Pilates Workout with Optional Pilates Ball – Pilates Full Body

Hey guys Lindsay here with Jim rah I have a full body workout for you today Pilate style If you have a Pilates ball, we'll be using that you can also use maybe your kids toy ball or a rolled-up towel There's also an option to not have it at all So either way is fine well come on over to take a seat if you have the ball, you'll place it between Your shoulder blades in your middle back and you'll place it right there If you don't you'll be up in a curl hands will come behind your head We'll start with just some regular curls on your inhale You'll lean back over the ball and then on your exhale you'll curl up when you curl up You want to think of pushing your low back towards the ground and bring your ribs towards your hips? shortening the space in the front of your body now you can make this a bigger range of motion by lowering further back and Curling higher up if you'd like, or you can keep them smaller more at the top range Come we'll go into a little Routine here will curl up for a count of four nice and slowly and then we'll go nice and quick down on what? exhale four four three two one inhale all the way down exhale slow curl up four and Squit down on one exhale curl up for four three, two one inhale all the way down now We'll reverse quick up and a solo down resist resist resist exhale four one Inhale slow it down

Keep those lower abdominals tight Quick up on your exhale and a slow down on that amia last one quick up two exhale and a slow Down now you'll curl up We'll twist to our left twist to our right come Center lower down now as you're doing these twistings You don't want anything move in your lower body So your feet your knees and your hips should stay nice and still when you're curling up Keep your elbows nice and wide Collarbone is open and shoulders are down your back Good, so don't get those shoulders up high Keep them plugged into your spine Let's go for more It's an exhale and curl up two twists and an inhale to lower down last three The last two those abs should be warming up and a last one here You'll curl up twist twist come Center Lower back take an inhale four circles will curl up the left come Center to the right lower back big circles with your upper body Make sure your hips are staying still so we don't want that going on Keep your feet heavily planted into the ground and at any time if you want to reach your hands forward That's also a completely okay option Without the ball you can do all of this as well final three Fine I'll see you and Last one we're going the other way You'll curl up the center and down the left curl up the right and down the left exhale on the left Inhale on the back exhale belly to spine and he'll hollow back Good try to lift up and off that ball almost like it's not even there and we'll go last three fine notes you Observe earning last one Let's take a quick break Leaning back over the ball or just rest your head on the mat You can reach your arms overhead get nice and long through the body stretch out your belly and we're taking it up a notch So you'll curl up Bring your hands behind your head Bring your left leg to tabletop on your inhale stretch your left leg away from you lean back Exhale knee to chest curl up Inhale lean back and lengthen exhale curl up right down the center now once again sacrum is super heavy So that our low back and our pelvis are not wobbling around We don't want to let that low back arch add a twist curl up twist to the left Inhale lean back and lengthen exhale curl up and twist inhale untwist Axle right armpit to left knee and he'll take it back last three and last two Final one curl it up Plants change sides right leg to tabletop inhale lean back Exhale curl up good plug your belly

Literally as you exhale, you should see those low abs deflate Sinking a little bit deeper every time you exhale Ribs should tighten as you lift up last one And now we add that twist curl up twists your right Inhale D if I can lengthen exhale curl up and twist Inhale with a smile down the center and we'll go for our last four Coming up and off that ball keeping your elbows alive for three last to last one Good plant your feet reach your arms for forward curl up Nice and high you'll reach your left hand for your left heel come Center Right hand to the right heel getting a little bit into those obliques So you want to think of your left ribs going down towards your left hip bone? And then your right ribs going down towards your right hip bone or a side body crunch Maybe a little less Anatomy while you're working so hard Good now we'll go for a double reach reach other side reach reach now, make sure you're not leaning on the balls They lifted and in not working the zone be honest with yourself last two last One hands will go up into a big circle like you're hugging a moon on your inhale open your arms curl up Exhale lean back hug your moon and he'll open curl up Exhale lean back in hug final four Stay with me for three last two Last one curl up reach those arms forward little pulses to finish How far can you curl up plug those shoulders through it with a smile? You've got six on five four three Two on one, oh boy Play it all the way back Let your score stretch out reach arms overhead, maybe take them out to a tee Take a moment allow yourself to breathe and then you'll peel it up moving into warming up those legs So you'll lie on your back Place the ball if you have one in between your knees if you don't have a ball or a towel You'll completely glue your legs together like so but if you have that ball place it in between your thighs Feet are about hips distance apart Collarbone is wide You're in a neutral spine flat back hips will lift right up squeeze your back hips lower right back down exhale to lift and In inhale to lower if you don't have the ball and your knees are Completely glued together for this one because we're gonna start to get into those inner thighs

Here we go Exhale hips lift up squeeze your glutes squeeze the ball one squeeze and release hips lift up squeeze the ball or your legs twice squeeze squeeze lower down exhale to lift for three squeezes squeeze squeeze squeeze take it back to the mat fur for Collarbone is wide Chin is off the chest taking it for five squeeze your button your belly on the left and Now we're going for six squeezes we go up squeeze for six five four three Two one all the way down and up four seven six five clinching to your sits bones Make sure those glutes aren't engaged Take your hips down We're going for eight all the way to ten This one is eight seven six five four three two one Inhale lower exhale lift, make sure you're squeezing both legs Equally this one's a total of nine last four three Two one last set your hips go up freeze your butt We've got ten nine hips are high collarbone open and your breathing final five Four three two, and one lower your hips on an inhale lift your hips on an exhale It's a one squeeze of the ball one pulse of the hips one squeeze one pulse Now when you squeeze the ball or you're squeezing your knees together if they're glued together And you want to feel those inner thighs? Firing, so if you don't have a ball imagine you have one in between your thighs and you're trying to pop it if you do Have a ball literally try to pop it see what happens All right Let's go five more like this As you post your hips up, it's not just a lifted lower It's an also a contraction of the backs of the legs

You want to feel your glutes and your hamstrings working final three and two Last one hold the squeeze on the ball now squeeze in and in with just the left knee Squeeze your left knee towards your right knee stabilize with your right knee Don't let it go anywhere that left inner thigh is working Hold this please on the ball both knees now just the right knee is squeezing in and in Good, if you don't have the ball you're creating pressure with your own body by hugging your legs to the midline Just the right leg squeezes for the last three two Add one both legs squeeze final ten squeeze more and more barely release that ball at six Five hips are high belly tight three Two and one hoops to the rat That was the warm-up for the next one single leg bridge You'll take your left leg to the sky if you have the ball, you'll pace it behind the back of the left knee Otherwise your left leg will be in tabletop Neutral spine belly tight right foot planted in line with your right hip exhale lift your hips up Inhale lower your hips right back down If you've got that ball You're just gently squeezing it so that it doesn't escape you if you don't left leg to tabletop Make sure the backs of the shoulders are wide into the mat so that your shoulders aren't rounding forward So Pilates can be made quite a workout, but we want to still keep that class alignment and posture happening Okay, let's go for more here exhale on the lift and inhale on the lower final three Last year, let me keep those hips up Last one keep your hips up Now you go one lift of the hips one squeeze of the ball one lift of the hips one squeeze of the ball If you don't have the ball You're just squeezing your heel towards your hip push do a little hamstring curl one lift One squeeze that right leg should be on fire one, but one squeeze you've got fix final five last four final three last two Last one hold the lift push into the backs of the arms You've got eight and seven keep those hips high squeeze that ball final four three two Add one take it to the mat

You'll pull out your left foot down stretch that right leg up Give it a good flex And now take the ball behind the back of that right leg healed a tush neutral pelvis belly tight Here we go Exhale hips lift inhale hips lower Every time the hips tap the mat you should be in that neutral alignment in your back So you've got that natural lumbar curvature Well air pocket is happening Make sure all of your spine is not flat for this one Exhale on the lift Inhale on the lower once you've got the alignment make sure you're looking straight up to the ceiling chin stays off the chest Collarbone is wide And working all the curves of the spine We'll go last 5 push into all parts of that left foot your pinky toe your big toe and your heel for 4 Add three keep that core engaged final two Last one you'll hold the lift of the hips It's one lift of the hips one squeeze of the ball one pulse of the hips one squeeze of the ball If you don't have the ball know where you're just pulling your heel towards your tush and you're finding that Contraction in your own body

He's squeezing the muscles in that right leg okay, let's go last six and Five use the backs of the arms as it starts to get challenging last three and two Last one all the way up line one squeeze the boss read your glutes keep your hips high You've got ten and nine for eight seven Don't let them drop final four three two and one Very nice reach your legs up to the ceiling flex your feet Find that link through the backs of the legs Take a second and then we're gonna go some low belly work So you have the ball We'll use it not it's totally fine Your heels will be together toes will be apart if you don't have the ball if you do same thing But the ball will be in between those heels toes and knees apart imprint your spine smush your back into the mat No where between the back and the floor? Collarbone is wide little squeezes on the ball Now if you don't have the ball, you'll use your heels squeeze in in it Push your heels into one another create that resistance throughout your body Everybody should start to feel their inner thighs here It's kind of a theme for the last couple of moments Make sure your steak imprinted in that low back We'll continue to post the heels in as we lower the legs down Make sure you stop before your low back arches and then little squeezes of your heels as you lift your legs back up It's an innie out of squeeze your legs as you lower down And an exhale to squeeze your legs as you lift back up Good literal inner thighs pulses squeeze in and in on the way down Squeeze in and in on the way back up When your legs go down? You never lower past the place that that low back is staying heavy If you feel your ribs and your belly start to pop that's what I want you to stop Last one taking it to your lowest point bend your knees in for frog they'll separate shoulder distance apart Now extend your leg squeeze your inner thighs in that ball any old event exhale extend and squeeze Okay, let's go four more like this think of your glutes and your hips wrapping on the extension last two Final one here stretch those legs long squeeze your inner thighs go parallel with your feet If you don't have the bog, loo them all the way together hands Press into the mat little footprints flex your feet little lifts of your hips Like you're stepping the sole of the foot on to the ceiling now if this is really challenging for you really try to use your arms to help you lift your hips and then once this gets easier Take away that crutch maybe hover your arms and see if you can really lift your hips by using just those low apps Use an exhale as you lift your hips like you're fogging them you're good exhale lift inhale to lower final four and three virtu And why now point your toe squeeze your thighs on the ball keep your legs connected We'll draw a circle to the right Lower down left come Center and reverse To the left lower down right come Center now as you're drawing these circles one in each direction Really work the flexibility of the legs reach through the toes point them straighten through the knees Make sure your pelvis is not rocking around

So it's a small circle It's not a big movement Like keeping that low back imprinted and smushed into the ground last one each way Final one here bend your knees remove that ball take a little butterfly strike So let's open up those inner thighs You know, there's more to come so break come into windshield wipers, these are super fun Bring the ball back in between your feet If you have it legs are in tabletop hug everything to the midline glue your legs together If you don't have that ball You'll take your arms out a little bit wider and then plant them down on the floor and imprint your spine belly is tight Drift your knees to the left But keep your right shoulder completely down and then on your axle you use your core to pull yourself back to Center and Your knees go right make sure this guy does not lift up and then exhale come back to Center Using the waist and the breath to return yourself to the center now, this is a starting place It might not feel too challenging yet, but don't worry There's more There's more

There's always more I like to layer So if this is good for you, stay here if you want a little bit more you'll extend your legs You'll send them further over than you did before but make sure your right shoulder and your right ribs Don't lift exhale pull back to Center Inhale drift to the right left side body stays heavy, but the left hip can lift exhale pull Center You should feel all of your waist twisting And then exhale use those abdominals Fire that low belly to move your legs back to the midline now see if you can do this with your arms hovering But keeping that chest still and planted on the mat Oh, it's a little bit harder hug the ball hug the inner thighs Well, let's go three more one to each side Twisting through the low body really engaging and hugging wrapping cinching that waist last one here and Exhale come Center finding those knees will remove the ball and we'll come on up to a seat Take a quick stretch for that low back so you'll come into a Crisscross applesauce kind of position one leg in front of the other sit up nice and tall and then you'll lean forward Think of really lengthening forward as you fold like you're pulling your upper body out of your lower body That'll stretch that low back out Feel free to add any movement that you need if you can walk your hands all the way forward and fold if you need that Take a big inhale We'll roll it all the way up and we'll simply switch the cross of your legs So other leg comes in front sit up tall lengthen lean pull your chest over your shins And then fold over your legs Let's release that low back before we get into even more work Good and then we'll come all the way up if you have the ball We'll continue to use it If not, I'll give you an option without it

So you'll come to lie on your stomach You'll bend your heels Your knees are apart your heels will go together if you don't have the ball if you do the heels are together Chosen, these are a partner pinching the ball with your heels adds a little bit of wobbliness Hopefully I don't lose it why I do this First part of this exercise legs will stay down hips are pushed into the mat glutes are tight Fingertips by your ears on your exhale keeping your shoulders down You'll lift your upper body up We'll do a side bend to the left left elbow going towards your left hips Come Center side bend to the right What we're just going left and right doing a little bit of an oblique crunch here You're trying to stay high in the chest Keep your pubic bone pressing into the floor So that our low back is lengthen tailbone is reaching down towards the bottom of the mat We're taking it side to side in this upper body getting a little bit of rotation lateral bending all the goods Keep your belly lifted How do you do that? Tighten your core? Good we'll go four more four four and Last three if you've got the move keep your eyes facing the ground Final two Then we'll go last one to the left to the right Come Center four arms down We'll work that lower body squeeze your glutes Push your hips into the mat little lifts and lowers of the legs Thighs will go up and down Squeeze into the ball gently not too much or else you might lose it Grip your glutes tighten them

Keep your heels over your knees Make sure they're not too far away Setting up an inch and down an inch Yes, this is kind of just the beginning or gonna put those two exercises together But if it's too much come back to just doing the upper body and then the lower body Last five years squeeze your glutes to lift Keep your navel engaged and your shoulders down final two Last one fingertips back by your ears You'll lift everything up legs and chest Legs stay still glutes are engaged eyes are off the mat We'll go back into those side Bring your ribs down towards your hips on the same sides Good squeeze and squeeze You should really surgeon feel that waist here Now as we're side bending try not to let the hips move around keep even weight on both sides of your hips So none of that right there

Keep those like so that last four I'm three Can you get your side bending even deeper for two? last one Come back to Center cane now We'll go lower body for a 10 keep the thighs up and just pulse it up and up for 10 as you lift your leg Squeeze your glutes clinch them nice and tight if you have no ball push your heels Actively into one another make sure they're connected shoulders are down laughs engage final four and three two hold the lift now everything for ten after and lower upper body lifts lower body lifts for eight and Seven shoulders down wide chest for six and five for four and three Holding for to add one keep the leg reach your leg high reach your chest higher You've got eight squeeze your butt squeeze your thighs four three two one Take it all the way down remove the ball will take a child's pose These are my tips to your heels Melt it back maybe taking a little shift let that low back release Maybe rest your forehead take a moment And then we're coming all the way back up Okay, it's time for some planks I absolutely love playing so I always try to make Variations of them if you have the ball you'll use it if not, no worries So first you take yourself into a plank hands underneath shoulders Toes underneath hips you'll scoop and tuck that low back So your low belly is listed if you don't have a ball you'll just hover your left hand Make sure your hips don't shift around If you do you'll place the ball underneath your left hand but a lot of weight So we're trying to work into using just three limbs Not using that left hand now check your hips tilt them to the right So we help square off We're holding this guy for 20 more seconds

Stay with me Keep your neck in and alignment with your spine So look down to the floor Make sure your chin is not dropping So pull that head up your head is just as active here as everything else Sighs are engaged glutes are lifting put more weight into your left foot and we'll go final 10-8 final six last four three two and one Okay Now the boat will go behind the back of your left leg Kick your heel to your tush If you don't have the ball, you'll just bend your knee Coming back up into another plank step your right foot back

Hand's underneath shoulders another three limbs of variation Shoulders are down ribs are in and up Keep squeezing your heel towards your tush You'll tap your knee towards the floor and then xo2 push it up inhale lower down Exhale lift it up Now as you're moving this left leg Check that nothing is happening in that spine You want to stay really strong in the torso? So no arching of that low back No flaring of your ribs Try not to let your chest sink through your arms

Stay strong You've got eight to go for eight squeeze the back of your leg to left Final six stay strong in that right supporting leg five more four five and Last four, I know you can do three more last three and two final one all the way up squeeze and release Okay side two for those planks So the ball will go underneath your right hand this time or you'll hover your right hand if you don't have the ball Hey left hand underneath shoulders fingers step back behind you either The right hand or it comes to the ball now if you're putting it on the ball It's not about putting a lot of pressure in the ball It's just actually lifting the hand up would probably be even more challenging So tilt your hips to the left bring weight into that right foot lift your core pull your shoulders down Smile, you'll uplinks just as much as I do I Actually really like them I'm not lying I really do

Okay, you got 20 seconds left Good, check your hips make sure they're not chilling Oh and last ten eight Breathe through it when it gets hard Don't give up final five four three two and One, okay Take you to the map We'll go for that plank with the ball behind the back of the right leg You'll extend your right leg place the ball behind the back of the knee heel to your tush Fingers are wide underneath your shoulders

Step your left foot back Take an inhale Here we go Lifting up into your plank flex your right foot bring your heel towards your tush on your inhale You'll dip the knee towards the floor on your exhale You'll push it up to the sky inhale down exhale up inhale to lower exhale to lift Thank you So not only are we working full body in this plank

We're kind of burning out the back of that right leg So as the right leg lifts You should feel the hamstrings for the back of the leg and you are right glute aka your butt So squeezing into it, you've got eight more we go eight Exhale lift a little abs in for five at four Last three Final two Final two Final two I'm just getting last one good and then we'll come all the way down I think we deserve a stretch Let's put the ball aside for a moment Then we will come up to kneeling first stretch You'll extend your left leg forward foot is flexed Left hip is down So make sure you're not crunching into the left side of your body long spine You'll lean four fingertips Go outside of this left leg I'll really pull those toes back not a relaxed foot the more you flex it the more you'll get into the back of that leg But lengthen through the spine chest out tail out And we go to our second side

You'll step this left foot back in we'll go to the other side So right leg goes straight in front of you Flex your toes towards you make sure your hips are squared and then you'll reach your chest over your toes fingertips come to the mat But almost thinking of arching your back here So opposite of what we were doing in your plank, so we don't want to be here with that long low back long chest Good and now we are ready for some more Okay, so we'll come all the way up And we will start with either in the fall or your hand on the mat So you'll have the ball in your left hand Your left knee will be in alignment with your left hand If you don't have the ball, you'll simply plant your hand on the mat You can go hand fingertips fist any of those are appropriate push your hips forward You and your chest your hips in one line top hand on your hip now the ball adds a little bit of instability So if you even if you haven't you don't like it, you can ditch it flex your right foot Lift out of your waist exhale lift your right leg, huh? Inhale to lower it down It's an exit a lift in it inhale to lower when you lift your right leg up You should feel the outside of your right hip kind of tighten up That's where you want to hold at the top and squeeze No momentum here It's not about kicking the leg It's about finding that place where you're working through something sticky like pool or sink molasses when you're banking It's sticky when it gets in your hand, so think about your leg being in that last two The last one you'll keep it leg lifted this time you'll bend the knee towards the chest And then reach it back out and lift it up bend the knee towards the chest Reach it back out lift it up check that your hips and shoulders are staying stacked and your bellybutton is not Relaxed it is staying engaged Okay, we'll go last to Then make sure your knee and toes face forward you're not turning them up to the sky hold the lift now You'll point your toes and we'll circle that leg around So six almost act like you don't have that left hand on the ground and you're really trying to lift those left ribs up and then we'll reverse those circles four six and five firm boards getting challenging stay with me last three And two pulses to finish reach it to the sky Keep it parallel lift from the outside of that hip you have five a little higher for for a little higher for three And two and one bring it all the way down Okay, we'll come to lay down on our left side You'll have your left form underneath

Your left shoulder knees are bent in front of your hips If you have the ball, you'll place the ball behind the back of the right knee squeeze your heel to your tush No worries, if not chop hand onto your hip You'll lift your right leg up and down and up And down continue to working in that abductor that side glue just like we were before search should are to be burning But now if you're on your form make sure you're not hanging out there still stay active Also think about lifting your left ribs up and you want to keep the weight the length in the top waistline So none of this action push that hip away from you And now you'll keep your leg up and you'll squeeze the ball once and pull the leg up once squeeze the ball pulse up Squeeze the ball pulse up You don't have the ball You'll just squeeze your heel towards your tush and then pull up So either way works sticking with me for five ad four for three squeeze and pulls up for two and Why now? You'll circle that knee around make sure it's not the lower part of the leg that's circling You want to see the movement happening from the hip joint big circles focus on the left but for more on this side, and we're reversing those circles last three and to Add one I'm starting to shake Let's reverse those circles But make sure as this leg is moving around that your torso is staying stable So those abdominals are still working even in this position? got final four circles on this leg for four Add three birds to Add one bring the leg up you'll tap your feet together and then your knees together feet tap Enemy's top feet top and knees top if you have that ball squeeze it hard try not to lose it You're turning in with the knee and out with the knee Internally rotating externally rotating turn in turn out last three final two Last one, you know, we got pulses bring that leg up pulse it up knee in line with hip faces directly forward final ten Nine eight seven push out of your supporting arms Stay with me four four three Two and one bring it down Ok coming into a side plank

You'll extend your legs long The feet will be staggered So you have your right foot forward left foot back and we'll come up onto our left palm Left palm directly underneath your left shoulder if you have the ball We'll use it just for fun on your inhale reach your top arm all the way up and over big side then exhale lower your hips down lower your arm down and helbig side body stretch Exhale dip the hips towards the mat inhale lengthen Exhale lower last one inhale lengthen feel the stretch and then you'll reach that right arm up to the sky the right arm will reach underneath your left side body and He'll open it up exhale to twist Inhale to open go twist through the ribs, but keep the hips nice and still final three Good stay with the breath when it gets hard It's an exhale on the twist And then inhale on the open last one here Open it all the way up and now pulse your hips off it up Use your left oblique and your left outer hip you've got five taking them higher four four add three Bird to add one melt it down to the mat Let's take a stretch So you'll bend your left knee heel is close to you knee in line with belly button You take your right foot outside of that knee You should feel that area

We worked and then you'll hug this right knee in with your left arm Make sure that you keep weight over on that right hip sit up nice and tall Take a moment if you want to come into a little bit more of a twist, you'll turn your upper body Towards the right to the wall behind you And that'll do it is time for our second side so grab your ball if you have it Come up to kneeling You'll have the ball in your right hand If you don't have the ball, you'll plant your hand right in line with that right knee and then you'll extend your left leg long Hand knee and foot all in alignment hands to your hips, press your hips forward and squeeze your glute But almost as if the floor isn't there lift out of that supporting arm, you'll flex your foot xo2 lift it up Inhale to lower it down It's an exhale to lift and an inhale to lower Check your form Make sure your knee and toes are facing the wall in front of you But you're squeezing the outside of your hip as you lift So once they get no momentum in this position abs are tight Glutes are tight tailbone is pushing forward So you're lengthening that low back? And you're feeling that powder hip on the left Let's go two more last two Last one now, you'll hold the left bend the knee towards the line of the hip reach it out lift it up bend the knee in reach it up lift it up then and Reach out and lift But remember to cinch the waist here so full body exercise

Everything is working Okay, let's go last three Even as you bend the knee in try to keep it lifted final two Last one will lengthen it out point the toes and we've got those circles We're still staying parallel Make sure that you're not leaning too much Into that right hand I just had to adjust myself so do that if you need to reverse those circles Finding that shake find your breath We'll go six final four I'm three For two last one We got poses to finish stick with me ten Nine eight seven I'm shaking shake with me four four three Two on one

Oh That one was the killer Okay We'll come to lay on our right side now Tsuki on your right forearm elbow is underneath shoulder We're staying engaged in that site Bye Bend your knees in line with your hips

You'll take the ball place it behind the back of your left leg from here Push your left hip away from you find length in that side oblique Exhale lift your left knee up inhale lower it down So you'll still feel the burn from that last exercise? That not quite as challenging because now we're laying down a little bit more but don't sink into your forum still try to stay active But it's an exhale to lift and inhale to lower now If you don't have that ball remember, you're just kicking your heel towards your tush and keeping it there So you have a contraction in the back of your leg? last three at you Final one keep that knee up at hip height It's one squeeze of the ball one lift of the leg one squeeze One lift one squeeze one lift when you're squeezing your heel towards your tush You're engaging that hamstring when you're lifting the leg up you're feeling that side glute Let's go four more one squeeze pull on lift last three and two Last one one squeeze one lift and take it into those circles moving from the hips circling in the hip joint Pushing out of your forearm It should start to burn Actually, I think we're past starting to burn it burns But hang in there let it burn Let's go three more circles And then we're taking it the other way last two Last one, let's reverse those circles check back in on that alignment Make sure your hips are stacked and your shoulders are stacked And we're gonna last four focus on the top range of the circle make sure you're lifting it up and last two and Last and why now? We'll tap our knees together and then tap our feet together and knees tap add feet tap turn in turn out internally rotate externally rotate getting all of that movement in the hip But keep your heels squeezing towards that ball and I were trying to turn in and turn out as much as possible So when your feet tap your knee is as high as possible and when your knee taps your feet are as far apart as possible We're gonna last three push out of your supporting arm for two Last one lift that leg up to hip height pulse to finish we go ten Up and up last eight up it up first seven a little higher squeeze the ball squeeze your glute contract Into the back of that leg final six and five four four Last three add three, I'm three Four two and one man time for a side link So grab the ball will come up onto our right palm

The palm will be underneath Your shoulders feet will be stacked Have your left foot forward right foot back You're on the edge of the feet so you can push the sides of the feet into the ground Anchor that left shoulder into your back body Reach your top arm to the sky On your inhale left arm reaches up and over a big side Bend exhale lower the arm and the hips and heel lengthen and lift using that waist Exhale taking it to the mat good inhale to lengthen and lift Exhale lowering it down last one inhale lengthen lift Finding your side plank You'll reach your left arm underneath your right waist line and he'll stretch it up to the sky exhale twist through the chest Inhale lift and lengthen now, make sure you keep pushing out of your supporting arms or shoulders not coming here push and stay active last three Final two legs are get engaged feel that inner thigh connection last one Find your plank and pulse those hips up So Rely on the legs here Not just that are and pull your chest backs and your hips forward we go for eight and seven last six and five four three two and one Bringing it to the mat Let's stretch that out to have your right knee bent in line with the center of your body Your belly buttons left foot comes outside of that right leg and you'll hug Me in with your right arm try to drop your left hip back to the mats You feel big stretch in that hip if you want to take a twist We'll start to turn to the left opening your left shoulder up Looking towards the waves or my wave Good and then gently release Okay Wow Exercise and then we're into some stretching teasers grab your ball

You have one Heels together toes and knees apart You'll squeeze the ball knees are slightly turned out arms are forward If you don't have the fall heels together toes apart Sit up nice and tall, you'll stretch your legs forward We're just taking a hold belly engaged Size tight shoulders down really tall and lifted find that posture arms reach for it if you need a little more soar just squeeze in and in on your heels or that wall if You need a little more arms go up Now as the arms go up try not to lean back Stay really tough through the crown of the head lifts lift lived with a smile you got ten Nine squeeze the ball find the inner thighs or its together Shoulders slide down the back reach long through your fingers final four three Two and one bend your knees in Nice work guys It's time to do a stretch to come on up to kneeling And then you'll step just your left foot forward Take it wide

So it's beyond this edge of the hip and then you'll lean into your hips Hands come inside of your left leg You'll untuck your right toes and we're starting with my hip flexor stretch on that Right hip lots of ab work Got a stretch of that guy out Good to intensify You'll keep your right hand on the map bend your right heel in and reach back for it with your left hand Give it a good pool You need even more you can come down onto your right forearm Pull in and with that arm and drop those hips down towards the mat Good and then release the back leg You'll bring your left leg into pigeon If you aren't familiar, I'll walk it you through it You'll walk your foot over to the right Your knee will be bent The less flexible you are the closer the heel will be to your body So if it feels really hard pull your heel in close if you're pretty flexible, you'll take your leg out So you're making a 90-degree bend knee in line with ankles square your hips lean into that right hip and then you can fold over Now maybe for arms you the challenge if you really want to go for it You lay all the way down walk around forward and rest into it

This one can be pretty intense So just try to breathe through it as much as you did with the exercises Remember to keep that left foot flexed why we are in it Good holding here for five more seconds Let's take a big inhale Maybe getting a little bit lower if you feel like you can handle that and Then we'll come all the way up So come all the way back up and we'll take those stretches on our second side So step your right foot forward And we'll go as wide as the mat and then you'll lean your hips forward if you need a deeper stretch you'll walk that left knee back and Then you'll lean your weight into that left hip so you want to feel the front of the hip opening up but And then we'll take it into that by that by strategy that's too much just saying this one You'll Bend your left heel in reach back for it with your right hand If you need more you're pulling that heel closer to you as well as making your way down onto your left forearm Turn your chest to the right give that like a nice good pool Let the hips drop towards the mat breathe into your stretches and Then you'll release that leg coming into our pigeon stretch You'll walk your right foot across the mat over to the left So the knee will Bend if the heel is pretty close to you

That's a little less flexible This might be intense You can even stay up onto your hands if it feels like it's too much if you're ready for more Walk that ankle in line with your knee and then bring your weight over onto your left tips We don't want to be sitting on the right hip we want to be squared off And then really lengthen out of your waist, like someone's holding you your hips pull yourself forward So then fold over This right chin, maybe taking it all the way down to a rest But it's your stretch You deserved it say where you need to be? Lengthening out all those muscles we just worked At about 10 more seconds here So connect with your breathing big inhales filling up the core big exhales releasing the muscles and the face and the shoulders And then you'll start to lift yourself all the way up out of this stretch And then coming to take a seat on your mat Let's just seal it in Let's take a big inhale

Sweep our arms up And then exhale drawing your hands down and giving yourself a round of applause awesome work guys Thanks for joining me I'll see you guys next time I Want to invite you to join one of 50 free workout programs at Jim Raycom You're never gonna get bored and you'll have enough workouts to keep you busy for years to come I know that's exciting You'll never get that workout Plateau Let me show you a little bit about what you can expect when you sign up for a free account on Jim recom You'll be asked whether you'd like to be assigned a program based on several basic questions about your fitness level and goals If you'd rather browse the programs and weigh your options Click on no I do not want any programs head to the program's tab and scroll to find a program that fits your needs as you Can see we cover everything from weight loss to toning and sculpting yoga Pilates ABS Upper body we have it all Now, let me show you how the program's work If you've chosen to be on a program when you log into gym or comm you'll be directed to the my program page Featuring your workout of the day All you have to do is press play and start exercising To see details about the workout click on more info The animated gifs below are the individual moves in the routine Here you can see your workout at a glance

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