Pilates Workout – Full Body Pilates Workout with Cardio

Hey guys, it's windy here with Jim rah, and this is my girl Minerva we're gonna be doing a full body Pilates workout for you with some added cardio So get ready if you want extra details on the workout go down to the description and there is an info link you can click On and get all the information you would like So without further ado, let's get to it You'll also need three two pound dumbbells For our workout So legs will go long reach your arms straight out in front of you sit nice and tall Take a big inhale Tighten your low belly pull it in and up and then on your exhale tuck your pelvis Begin to curl back one inch at a time trying to make it really slow resist gravity here And then take it all the way down to the mat You'll extend your right leg straight up to the ceiling reach long through your right toes Hold on behind your right leg sir to tuck your chin Rounding your spine And climb up your leg sink your belly button all the way into the back body and then sit up nice and tall Now if you have trouble with this move Really push your leg into your hand to help you get up and then start to travel your hands back down the leg with control belly button to spine roll it all the way down and hill at the bottom and then Exhale ribs, drop back in space as you curl up So it is nice and tall pump that chest up pull your heart forward and then walk your hands back down Good inhale at the bottom and then exhale rounding That's fine driving those ribs into the body and you'll sit tall stack through the back And then walk your hands back down taking it all the way to the mat with control Release the right legs and the left leg to the ceiling holding on behind the left thigh start to travel up that left thigh Round your spine and then inhale roll it all the way up Bring your hands back down that leg Tuck your pelvis, and then curl your way all the way back down to the mat inhale at the bottom Exhale round the spine and roll it all the way up Inhale sit tall on your sits bones and then walk your hands all the way back down and we'll find our final one here inhale for nothing Exhale find that C shape in the spine belly pulls back Inhale sit top and then we'll walk your hands all the way down that leg and take it all the way to the mat Both feet extend long flex your feet dig your heels into the mat hands behind your neck elbows Stay wide belly button pulls in exhale round your spine all the way up and over your thighs Like there's a big beach ball in your lap And then inhale sit tall push your head into your hands keep your elbows and chest wide Back is flat like a board leaning back at the last moment round your back with control go as slow as possible Roll through it

You should shake a little bit Inhale here exhale round the spine up drive the belly back curl the ribs forward Inhale sit tall through the back body keep the length as you lean back puff your sternum up towards the ceiling And then pause curl the low back and roll it all the way down Let's find one more like that Inhale here exhale C shape in the spine dive over your thighs Sitting tall pulling your skull to the ceiling creating more length through your back Begin to lean back keep the length in the spine and then tuck your pelvis Bring your pubic bone to your belly button and roll it all the way back Hands, come by your waist and then you'll lift your legs up into tabletop Drive your back muscles down into the floor so there's no space between you and this in the ground on your inhale dip your right toes to the mat and then Exhale lift your right leg back up switching sides and your left toes dip down Exhale to left now Try to be honest with yourself if your toes are going down and your low back is popping up off of the mat You're probably taking your foot a little bit too low for your abdominals So if that's the case for you Don't take your leg quite so low try to keep your low back imprint it into the mat the whole time I Just warming up those core muscles here But inhale as you lower down and then exhale as you lift back up Collarbone is wide And then once you've got the movement, you can take your eyes to the ceiling to keep your neck Elongated good

Let's go three more each side Every time you lift your leg back up to tabletop sink the belly in towards the floor Driving those back muscles into the Mack to keep your spine supported last one here to each side inhale to lower Exhale to lift last one to the left inhale lower exhale To lift good rock yourself all the way up to a seat and we'll grab on to our weights Let's take it all the way back down to the mat Elbows will be bent wide to the sides and then we'll bring our legs up into tabletop On your exhale curl your head neck and shoulders up extend your arms and legs forward bend just your right knee into tabletop as you bend your elbows wide and Then extend both your arms and your legs Switching sides bend the left knee into tabletop and the elbows wide Exhale to extend switching sides right knee bends in elbows go wide Exhale to extend left knee bends and elbows go wide exhale to extend and Hilda bent Exhale curling up a little bit higher in Hilda Bend exhale draw your ribs toward your hips Good keeping and shortening the space in the front of the belly We'll continue to alternate here keep driving those low back muscles into the mat to keep that low spine supported a Modification here would be to keep the legs at a higher angle shooting them straight up to the ceiling last one to the left in Hilda bent Exhale to extend this time squeeze your inner thighs together bend both your knees and your arms in Extend both your knees and your legs straight We'll draw a big circle straight up to the ceiling separate lower down connect Bend your knees and elbows back in here we go Inhale lengthen legs will draw a big circle up separate Connect and then drag them back in Inhale reach through your fingers and toes Sink your belly to your spine as you circle your legs around and then bend your knees and elbows back in Let's go two more in this direction as your legs and arms reach away from you Pull your core in an opposition last one in this direction Circling it all the way around and then bend it back and we're reversing and he'll stretch it out We'll circle the legs down separate lift connect bend the knees and elbows back in inhale reach Lower the legs down Separate lift and connect three more here stretch with the inner thighs and the gluts lower the legs down Separate connect and bend it and last you stay with me connect with that breath You can always rest your head here if it's a lot for the neck final one legs go down separate Glue them together bend it back in rest your head take a second

Shake that head out And then we'll extend both our arms back up to that 45 degree diagonal Minerva will keep her head down for this one for the modification I'll be curling it up Send your right leg straight up to the ceiling On your exhale curl up a little bit higher and then you'll bring your right leg back down to 45 degrees Send your left leg straight up to the ceiling curl it up a little bit higher and then bring both legs back down to 45 Right leg lifts exhale draw your ribs to your hips inhale to lower it down Left leg lifts exhale curl your ribs to your hips and he'll control it down Remember those low back muscles are pushed into the mat So we're keeping that spine imprinted and Supported if you need more of a challenge when the legs meet at the bottom take them a little bit lower Make sure your shoulders are staying out of your ears You're reaching long through your toes tightening into your quads Lifting your kneecaps up so that you feel a nice straight lengthen leg Let's go for more Count it with me

That's four I'm three Sink that belly to this line as you curl up higher last one here curl it all the way up Take it down to 45 and bring it all the way and nice work guys Let's set the weights down for our next one You'll extend your right leg out to 45 degrees left leg is in tabletop Minerva will keep her head down I'll be curling it up arms reach forward curl your head neck and shoulders up Take a big inhale You'll turn your right leg out and in Keeping it at this 45-degree angle Turn the leg out and in what we're doing is working internal and external rotation getting some mobility in the hip Lubricating those joints getting that synovial fluid all around Good now, we'll hold the internal rotation Turn your knee inward and draw a small circle in to the left If you're curled up reach through those fingertips as if you could touch the bottom of your mat And then bring that leg turn the knee out draw small circles out to the right good, let's go final four a three nice work bird – I Don't wanna bend your right knee into tabletop extend that left leg long curl it up Turn the left knee in and out this rotation starts all the way from the top of the hip Another modification here too would be to bend your left knee or take it up at a higher Diagonal to advance

Let's shoot that guy a little bit lower Now you'll hold the internal rotation turn that left knee in and then you'll draw small circles in to the right But reach through those fingertips Sink your shoulders into your spine drawing them away from your ears free that left leg Turn the knee out draw small circles out to the left Good inhale and exhale last four Add three plug those abdominals in for two and one bend your knees Take it all the way down Good work guys Let's take happy, baby Grab the outer edges of your feet pull your feet down Allow your knees to open wide Allow the low back and the neck to release Big inhale here and Exhale letting it all go Okay, so we're gonna move our weights aside for now And we'll take our legs into a butterfly stretch soles of the feet together knees turn out wide Actively push your arms into the mat widen your collarbone on your exhale You'll lift your hips up into a bridge squeeze your gluts Inhale tap your hips all the way down exhale to lift inhale to lower We're keeping a long spine

Which in Pilates is a neutral spine So every time your tailbone or your butt touches the mat you should feel a little space between your low back your lumbar spine and the mat But actively push your feet in to one another to find an inner thigh connection Exhale the hips lift and the glutes squeeze Inhale the tailbone taps to the map On your next one Hold your hips high this time We'll just lower halfway down and then all the way back up halfway down all the way back up Starting to heat up into those leg muscles Keep the connection with the core muscle though Just because we're working legs doesn't mean to relax the abdominals keep tightening and bracing those ABS Good five more like this four five And four Last three and two Final one earhole the pelvis all the way lifted small little pulses up an inch and down an inch Keep the contraction with the back of the legs Keep lifting your navel in and up Let's go tap and nine for eight on seven nice wide collarbone final five four three Two on one hip stay high step your feet hip distance apart and parallel Press your pelvis up to the ceiling lift your right leg to tabletop You'll turn your right knee out to the right as you dip Your right hip down and then on your exhale turn your right knee and hip back up towards the sky Right knee and hip dip out towards the right wall Exhale right knee and hip level and square off Inhale to turn the hips out Exhale square the pelvis real if that right hip as high as the left and Hilda turn out Exhale the left now Maybe you take a peek at your hips when you take that exhale make sure your hip bones are lining up with one another Let's go for our last you inhale to turn it out XO to square off Final one here square your pelvis up and then pulse your hips to the sky squeeze into that like glue You've got eight seven six five four three – all the way up with switch sides plant your right foot a Left leg lifts to tabletop shake it inhale here on your exhale turn your left knee out dip your left hip down and return to Center Turn the left knee out dip the left hip down and push through that right heel to square the pelvis off Keep the back to the shoulders wide and pressing into the mat beneath you Every time you return Center with the pelvis Really try to reel if those hips up So we're working into the right chemistry Pull your right heel to your butt isometrically So without moving to really connect into the back of our right leg Stay with me for our last three Inhale return it out add stillness square it off by nuts you Last one here

Bring that left leg back to Center Pulls your hips to the ceiling final eight and seven Can you take it a little bit higher first six and five? final four three two and one Place your left foot down and lower your hips to the mat Let's take it all the way up to its seats and we're gonna head into some side planking So you'll plant your left hand underneath your left shoulder Minerva will show you a modification by staggering the feet one foot in front of the other I'll have my feet set push up into your right hand left hand lift your left ribs up to the ceiling I'm gonna stand that right arm up to the sky On your exhale reach your right hand underneath your waist and twist through your ribs Unwind and then reach your right hand all the way up and over big inhale exhale wrap and twist through the waist Inhale lengthen and open up through those right ribs exhale wrap and twist Inhale lengthen and stretch Keep pushing the ground away from you with your supporting left hand Anchoring your left shoulder blade to the spine Keep the collarbone nice and wide and try to keep your hips and shoulders stacked as much as possible Okay, let's go ass or inhale stretch exhale twist final three Keep lifting and pushing out of that left foot to feel the outer left glute really working Let's go laughs one Inhale stretch lift lift lift exhale to come all the way back up and Take it down Okay, guys Second side So now we'll have a right hand underneath our shoulder Feet are stacked or staggered and then you'll reach your left arm up to the ceiling push out of the floor lifting that outer right hip Extend that left arm to the ceiling check that your hands directly underneath your shoulder and here we go It's an exhale to twist and reach under your right armpit And in in how to unwind and lengthen that left arm over your left here It's an exhale to twist through the waist And in and you wanna stretch long through the left lateral body It's an exhale to rotate since the ribs And it's an inhale for that stretch Keep actively pushing out of your hand to keep the right shoulder blade pulling into the spine lifting those hips high away from the floor Pulling those right ribs into your body Exhale to rotate inhale lengthen and reach Good final four here

Let's go for four Good keep smiling keep breathing You're almost there last three Final to keep your glutes tight for extra support Last one It's an inhale reach and stretch and an axe on a rotate and twist Wonderful work till you get all the way to the go around and guess what you made it through the Pilates portion We're gonna stand it up for some cardio Okay, guys we're back and ready for some cardio So our first move is going to be some kragg's kicks and throughout the beach feeling inspired by it Plant your hands behind you fingers face forward feet hips distance apart Nice wide chest lift your hips up and then you'll kick your legs forward I'll be adding a jump to this Minerva will stay with the modified version So safer for those knee joints

Just make sure your collarbone stays really wide the whole time Okay, let's pick that pace up really kicking your feet to the ceiling now Don't forget those Pilates principles I write here So we're keeping those abdominals engaged And we're moving with our breath So we're inhaling and Exhaling we're breathing through the movement even when that pace starts to pick up now if you can go faster than me That would be really awesome Let's see if we can really kick it up a notch Okay, you got about 20 more seconds here

Then we'll be taking it up to standing Good, let's push through for the last ten nine eight seven six five four three two And one good work Let's take it all the way up We'll be coming into some back kicks slightly hinge forward abdominals are tight You'll be kicking your foot to the back of the room You want to be kicking through your heel and a flexed foot? Like you're stamping something really heavy behind you pushing it out of the way Great time to think about your glutes and your hamstrings Not only cardio but definitely a toner as well low belly is drawn in Chest is wide pull those shoulder blades to the spine that Minerva is going to keep this pace here Just remember always the standing legs have a soft bend in those knees And then if you like it we can pick that pace up bring it more into a little hop as we switch sides Good Nice harder I'm saying than you would think It's saying with this we got about 20 seconds left Every time you extend that leg squeeze into those glutes Fully extend push your foot back and we'll go last eight ten last five four four and Three two and one to get back down to the mat for our crab kicks Taking it all the way Hands will be coming behind your hips Plant your feet lift your hips up I'm going to take it right back Into kicking your feet to the sky but remember collar bone wide abdominals tight Good, and if you ever need to take a moment, grab some water and then hop back in that is completely fine Good keep sending your pelvis up to the ceiling Try not to let your butt drop down lift those hips up And I started to pick that pace up The deep breathing in and out through the mouth and nose Half way through this one We got about 18 seconds think out keep it up hey Minerva She's hanging in there

You can do it You lost ten nine eight seven six Give me some energy last five four three two and one Whoo, good work Let's take it up up tight hinge it board You'll kick your heels to the back of the room Good deep breathing catch that breath How are your arms feeling calm kicks could be pretty good on those arms right guys Good stay nice and low in those legs Keep your spine elongated think neutral spine in Pilates I'm gonna find that focus Look slightly forward in front of your mat keeping your neck long and in line with your spine Okay, let's keep it up for our last 15 seconds here So last 10 baby daddy not hop Pushing through it

I lost five four three Two and one Let's bring it back down coming into our crab kicks Take a seat plant your feet hands behind your hips and let's lift it up Let's get to work Kick those feet up to the ceiling fully extend through your legs Push out of your hands firming those triceps I want a smile on your face We're all in this together The work you put in will be the work you got out of it Good Good John Minerva Good we're there in ten nine eight seven six five four three two and one Whoa, we're almost there guys Let's stand it up right back into those kicks push through your heel like you're slamming a door with your foot Okay, letting all that energy go you're almost to the end of this cardio portion Whatever gas you've got left in the tank Let's put it in there Good abdominals keep those guys nice and tight to support that low back Good catching your breath breathing in and out Good you're there in 20 seconds And then we go one more each move, and then we're cooling it down Now this last time through I want to see all that you got left to give last five last three Last one taking it to the map Homestretch, we're finishing it here I plant your hands, press your feet into the floor lift your hips up Kick those legs to the sky Find your motivation find your focus and work through the push Good keep your pelvis lifted sending your hip bones towards the ceiling if you can write it out run it out Kicking your feet, maybe a little bit higher to the sky

Let's push the right 20 seconds guys Locked egg Laughs five check it out for three two One taking it up Let's find those kicks abs are tight Leaning it forward push through your heel Kick it back behind you Pat deep breathing catch your breath Final push here Am I added a little hop kick it to the back run through it Pick that pace up if you can beat my pace and you know it you better do it We're almost there in 20 Good final 15 Good work girl Let's do it last ten nine eight seven six five four three two On one awesome work guys

Give me a high five Let's cool it down I'm out of breath I hope you're out of right Let's take those feet hips distance apart Just getting a little wider than hips distance Big inhale sweep it up Throw your hands to your heart Take an exhale Let's do it again big inhale

Reach it up exhale Hands to the heart one more like that Let's catch that breath inhale lift it up So this time we'll fold it all the way down to the mat If you're pretty flexible you can take your feet even closer together Allow the head to hang down towards the floor Press your hands into your shins lengthen your spine big inhale Exhale fold it all the way down One more like that he has two shins stretch the chest over the front of your mat Exhale fight it all the way down soften those knees roll it out to standing and Release your fingertips Press your hands board as you soften your knees round your spine Stretch your shoulder blades away away from one another on your inhale You'll reach your arms up lift your chest arch your back behind you and again push the hands 4dr the ribs back round the spine and He'll arch the spine check what's up tailbone tilts up behind you Exhale round ribs pull and push your hand thus far for it as possible and he'll lift And completely release those arms interlace your fingers behind your back Stop and your knees draw your shoulders to your spine and let's roll all the way down to our last forward fold We'll peddle out our legs bend your right knee deeply straighten your left leg and then switch straighten that left leg and Then that opposite knee Let's switch a couple more times Taking it side to side allowing that low back to release Release your hands to then I continue to pin and extend to those legs But stop and your knees pull your core and roll yourself all the way up to standing Good work guys Pilates cardio you guys did it? Thanks for watching This is Jim rock My name is Lindsey and I'll see you next time

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