spreading apart And cuffing your back up towards the ceiling Hold everything up here draw small little circles with that right leg If you have the wing You're keeping that left arm lifted rolling that left shoulder blade back in space so that our chest is not rounding forward Let's reverse those circles as you circle the leg around try to keep the knee parallel and facing the ground last three And two if those low ABS last one, you'll take your right leg out to their right left arm out to the left Everything hugs to the midline like a windshield wiper legs separate arms separate draw it back in Keep the length through the fingertips and the toes Good, once you find the movement take your eyes down to eye level at the floor to keep that cervical spine the neck in line with the rest of the body Last two it's an inhale to separate exhale to return final one Exhale lift the navel bring it down You'll now please the weight behind the back of the right leg hands underneath shoulders bellybutton tucks in and up flex the right foot Exhale stamp that right foot to the ceiling and heel to tap the knee to the mat Now notice on this one if you feel like you're kind of leaning over to the left, we want to prevent that by pinning that left hip in and Bringing the weight onto the inside of the left shin right here More to the midline of the body But exhale on the lift squeeze that right glute Push through the heel let's go three more first three and you Last wide holding it up We'll post the leg up one flex pulse one point full flexing wolf point impulse Good you got ten to go Keep squaring that right hip to the floor Lifting the abdomen into the spine and drawing the shoulders away from the ears the last five final four and three Two on one tap your knee down to the mat I'm coming up into a plank Minerva will stay down on all fours Abdominals are tight And then you'll turn that right knee out to the side of the right wall and then back in line with the hip Just the knee turns out make sure that right hip bone stays facing the mat Just turning out the leg but keeping that pelvis squared But push actively out of your hands so that your chest is not sinking we want to keep that lift Lift the low belly Stretch the chessboard find that link through the entire body But remember to really squeeze into that outer right hip on the left

Let's go four more guys Add three Exhale up inhale down Last one and take it to the mat Go ahead and go take that weight out Give those wrist a roll Let's take it back down if you're with me grab both of your weights this time You'll plant your feet for a bridge the hips distance apart in parallel And then you'll take your arms into a bent coal post position Minerva We'll keep our hands down on the floor and actively press your palms into the mat neutral spine long black exhale hips lift up Press your hands to the sky and he'll tap the hips down bend the elbows wide But it's an exhale on the lift and an inhale on the lower Good back of the head pushes into the mat so that our chin does not crowd our chest like that Keep that chin away from the chest Good without moving your feet Pull your heels to your butt treat more Work for those hamstrings that might sound Unappetizing, but you're already doing it might as well get more bang for your buck But abdominals stay pulls in and up Keep dragging your heels in towards the back of your body Let's go last three And to Squeeze those glutes together last one say hi Keep your left foot where it is extend your right leg to the ceiling Round your arms into a circle legs will stay still just the arms Inhale open exhale hug your tree Inhale open exhale hug your tree

Let's also think of doing a fly really reach through those right toes Lift that right hip up Have even weight on both parts of your left foot so inner arch where the big toe and the inner heel is and Outer arch make sure that knee is not not knocking out to that left wall Last one hug your tree minerva will draw small circles with her leg I'll go into some bigger ones trying to control the pelvis the bigger these circles are the more challenging it is one more in this direction And then we'll reverse take it out to the right lower down lift up through Center last you Last one here Then your right need a tabletop plant it down in line with the hip push your hips up Extend that left leg to the sky Let's do it inhale open your arms to a circle exhale hug a tree Trying to keep your left hip just as high as your right hip So the tendency is the leg that's lifted in this case It's the left leg that'll be the hip that kind of wants to drop down So we're really reaching through that left leg So that lat hip stays level with the right Press your right big toe firmly into the mat Keep pulling in and up with those abdominals Squeezing into your pecs and your biceps as you hug your tree Press the ground away from you lift those hips up last two Last one here, let's hug Not sure you will make a big circle with our left leg down through Center out to the left back over the midline modify by making them smaller Keep that chin away from the chest Control your hips let's reverse out to the left will we're down drop up through Center Push the ground away from you with that right leg last one Jaw up to Center lift those hips up bend your knee place it down Nice work Okay, we'll get rid of one way

We'll be putting the weight in between our feet Pinch that weight Minerva will not have a weight Drive your spine into the ground imprint your back No air between the back and the mat and he'll to dip your toes down to the floor out the spine arching Exhale lift the knees back over the hips and he'll hinge all the way from the hips Thighs will move exhale to return Now if you want to take it on the knotch Let's call the head neck and shoulders up Reach through those fingertips plug that belly in laugh three shoulders soften final two last one inhale to lower EXO two left Here we go guys and he'll stretch your legs out exhale plug them in Let's go quick final ten and nine low back heavy back ribs push down into the mat as those front abdominal tighten and draw to the midline and five squeeze those glutes for four and three Last you here guys Last one surprised hold your legs out at 45 degrees little pulses up for ten and nine touch the front wall eight seven six five four three two and one Take it to the mat

I'm gonna rock yourself up I've got sweat you're done with the Pilates But now we got some cardio to do so, let's stand it up Okay, guys we're back with some cardio we're gonna start with skaters we'll start slow We'll build it up jump over to the right on your right foot your left leg will cross behind you Jump over to the left on your left foot right leg crosses behind you So we'll take it side to side Now maybe you feel like you're in a place where your balance isn't so great So I would say just Suggest just taking the hop out good You're pretty good on that Balance front

Let's take it up a notch The wider you jump from side to side The lower you stay in the legs That's all gonna amp it up as well as the pace Good stick with that breathing One of the principles of Pilates is balance So we've got that in here for you Good Please just remember stay with that breath It's really important to breathe while you work out We don't want your faces to turn purple But remember at any time if you need to take a break grab some water Please be my guest and do so and then hop it right back in Good You're about halfway through this Core is engaged Softly landing on those knees make sure those knees are not locked out Okay, let's go about 15 more seconds maybe you can pick that pits up let's do it Last 10 lap eight seven and six five four three two and One, okay

Now we're going skiing glue those legs together You'll hop it side to side So once again Smaller range of motion will be less than tents if you're my more advanced Let's pick it up higher jumps further apart Hood Kubo's like together squeeze your inner thighs Stay low in those knees the whole time They should stay soft and Remember to breathe Probably one of the more harder things to do during exercise is breathe It's kind of funny because it should be really simple How you doing Minerva God We're on those ski flips Headed down the Swiss out You know, whatever you need to get through it Maybe you got your ski poles

I've never gone skiing, but this is my version of the guy laughs 15 guys Let's push that piece Last five Last two and Last two wine, okay We'll start by staggering our feet right foot forward left foot back lean down touch the floor with your left hand hop it up lean down in tap Hop it up if you're advanced and staying with me as you lean down your left leg will lift You'll draw your left knee to your chest Pop it up top the floor Pop it up Maybe you're in the middle when the left knee lifts You'll have no hop good So lots of options here Wherever you need to be is Completely legal whatever is best for your body It's where you should be right now So let's go ten more on this side Second set is not wrap their last five seconds and last one okay, guys second side right sit on the floor tap the ground with your left hand draw your knee into your chest and hop if You're modifying you can take out the hop by just pulling your left knee into your chest If you need to modify more stick it over here with my girl doing those modifications If you're advanced And you like to show off? Let's see what you got Remember to exhale as you lift up inhale as you tap it down I'm working and controlling finding balance on your supporting foot I've got about 20 seconds left You ever need to take a break grab some water feel free If you want to pick that pace up, oh, no, I crashed

Let's keep it up last ten Last five three two And one okay, we're going to start with just hopping straight up and down This will be the modification if you want to advance with me, we'll be making a bucks We'll drop forward side back side Up forward side back side Try to keep those legs pretty close to one another When you land on your knees, make sure they're soft and not locked out Good and then pick that pace up? Taking it all the way around the world Let's go one more in this direction I'm the wall reverse jump it back side front side I Now let's pick that pace up Making a box with your legs keep those knees soft as you land And we'll go ten seconds left and we're starting from the top Okay, guys, let's take it over to those skaters You'll jump over onto your right leg left foot crosses behind you jump over onto your left leg right foot crosses behind you Take it side to side Nice and slow when you're ready to pick it up You'll add that little hop in there if you're modifying You'll stick over here with my girl doing the modifications Twisting your chest in the direction that you're jumping Good working on that balance and that coordination Keeping our exercise life interesting read Got about 20 seconds left Now, you know the move so you can really work into them black 10 Final five four three Two and one let's take it to skiing glue the legs together you'll jump it side to side If you're modifying keep these jumps are very small if you'd like to advance Make the hops from side to side bigger Lift your feet up a little bit higher like you're jumping over a hurdle Let's add those arms in they're like, you're actually skiing down those slopes Soft landing brace that core to support your low back and make sure you're moving with that breath Nice work keep it up guys Let's go final ten seconds Give it all you got let's count it down and eight seven six five four three two and one Nice work And let's cool it down guys step those feet wide apart Right hand to the outside of the right leg left arm sweeps up and over big inhale Breathe in to the left side of your body reach through your left fingertips Exhale lift it up left hand to the left thigh Inhale stretch that right arm up and over opening all through that last and those ribs and that right oblique exhale back to Center interlace your fingertips place your hands behind your head, press your head into your hands and Open up through those elbows in your chest Take a big inhale here on your exhale draw your chin to your chest elbows

Go narrow rock your head side to side Stretching out those neck extensors, which we definitely use in our ab portion of this workout Then bring it all the way back up to standing and we will take our right foot in to our right hand Started heel to your butt Push your hips forward line the thighs up with one another Searching out that right thigh That feel free to hold on to a wall if you need that here And then release okay left hand to the left foot draw that heel in Lengthen your tailbone towards the ground Keep pulling your heel close to the back of your body And then fully release take your right arm all the way across your chest pull it in with that left arm and Switch it up left arm across pull it in with the right And then release take those feet side by side hips distance apart We'll finish with a standing roll down and you'll sweep your arms up high to the ceiling feel the length reach for the sky Exhale round the spine dive up and over reach all the way down to your toes Completely release your head Let it all hang tilt your tailbone to the ceiling fighting more length in the back of your legs and Then you'll soften your knees drop in through your core roll all the way up through the back stacking your spine nice and tall And give yourself a round of applause nice work guys Thanks for joining me My name is Lindsey

This is Jim Rock What's up, Jim? Ray is Laura Myron We just finished filming our good morning Salutation 15 minutes of yoga You cannot tell me that you don't have 15 minutes get your butt out of bed 15 minutes earlier It makes a huge difference in how you feel and your focus and your energy and your body 15 minutes a day I know you can do this like now wait to see you on the map When you first log in you'll be asked about your connection speed to ensure that you have the smoothest viewing experience Click on settings to adjust your connection at any time on the workout page You'll find a difficulty slider that allows you to choose your fitness level When switch to show all you can browse routines for all levels To filter the level of difficulty switch off the show all button and adjust the slider Once you've selected your desired level click on a category to see all the workouts available for that level If You'd like to view our full-length routines Click on the video streaming tab for a selection of workouts in a variety of categories To familiarize yourself with the app features click on the menu tab on the right hand side of the screen to access the about page Here you'll find information about all the app features You can refer back to this page at any time But if you still have questions that haven't been answered

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This adds it to my list I want to thank you for choosing Jim ray I know you have a lot of options We've spent so much time and effort here to bring you world-class trainers of huge variety of workouts And it's all for free So thanks again for joining me I hope you enjoy the free workout programs and we'll see you soon

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