Pilates Workout for Beginners

Hi I'm Amy Hendricks I'm a certified fitness instructor with Penn State Campus Rec and Fitness and Wellness

We're going to do a pilates workout today, so clear some space, take off your shoes and socks If you haven't exercised on a regular basis, you might want to consult a doctor If you have been exercising that's great I'm going to give you modifications, but if you feel any pain or dizziness or anything where you don't feel well, just stop what you're doing Most of today's exercises are going to be things that we've done before

Something we haven't done before, but again, I'm going to be giving you lots of modifications, so don't worry about that All we need is a mat We might use a light set of weight, and that's entirely optional If you decide to use weights, it's four pounds or less Alright, we're just gonna stand for a warm up

Feet parallel Two middle toes in line with the knees, And shoulders are open Think about great posture, pull the abdominals up and in And you're just gonna come up on your toes Inhale up and exhale down

Inhale, breathe in deep, exhale down Inhale up, and exhale down Good If you want to we can add a little squat into this Sit back, inhale up, exhale down

Inhale up Good Just four more – three – two – good one more Come on down, and up Shoulders are open and just roll them

Up four, back and down, inhaling and exhaling Good Just one more Roll the shoulders open, reach the arms out, so they're rotated out, and then rotate them in Rotate out and in

Out – in Out – in Out – in Everything that we do today is gonna be done in a pain free range of motion So again, if something hurts, just stop doing what you're doing

We do about eight repetitions of everything, or less Just do them as well as you can Right from here we're gonna protract and reach back So shoulders come forward, shoulders come back, reach forward, squeeze back Inhale forward, exhale back

Good Four more Three Two Good

And then we're gonna grab those light weights, or again you don't have to My weights are about three pounds So we're gonna stand in pilates v Start in parallel, bring your heels together Like a little slice of pizza right between your feet

And we're gonna bring the arms out now This exercise is called sparklers We're gonna start with real teeny-tiny cirlces And make them bigger and bigger and bigger and bigger until you stop at the top And then go backwards Start big, and then get smaller, smaller, smaller, smaller, smaller

So it's really not about the arms moving, it's about holding your core really stable, so you're not wobbling while you're moving those arms around We're gonna do four sets standing, and then we'll do four sets up on our toes Okay Ready? Feet on the floor, pilates v, arms out, shoulders open and circles One – two – three – four – bigger – and stop at the top

And then backwards Good And then small to big Two – three – four – five – six – stop at the top And then six – five – four – three – two – and stop

Good And then forward Two – three – bigger – bigger – bigger – bigger And then back Good

One more set Forward – two – three – four – five – six And back One – two – three – four – five – six Great

Now you can stay on your heels or come up onto your toes Now, again, the whole thing is about holding your balance in this position So you don't wanna be rocking and rolling here Tighten up that core Squeeze your inner thighs

Okay Dig deep And, circles One – two – three – four – five – six Stop at the top

And back Six – five – make it smaller – smaller – smaller – smaller – stop And then forward, small to big And stop And back

Big to small We have two more sets to go Forward Hold that core nice and tight And stop

And back Two – three – four – five – and stop Just one more Forward two – three – four – five – six – stop And six – five – four – three – two – and one

Good you can set those weights aside Roll those shoulders out Let's give them a quick little stretch, pulling across, keeping the shoulders level And then do the other side Alright We're gonna do some pilates style pushups, so go to the back end of your mat, feet parallel

Gonna start with roll downs So inhale up Nod the chin, scoop in up and over your imaginary barrel Hips stay over top of your ankles Roll it down

Head looking right through the legs Deep breath in, roll your way back up Good Two more like that Inhale, exhale

Nod, scoop Roll it down Good Deep breath in here, and roll your way back up Good and one more like that

Roll it down Good This time we're walking out to a plank You're gonna do just one push up You can drop down to your knees if you like There's one

Press up in a downward dog Walk your way back And then inhale, exhale Roll your way up Good

Do that again, this time two push ups Nod, scoop Roll down Walk out And two pushups

On the knees or not You decide Press in a downward dog Walk your way back Inhale, exhale

And roll on up Good Three pushups this time Inhale up Exhale

Nod, scoop Roll it down Walk out And one – two – three Make sure you're not sagging here

Press up into downward dog Walk your weight back Inhale, exhale And up Good

Last one Four push ups Four – three – two – last one Drop the knees down Sit back in a shell stretch

And just breathe And roll back up Good And then we're gonna have a seat So we're gonna do partial roll backs

They're gonna be oblique roll backs today So I need you to sit up really nice and tall I'm gonna scoot on back here so you can see me I think that's better, right? Okay You wanna be right on top of your sitz bones

Sitting up really nice and tall Your arms are out, shoulders are back Now, you don't wanna move from your hips down That stays really nice and stable No foot peddles, no bending of the knees

So keep this lower body really stable You're gonna tuck your tail and roll back part way Scoop that belly in Once you're there, you're gonna rotate to one side, and back to center Rotate to the other side, back to the center

And up Bring in those hips and shoulders Bring those shoulder right over the hips Deep breath in here, tuck the tail, roll back Scoop that belly in

Rotate one side, rotate the other side And back up Good We're gonna do two more like that and then add into it So, inhale, exhale

I like to think of myself as unfurling a wing Opening one side, opening the other And come up Good One more like that

We're gonna roll back One side, other side, and up Good, make sure your cheeks stay anchored down We're gonna open up in between in the middle this time Inhale, exhale, roll back

So it's one side, then the other side with a rotation Now hold it here, open both arms Inhale here, exhale up Good Inhale, exhale, roll back

One side, other side, open both, hold it there and inhale, exhale up Good Just two more Roll it back One side, other side, that's it, open, inhale, exhale up

And one more time Inhale, exhale, roll back Scoop in One side, other side, both, inhale, exhale up Open over

Good deep breath in here, and come on up We're going to roll all the way down to the mat, then we're going to turn over on to one side So go ahead and roll your way all the way down Oops, hit my head And then, turn over onto your side

So you wanna make a nice little straight line here, just a little bit of a curve Bring yourself all the way down, and create a little space right here underneath your rib cage Make sure your hips are stacked on top of the other The top leg is gonna be rotated out We can use this top hand to help it balance

So we're gonna bring the top leg up So without crushing your mouse house under there, you're gonna bring the bottom leg up, and then both down together So thats up, up and down Up, up, and down Inhale, exhale

Inhale, exhale Good Three more Good Now, again, without crushing that mouse house, we're gonna lift both legs up, and down

Up, and down Now if this hurts your hip, you might wanna put a little something, a little softer than just one mat underneath there Four more Three Two

Last one And down Great job Turn over onto your stomach Alright, you're gonna press right here, into your pubic bone

And we're gonna do single leg kicks and double leg kicks So for single leg kick, you're gonna put your elbows directly underneath your shoulders Now, even though you're pressing here, in to the top of the pubis, you wanna pull those abdominals up on in Now with this big floppy shirt on, it looks like my abs are hitting the mat, but they're not They are lifted up

Shoulders are back and down, don't let them sneak into your ears You're going to point, flex, point, and straighten Point, flex, point, straighten Point, flex, point, straight Point, flex, point, and straight

So, again, try and keep your upper body really nice and stable Keeping the abs in Point, flex, point Point, flex, point Good Two more

One more Each side One more The other side Good

Sit back and shell stretch Good Deep breath in And we're gonna come right back down to that position, and we're gonna do the double leg kicks So again when we do the double leg kick, you wanna keep your pubic bone pressed down in

You don't want your bone rising up and down Alright, we're gonna start with our head turned to one side Our hands are right behind the small of our back And clasp them together if you can reach them Now, press into that pubic bone, don't let your bum lift up and down, okay? Press it in

You're gonna kick yourself in the butt three times One – two – three And then straighten the arms, straighten the legs, squeeze the glutes Look right down into the mat, then you have to turn your head the opposite direction Kick, kick, kick

Three kicks One – two – three And stretch it out Kick, one – two – three And stretch

One – two – three Stretch One – two – three Stretch One – two – three

Stretch Let's do two more on each side One – two – three Stretch One – two – three

Stretch One more, each side One – two – three Stretch And then last one Good

Shell stretch again Good And then don't forget the other side So we're gonna lay down again on our side Get the hips stacked

Make that little mouse house underneath the rib cage Don't come up like this, because it's going to throw your spine out of alignment Stay laying down Get those hips stacked Top to front

Top to bottom Front to back Alright Now we're gonna lift the top leg up, bottom leg comes up, and both down together Up, up, and down

Up, up, and down Up, up, down Up, up, and down Three Two

And one more Good Now, again, without losing that mouse house, try to keep it alive under there, lift both legs Lift and lower Up, and down

Inhale, exhale And that's it Come on back up Great We're gonna do some teaser prep again

I like to work with the prep first because it's really hard to do, and it's a great way to get prepared to do the teaser correctly So we're gonna start with our feet here both apart, our shoulders are rolled back You're not gonna be up here on your sitz bone, you're not gonna be way back here behind your tail bone You're just gonna find a nice squishy spot right in between to rest on So, bring the legs up and hold it right here

So one of the things that I love about pilates is that holding the body still, while other parts of the body are moving So we're just gonna keep the legs really stable right here We're gonna bring the arms out Scoop that belly in And do arm circles

Trying not to move anything else Good And then circle your arms backwards So you don't wanna be like rocking and rolling back and forth right? You're really, really stable here Five – six – seven

Great Take a quick little break We're gonna do that again Now, you can keep your knees bent the way they were, or we can try to extend them out and go to pilates v Again, you wanna be in a nice tight little v sit

As tight as you can make it Okay? So shoulders are back, abs are in We're gonna come up, take pilates v if you can Keep the hands in, arms out And circle without rocking and rolling

One – two – three – four – five – six – seven Circle back Eight – hold – seven – six – I'm shaking – four – three – two – one And relax Go from there, we're just gonna lean back Now, the finger tips have to face in because we're gonna be putting weight back here on our hands

And we don't want to turn around and hyper-extend the elbows Alright Shoulders stay far away from the ears We're gonna bring those legs up again Now, first version, you can just draw a circle with your knees, stop at the top

And then circle the other way, stop at the top Exhale And exhale And exhale And exhale

Good one more like this Good Now, we're gonna do that same thing And keep your knees bent, or again, we're gonna try and straighten those legs, okay? So same thing Shoulders back, abs in, pilates v if you can

Circle around, and up Exhale, and up Exhale, up Exhale, up Four more if you can

And three Two Last one And last one Great job! You're gonna roll all the way down

Good Bringing knees up to a table top position So the knees are coming right up here, on a right angle And hips are at a right angle Shoulders are open, arms are down, so your arms look like a "T"

I don't know if you can see this or not So all we're gonna do is drop our knees to one side, and keep this opposite shoulder down And then come across And you're going to look at that opposite shoulder that you're keeping down And bring it backNow don't go so far that the top knee slides away from the bottom knee

You wanna keep those knees stacked so your hips stay in alignment Okay, and then slide to the side Now if you like this you can stick with this, Or, once we get to one side, we're gonna keep that shoulder down, extend the legs up, And then come across the other side Same thing here Keeping that shoulder down, extend the legs up

One side, and then the other side And one side, and the other side, Now, again, you can stick with this version, or we can pump it up one more notch You ready? I want you to extend the arms, keep that shoulder down, and then reach for the toes Come on up and reach Bring it back down

Bring it across Looking at the shoulder you're keeping down, extend the legs Reach up, reach for those toes And come back down and across One side

Reach Extend And up Inhale, exhale Reach across

Extend And up Now make sure you don't do this too quickly, because if you do, you just get momentum going Now we don't wanna do this with momentum, we wanna do this with our abdominals Let's just do one more one each side

And back to the center Good Now from here we're gonna bring those knees over and just do a nice little stretch right here So, make sure your knees are stacked, one on top of the other, hips are stacked, have a little mouse house here And your arms right on top of one another

All you're gonna do is open that top arm up, don't let this top knee slide away For me, if I let my knee slide away, I can reach all the way to the floor Okay? But if I keep it where it is and stay in alignment, then I can't really get there Not quite I don't have that flexibility while leaning forward

And just breathe really nice and deep here Good, we're gonna turn that into arm circles So you're gonna circle around Again, not moving anything else just this one arm Four in one direction

Four in the opposite direction Good Hands back together Open that top arm up again Good

Now you guys can just roll over to the other side, but I'm going to turn around so you can still see me Alright? So Same position, but now on this side Alright so your knees are 90 degrees, your hips are at 90 degrees Alright, we're gonna take this top arm and open up

Keep your knees stuck, hips stacked Good And then circles Four in one direction Good

Four in the opposite direction Good Hands together Then, again, keep your knees together, your hips stacked And then just open the top arm up

Good Deep breath in , bring your hands back together And come off Just cross your right leg over your left Alright so you're sitting up nice and tall, shoulders are straight and level

You're gonna inch forward from the hips Don't just flop over Don't collapse You wanna keep that back straight, keep the upper back straight Sit and keep those sitz bones down

Walk the fingers forward If you cant sit like this don't worry about it you can sit with cross legs Any way you want is really fine Or, the other option, very same stretch, is to roll back and do this stretch That's fine too it's the exact same stretch

Okay so you're gonna feel that here in your glutes Alright, now pay attention, this one's tricky, So if you have your right leg crossed over your left, bring your left hand behind you Right hand is gonna cross over that left leg, and the feet stay, do a little Spider-woman thing And again, you're sitting up nice and tall, exactly opposite of what you were Or, you can just do the quick switch

Alright, so sitting up tall Good, hinge the hips And breathe Good One more deep breath in

And then just come on up on all fours Your knees under your hips, palms under your shoulders We're going to do good dog bad dogs So your upper back is flat All we're gonna do is tuck your tail under like a bad dog

And then lift that tail up Exhale, tuck under Scoop that belly up and in And then stretch out the abdominals Tuck under, lift up Tuck under, lift up

Good One more time Good Curl your toes under Downward facing dog Good

Now from here, drop those heels down You're gonna bend both knees Walk yourself back until you come into this seated pose right here Now from there take a nice deep breath in Lean over to one side, lean over to the other side

One more deep breath in And that's it for today Thank you very much Hopefully I will see you again soon Again my name is Amy

I'm from Penn State Campus Fitness Rec and Wellness Did I say that wrong again? Of course

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